Kontinental X

Kontinental X

Postby Cyberschizoid » 15 Nov 2010 11:25

I thought you guys maybe interested in a new but very "old school" fanzine called "KONTINENTAL X".

More information can be found on my blog -

Issue one even has an article on 70's British horror mag "Legend Horror Classics"!

You can buy copies from Ebay very cheaply indeed!
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Re: Kontinental X

Postby Mike » 15 Nov 2010 12:29

This looks great. :D

I 'm going to get my first two issues ASAP.
Unfortunately the ebay seller only sends items to UK
I suspect he is Cranston McMillan from Glasgow
of the JOHN STEINER ZINE fame.
He was kind enough to send me issues of his previous zine years ago.
I'm going to ask him about the cost of sending the first two issues overseas.

Kontinental X magazine
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