Spanish MONSTER ISLAND fanzine is back

Spanish MONSTER ISLAND fanzine is back

Postby Mike » 19 Dec 2010 11:31

After nearly a decade of inactivity ... here comes Monster Island #3/4!
It returns in style as a special issue.
It gathers in one single issue, the #3 issue and also the first three issues (#0, #1, #2) that appeared during 2000-2001.
This issue includes all the material already published before.
While remaining faithful to the spirit of the original fanzine, it has received some improvements: both in its layout, and an attractive new artwork is added.
It also has a unique prologue, written by the creator of Puppets and Clay magazine Adrian Encinas.
You will find many and various articles, covering diverse themes from fantasy and terror movies, and always with an attitude that can not leave anyone indifferent. Articles enjoyable, but rigorous, set within a layout as before, made by photocopying. The most authentic expression of the usual fanzine, which brought us all this wonderful info before the influx of digital media.
Topics covered in this issue are from various genres, such as the American B-movie (Re-Animator, Dead and Buried or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), the Spanish fanta-terror (with plenty of info about the most remembered Paul Naschy films, but also the forgotten ones like Los Ritos Sexuales del Diablo...), articles about special effects and animation Stop-Motion (recalling the master Ray Harryhausen, or dark classic Sci-Fi as Fiend Without a Face...).
Plus music, comics and much more.
Text in Spanish.

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