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United Kingdom
ABSURD (UK) (1988-1991) Fanzine
ATROCITY (1988) Horror Fanzine Quality Entertainment For Armchair Psychopaths
BIZARRE (UK) Magazine Published by Marvel
BLOODY HELL (1990-) Fanzine The flesh and blood fanzine with a brain in its head
BODY COUNT (1980s?) Fanzine
BOOK OF THE DEAD (1990) Fanzine
BUBBLEGUM (1996) Fanzine The Fanzine Of The Bizarre, The Beautiful & The Fantastic
DERANGED (2002-2003) Horror Fanzine Exploitation & Underground Reviews
INDIE-FILM (1998) Fanzine Anything but Hollywood!
SHIVERS (1992-2007) Horror Magazine The Magazine Of Horror Entertainment Published by Visual Imagination

United States
B-MOVIES QUARTERLY (2003-2005) Magazine
SCI-FI TEEN (1998) Sci-Fi, Teens Magazine Published by Starlog Group
TAME (1991) Fanzine Big fucking deal, it's

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