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FANDOMS FILM GALLERY (1975-1978) Fanzine
FANTASMAGORIE (1975-1978) Fanzine Revue Du Film D'Animation Published by Artefact
FANTOOM (1975-1980) Fanzine

SCI-FI NEWS (1997) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Meia Sete Editora

CINEMA SEWER (1990s?) Adult, Alternative Fanzine

ADOS CINE/BLOCKBUSTER (2006-2006) Magazine Published by YTRA
ADRENALINE HEBDO (1992) Sci-Fi, Horror Fanzine Published by Trust International
ALDILA (1990s) Horror Fanzine
ANIMATION (Fr) (1970s?) Fanzine
BEST OF VIDEO (1980s) Magazine Published by CGCGV
BLACK DREAM (1980s) Horror, Sci-Fi Fanzine
BLOODY BONE (1986) Horror Fanzine
BRAZIL (2002-2011) Magazine
CINE EROS STAR (1981-1984) Magazine Published by Impressions
CINE HEROS (2007-2008) Magazine Published by Editions de Tournon
CINE-FANTASY (1985-1988) Horror, Sci-Fi Fanzine
CINEMA DAUJOURDHUI (1975-1980) Magazine Nouvelle Formule Published by CinEma d'Aujourd'hui Films Ed.
CINEMA FRANCAIS (1976-1981) Magazine Unifrance Film - Revue D'Information - News Bulletin Published by Unifrance Film
CINEPHILIA (1981-1981) Magazine Published by White Rabbit Press.
CINE-ROCK Posters Magazine Published by Paul and Evelyne Putti
CINEVIEW (2004) Magazine Published by One Press
CINE-ZINE-ZONE (1978-2003) Fanzine Published by Pierre Charles
CINOK (1980s?) Fanzine
ECRAN FANTASTIQUE | L (1st Series) (1969-1970) Magazine
FANTASTIC (Fr) (1980s?) Horror, Sci-Fi Fanzine
FANTASTIC REPORT (2004) Fanzine Published by FJM
FANTASTIQUE FANZINE (1970s?) Horror, Sci-Fi Fanzine
FANTASTIQUE ZONE (2001-2003) Fanzine Le Magazine De La Culture Fantastique Published by FJM
FOG (1988-1989) Fanzine
FUSION FANTASY (1989) Horror, Sci-Fi Fanzine
FUTURA (1990) Sci-Fi Fanzine
HERETIC (June 1982-June 1982) Magazine
MASQUE DE LA MEDUSE (1970-1971) Horror Fanzine
MERCURY BIS (1964-1967) Sci-Fi Fanzine
METALUNA (January 2007-August 2014) Fanzine Revue De La Science-Fiction Au Cinema
METALUNA (Schlockoff) (1969) Horror, Sci-Fi Fanzine
MONSTER ZONE (1987) Fanzine
NIGHTSCREEN (2004-2005) TV Magazine Published by Les Editions Freyia
NUITS BLANCHES (1994) Fanzine Published by Les Aventuriers de l'Art Perdu
OBSEDE | L (1990s) Horror Fanzine
PEPLUM (1978-1984) Fanzine
PHANTASM (1981) Action, Horror, Sci-Fi Fanzine Phantasm
PREMIERE (FR reissues) (1980s?) Magazine
PUR CINE DVD (2003) Magazine Published by Euro Services Internet
REPONSES VIDEO (1993) Magazine Published by Emap France
SCIENCE FANTASY (1989-1989) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Paul and Evelyne Putti
SCREAM (Fr) (2013) Horror Fanzine
SERIAL (2003) TV Magazine Published by FJM
SERIES MANIA (1997-2012) TV Magazine Published by FUA
SERIES MANIA STARS (2000s?) TV Magazine Published by FUA
SHOCKING (1982) Adult, Fantasy Fanzine Published by Pierre Charles
SPIRIT (2000-2005) Magazine Les Series TV & le Cinema Que Tu Aimes Published by Les Grandes Esprits
STORYBOARD (2002-2004) Magazine Du Dessin Au Film (=Drawings of films) Published by Alvisa Editions
STUDIO (March 1987-January 2009) Mainstream Magazine
SUCCESS STORY Magazine Published by Arcane
TELECINE (1946-1978) Magazine Published by Federation Loisirs et Culture Cinematographiques (F.L.E.C.C.)
TOXIC (1989-2004) Modern Horror Magazine Published by Cyber Press
TRAVELLING (December 1983-December 1986) Magazine Published by AGP
TV VIDEO JAQUETTES (1982) Magazine
UNIFRANCE FILM PRESS INFORMATION (1980?-1982?) Magazine Published by Unifrance Film
VIDEOTHEQUE (1988) Magazine Published by MAJC Communication
VINTAGE MONSTERS (1996-1998) Horror Fanzine
WALPURGIS (1980-1981) Horror Fanzine
SCREAM (Fr-serie 1) (1980-1992) Horror Fanzine
SCREAM (Fr-serie 2) (1989-1992) Fanzine
SCREAM AGAIN (1981-1992) Horror Fanzine

DARK CARNEVAL (1985-1986) Horror, Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Dark Carneval Press
FILM INTERNATIONAL Magazine Published by Film International Publications / FELIX
FILM UND FAKTEN (1987-1993) Magazine Ein Magazin Der Fsk Published by Freiwilligen Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft (FSK).
HOLLYWOOD (De) (1980s?) Magazine Published by MSM AG
KINO (79-80) (1979/10/15-1980) Magazine Published by Kino Verlag
KINO PROGRAMM Magazine Published by Dittmar und Partner Verlag
KINO-GERMAN FILM (1979) Magazine Published by Filmforderungsanstalt Berlin
KINOHIT Magazine Published by Axel Springer Verlag
VIDEOPLAY/KINOTHEK (1980-1997) Magazine Published by Kinothek / Videorevue
PHANTASTISCHE ZEITEN (December 1987-May 1988) Horror, Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Trivial Vertag
SCI-FI SPECIAL (1999) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Visual Imagination
SPACE (1989) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by A und R Gbr
STARBURST (DE) (April 1997-March 2000) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Visual Imagination
VIDEO MAGAZIN (1982-1994) Magazine Published by J.V. Journal Verlag GmbH & Co.
VIDEO PLUS (1989-1995) Magazine Published by VP Video - Zeitschriften Verlag
X RATED (1997) Modern Horror Fanzine
UFA FILM ILLUSTRIERTE (1982-1992) Magazine

SHOWTIME (In) (1980s?) Magazine

1987 GIALLO GUIDE (1987) Fanzine
CIAK (1985) Magazine
CINEMA SFX (1996-1997) Sci-Fi Magazine AVVENTURE NEL MONDO FANTASTICO Published by Future Publishing
DARIO ARGENTO (1990s?) Fanzine
DROP OUT (1991?) Horror Fanzine
GOREZILLA (1988) Fanzine
MADE IN HELL (1997-1997) Fanzine A pictorial voyage through the Italian horror
NOCTURNO (1994) Modern Horror Magazine
NOSFERATU (It) (1990-1991) Horror, Sci-Fi Magazine HORROR FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION Published by Edizione ACME
THX (1980s) Sci-Fi Fanzine
TOP VIDEO GUIDA Magazine Published by Universo Pubblicita

CINEFEX (JP) (1983-) Magazine Published by Toypress Inc.


FILM EN TV MAKER (1958-1990) Magazine Published by Nederlandse Beroepsvereniging van Filmers (NBF)
SF TERRA (1995?) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Perry Rhodan SF

BLADE RUNNER (1990) Sci-Fi Fanzine Published by Manhattan Transfer
CINEINFORME (1961) Magazine REVISTA CINEMATOGRAFICA ESPANOLA Published by Cine y Tele Informe
FANTASTIC MAGAZINE (1990-1991) Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Fanzine Published by Magazines Ediciones
INVASION (Es) (1996) Magazine Published by Ediciones Glenat

CHAPLIN (1959-1997) Magazine Sveriges Ledande Filmtidning Sprangfylld Med Reportage, Debatt Och Recensioner !
Swedish Leading Film magazine filled with reports, debates and reviews
Published by Svenska filminstitutet

CAHIERS DE LHEBDO | LES Magazine Published by Ringier Romandie

FILM SOVIETIQUE | LE (1957-1990) Magazine Published by Soveksportfilm (Sovexportfilm)

United Kingdom
1-SHOT PUBLICATIONS (February 1992-April 1996) Fanzine
20/20 (April 1989-1991) Magazine
AIP AND CO (1977-1986) Magazine The Voice Of Independent Film Production Published by Pear Publications
ALL YOU NEED IS BLOOD - THE FILMS OF NORMAN J WARREN (1995) Fanzine Published by Midnight Media
ATTACK OF THE SCISSORPEOPLE (1996) Fanzine Published by Viper Publications
AUDIO MEDIA (June 1990-) Magazine Published by IMAS Publishing
BEDABBLED (2011-2014) Fanzine Published by B! Publication
BEST OF FILM AND VIDEO (1990-) Magazine Published by Selwood Press Ltd
BFI MEMBERSHIP NEWS (1951-1995) Newsletter Published by British Film Institute (BFI)
BFI NEWSREEL (1990s?) Newsletter Celebrating The Moving Image Published by British Film Institute (BFI)
BFI SOUTHBANK GUIDE (1952) Magazine Published by British Film Institute (BFI)
BLAZING MAGNUMS (2006) Fanzine Published by Midnight Media
BOMBA MOVIES (1997) Fanzine
CAMERA OBSCURA (UK) (1993-1994) Horror Fanzine Published by Hollyweird Publications
CASTELLARI (2007) Fanzine Published by Midnight Media
CINEMA SPECTRUM (1980) Sci-Fi Magazine The Film Magazine Of Fantasy & Imagination. Published by Pan Visuals
CINEPHILE (1971) Fanzine
COLD SWEAT (1987-1995) Horror Fanzine Published by Media Publications
DEAD OF NIGHT (1979?) Horror Fanzine
DETROIT GRAVES (1990s?) Fanzine
DEVIL MOVIES (1978) Magazine Photoplay Occult Special Published by Argos Press / Illustrated Publications
ECLIPSE (1997) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Phoenix Publications
EYEBALL (1989-2003) Horror Magazine Sex And Horror In World Cinema Published by Stephen Thrower
EYELINE (1990s?) Newsletter Published by British Film Institute (BFI)
FANGORIA (UK) (2000) Modern Horror, Classic Monsters Magazine Published by Highbury House Communications
FILM (BFFS) (1954) Magazine Monthly Journal Of The British Federation Of Film Societies Published by BFFS
FILM AND VIDEO (UK) Magazine Published by Selwood Press
FILM FOCUS (November 1994-December 1994) Magazine Published by InfoMedia Publishing
FILM FOR THE COLLECTOR (1985-2011) Magazine Published by Derann Film Services
FILM MAKING (1970-1980) Magazine
FLESH AND BLOOD (1993-1999) Adult, Horror Magazine
FLICKERS (1956) Magazine Vintage Film Circle Published by Vintage Film Circle
FLICKS (1968) (1968-1969) Magazine
FOCUS ON FILM (1970-1981) Magazine Published by Tantivy Press
FX (1991) Fanzine The magazine of mask makers, animatronics and special makeup effects enthusiasts
GALA (1994) Magazine Published by Northern & Shell
GHOST IN THE MACHINE (1990s?) Horror, Sci-Fi Fanzine Published by Jozworld Productions
GIALLO SCRAPBOOK (2005) Fanzine Published by Midnight Media
GRANDELINQUENCE (1987) Horror, Sci-Fi Fanzine
HEADCHEESE AND CHAINSAWS (1990s?) Horror Fanzine
HISPANIC HORRORS (2005) Fanzine Published by Midnight Media
HONG KONG SUPER STARS (1997-2000) Asian Magazine
IDOLS (February 1988-March 1991) Magazine The Magazine Of 20th Century Legends Published by Concept Publishing Ltd.
INCROYABLE CINEMA | L (1969) Classic Monsters, Horror Fanzine The Film Magazine Of Fantasy & Imagination Published by Orion Press
INFINITY (August 1996-December 1996) Sci-Fi Magazine The World Of Sci-Fi Entertainment Published by Starlite Publications
INSIDE FILM (1998?-2000) Magazine
INTO THE DARKNESS (1987) Sci-Fi Fanzine
INVASION (1991-1995) Horror Magazine Published by Invasion Publications
KAMERA Magazine
KILLING MOON (1991-1994) Fanzine
KILLING TIME Fanzine Published by Springfield Press
LIGHTSPEED (1998) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Roma Publishing Ltd.
MAGIC Fanzine Published by Jerry Goldsmith Appreciation Society
MKULTRA Magazine Published by Large Door Press
MONOGRAM (1971-1975) Magazine The Brighton Film Review Published by Monogram Publications
MONSTER MONTHLY (1982) Classic Monsters, Horror Magazine Published by Marvel
MOVIE (Ian Camerons) (1962-1991) Magazine Published by Movie Magazine ltd
MOVIE (UK 80s) (1988) Magazine The video magazine Published by Newsfield
MOVIE HITS (1992-1993) Magazine Published by EMAP Metro ltd
MOVIE SCENE | THE (February 1985-January 1986) Magazine Edited By Robin Bean Published by Robud Productions
MOVIEPLUS (1997) Magazine Published by Inside Publications
MOVIES (UK) (1992) Magazine Published by Brackland Publishing
MOVING PICTURES INTERNATIONAL (1990-2001) Magazine The International Monthly For Movie Marketing And Distribution Published by Moving Pictures International
NAKED (2003) Magazine Published by Hot Cherry
NECRONOMICON (1993) Horror, Adult Fanzine The Journal Of Horror And Erotic Cinema
POP FANTASIES (1986) Magazine Published by Visual Imagination
PREMIERE (1970) (1970?) Magazine The Film Magazine Published by Tonic Productions or Tonic Publications Ltd
PRIME GOTHIC Fanzine Published by Pluto Enterprises
REVIEWER (1989) Magazine Published by Reviewer Publications
SCIENCE FICTION (Highbury) (1999) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Highbury House Communications
SCIENCE FICTION WORLD (June 2000-September 2000) Magazine Published by M S Publications
SCI-FI BLOCKBUSTERS (1998) Magazine Published by Millenium Publishing
SCI-FI FOCUS (2012-2012) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Ian Allan Publishing
SCI-FI TV AND CINEMA Magazine Published by Dennis Publications
SCI-FI TV AND MOVIES (1999) Magazine Published by Dennis Publications
SCI-FI ZONE (1997) Magazine Published by LCD Publishing
SCREEN INTERNATIONAL (6 Sep 1975) Trade Journal The International Voice Of The Film Business Published by Emap Media Ltd.
SCREEN N HEARD Magazine Published by Little John
SHEER FILTH (1988-1990) Adult Fanzine Published by Divine Press
SHOCK XPRESS (1985) Horror Fanzine
SHOCKEYES KITCHEN Fanzine Published by Sentinel 451
SHOWTIME (January 1964-December 1967) Magazine The Top Film Monthly
SINS OF THE FLESH (90s) (1991) Fanzine Published by Headpress Publications
SKELETON CREW (1988-April 1991) Horror Fanzine Published by Argus Press Ltd.
SLASH HITS (80s) (1988?) Horror Fanzine
SPACE VOYAGER (1982-November 1985) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Argus Press Ltd.
SPACE WARS - STAR WARS SPECIAL (1999) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by LCD Publishing
STAR BEGOTTEN Fanzine Published by Staraker Publishing
STAR VOYAGER (1997-1997) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Roma Publishing
STARFORCE (UK) (1977) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Rautoborne Ltd / Quasar Publications
STARLOG (UK) (2000) Magazine Published by Highbury House Communications
STATE (1992) Fanzine The Magazine Of The Motion Picture Published by DMB Publishing
STILLS (1980-1987) Magazine The Magazine Of The Film And Television Business Published by Stills Publishing
STRANGE THINGS ARE HAPPENING (1988-1990) Magazine Published by Bam-Caruso Books
SUPERSPIES AND SECRET AGENTS (2008-2008) Magazine Published by Sequential Media
THIRD EYE (1996) Fanzine Sex And Violence In Cinema And Film Published by Design House
TODAYS CINEMA (1912-1975) Newspaper The Paper Of The Entertainment Industry Published by Cinema Press Ltd, Proprietors Cinema Press LTD
TRASH CITY (1988) Horror Fanzine
TRIPWIRE Magazine Published by Tripwire Publishing
UNCUT: THE MUSIC AND MOVIE MAGAZINE (1997) Magazine The Music And Movie Magazine

United States
25 YEARS OF SCI-FI MOVIES (2002) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Starlog Group
ACTION HEROES (1989) Magazine Published by Jacobs Publications
AGENT DVD (2006-) DVD Magazine The ultimate insider magazine.
AMAZING CINEMA (May 1981-September 1981) Sci-Fi Fanzine
ANIMATO (1983-2000) Animation Magazine The Animation Fan's Magazine
BLACK ORACLE (1969-1978) Horror Fanzine
CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT (1975-1985) Classic Monsters, Horror Fanzine
CHILLERS (july 1981-November 1981) Magazine Published by Charlton Publications
CHILLING MONSTER TALES (1966) Classic Monsters, Horror Magazine Published by M.M.Publishing
CINEASTE (1967) Magazine America's Leading Magazine On The Art And Politics Of The Cinema Published by Cineaste Publishers
CINEFAN (1974-1985) Fanzine Published by Fandom Unlimited Enterprises
CINEMA ODYSSEY (1981-1983) Magazine Published by Roger Wong
CINEMAGIC (1979) Sci-Fi, Fantasy Magazine Published by Starlog Group
CLOSEUP (1975) Fanzine
COOL STUFF (1995) Magazine Published by Tempe Press / Scarlett Fever Press
CREATIVE SCREENWRITING (1994-2012) Magazine Published by Creative Screenwriting
CRYPTIC (2006) Magazine Published by Dead Dog Comics
CYBERSURFER (1995) Magazine Published by Starlog Group
DAREDEVILS (November 1983-May 1985) Magazine Published by Schuster/New Media Publishing Inc.
DINOSAUR (1997) Magazine Starlog Movie Series Published by Starlog Group
DINOSAUR TIMES (1993) Newspaper Published by Brill & Walstein / CSK Publishing
DREAMWATCH (USA) (2004) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Titan Magazines
FEAR FANZINE (1986-1986) Horror Fanzine
FILM JOURNAL | THE (1971-1975) Magazine Published by The Film Journal
FOCUS (Draculina) (1993) Adult Magazine Published by Draculina Publishing
FRIGHT X (1998) Magazine Published by Fright Film Inc.
HOLLYWOOD REPORTER | THE (1930) Mainstream Magazine Published by Nielsen Business Media
HOLLYWOOD STUDIO (1966) Magazine
HORRORSHOW (2005-2010) Horror Magazine Published by Zimmer Publishing / Illustrated Press
IMPLOSION Magazine Published by Implosion Publishing.
LEGENDARY HEROES (1997) Magazine Published by Starlog Group
LOST IN SPACE (1997) Magazine The Sci-Fi review magazine. Published by LCD Publishing
MANIAC SHOPPER (1987) Magazine Published by Draculina Publishing
MEDIA SIGHT (1982-) Magazine Published by Media Sight Publications
MEDIA SPOTLIGHT (1975-1977) Magazine Published by IRJAX Enterprises
MIRIAD Magazine Published by Miriad Publications
MONSTER MAKER JOURNAL (1995) Magazine Published by Davis Enterprises
MONSTERLAND (1985-1987) Classic Monsters, Horror Magazine Published by New Media, Movieland
MONSTERS AND IMAGI-MOVIES (1985) Magazine Published by New Media
MOTION PICTURE HERALD (1931-1972) Trade Journal Published by Martin J. Quigley
MOVIES INTERNATIONAL (September 1965-January 1969) Adult, Early Sexploitation Magazine
NAKED! SCREAMING! TERROR! (1983-1989) Classic Monsters, Horror Fanzine Published by Timothy Paxton (Kronos Productions)
NOT OF THIS EARTH (1993) Magazine Published by Cinemaker Press / Image Publishing
PARAMOUNT INTERNATIONAL NEWS (1943-) Magazine Published by Paramount International Films
PLAYGORE (1994-1994) Horror, Adult Magazine Published by Draculina Publishing
QUESTAR (1978-1981) Sci-Fi, Classic Monsters Magazine
REALMS OF FANTASY (October 1994 to October 2011) Magazine Published by Sovereign Media
RETRO VISION (1997) Retro Magazine
SCI-FI FLIX Magazine Published by Sovereign Media
SCI-FI INVASION Magazine Published by Wizard Press/Gareb Shamus Enterprises
SCI-FI TEEN (July 1998-February 2000) Sci-Fi, Teens Magazine Published by Starlog Group
SCI-FI WORLD (Wnter 1998-Summer 1999) Magazine Published by MVP Entertainment
SCREAM FACTORY (1988-1997) Fanzine Published by Deadline Press
SH-BOOM (1990-1990) Magazine Published by LFP Inc
SKAM Fanzine
SLAUGHTERHOUSE (1988-1989) Horror Magazine Published by HSC Assoc.
SOVIET FILM (1957-1990) Magazine Published by Soveksportfilm (Sovexportfilm)
STAR ENCOUNTERS (1978-1978) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Stories Layouts and Press Inc.
STARLOG SCIENCE FICTION EXPLORER (1990s) Sci-Fi Magazine Published by Starlog Group
STOP MOTION ANIMATION (1980-1980) Magazine Published by Cinema Enterprises. Don Dohler
SUBHUMAN (1986?) Fanzine
SUMMER MOVIE SUPER HEROES (1996-1996) Fantasy Magazine Published by Sovereign Media
SUPERSTAR FACTS AND PICS (1989) Magazine Published by Sterling Publishing
THING (1980-1980) Horror Fanzine
TOTAL MOVIE (2000-2002) Magazine
TRASHFIEND (2002-2009) Horror Fanzine Horror & Exploitation Fare From The 1960S & 1970S Published by Scott Stine
TWILIGHT ZONE (April 1981-June 1989) Horror, Sci-Fi Magazine Published by TZ Publications
VAMPIRES AND SLAYERS (1999) Magazine Published by Retro Vision
WICKED (1999-2001) Horror Magazine
WONDER (1987-1996) Sci-Fi, Fantasy Magazine The children's magazine for grown-ups Published by Wonder Studios
WORLD OF FANDOM (1985) Sci-Fi, Classic Monsters, Horror Fanzine The Important Magazine

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