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FILM INDEX (1970-2004) Magazine

TAKE ONE (Montreal) (1966-1979) Magazine Published by Unicorn Publishing

CAHIERS DU CINEMA (1951) Magazine "Notebooks on Cinema" Published by Cahiers du Cinema
CAHIERS DU CINEMA-IN ENGLISH (January 1966-December 1967) Magazine
CAMERA/STYLO (1981-1989) Magazine
CINEMA (50s-90s Fr) (1954-1999) Magazine Le Guide Du Spectateur Edite Par La Federation Francaise Des Cine-Clubs Published by Federation Francaise des Cine-Clubs
POSITIF (1952) Magazine Revue Mensuelle De Cinema Published by Editions Jean-Michel Place

CHAPLIN (1959-1997) Magazine Sveriges Ledande Filmtidning Sprangfylld Med Reportage, Debatt Och Recensioner !
Swedish Leading Film magazine filled with reports, debates and reviews
Published by Svenska filminstitutet

United Kingdom
BFI SOUTHBANK GUIDE (1952) Magazine Published by British Film Institute (BFI)
CINE CAMERA Magazine Published by Fountain Press
CINEMA (UK) (1968) Magazine
CINIM (1966-1969) Magazine Published by London Film Makers Co-operative
EMPIRE (1989) General, Fan!, Mainstream Magazine Britain's Biggest-Selling Movie Magazine Published by Bauer Media
FILM (BFFS) (1954) Magazine Monthly Journal Of The British Federation Of Film Societies Published by BFFS
FILM DIRECTIONS (1977-1988?) Magazine Published by Arts Council of Northern Ireland
FILMS AND FILMING (October 1954-March 1990) Mainstream Magazine Britain's Most Established Screen Monthly Published by Brevet Publishing Limited
FILMS ILLUSTRATED (July 1971-January 1982) Fan! Magazine The Magazine That Loves Movies
FILMS ON SCREEN AND VIDEO (1980-1985) Magazine Published by Ocean Publications
FOCUS ON FILM (1970-1981) Magazine Published by Tantivy Press
JOURNAL OF BRITISH CINEMA AND TELEVISION (2004) Scholarly Journal Published by Edinburgh University Press
MONOGRAM (1971-1975) Magazine The Brighton Film Review Published by Monogram Publications
MONTAGE UK (1956) Magazine For All Who Enjoy Taking Cinema Seriously Published by BFFS
MONTHLY FILM BULLETIN (1934-1991) Magazine Published By The British Film Institute Published by British Film Institute (BFI)
MOTION (60s) (1962-1963) Magazine Review Of The Film
MOVIE (Ian Camerons) (1962-1991) Magazine Published by Movie Magazine ltd
MOVIE | THE (1979-1983) Magazine The Illustrated History Of The Cinema Published by Orbis Publishing
MOVIE SCENE | THE (February 1985-January 1986) Magazine Edited By Robin Bean Published by Robud Productions
SCREEN (UK) (1969-) Magazine The Journal Of The Society For Education In Film And Television
SEQUENCE (December 1946-January 1952) Magazine Film Review
SIGHT AND SOUND (30s-90s) (1932-1991) Magazine The Film Quarterly Published by British Film Institute (BFI)
STILLS (1980-1987) Magazine The Magazine Of The Film And Television Business Published by Stills Publishing
TODAYS CINEMA (1912-1975) Newspaper The Paper Of The Entertainment Industry Published by Cinema Press Ltd, Proprietors Cinema Press LTD

United States
AMERICAN CLASSIC SCREEN (1976-1984) Magazine The Journal Of America's Film Heritage Published by American Classic Screen
AMERICAN FILM (1975-1992) Magazine Film, Video And Television Arts Published by American Film Institute (AFI)
BRIGHT LIGHTS (1974) Magazine Film Journal Published by Bright Lights
CINEASTE (1967) Magazine America's Leading Magazine On The Art And Politics Of The Cinema Published by Cineaste Publishers
CINEFANTASTIQUE (1970-2002) Sci-Fi, Classic Monsters, Horror Magazine The Magazine With A Sense Of Wonder Published by Frederick S. Clarke
CINEMA (60s-70s USA) (December 1962-March 1976) Magazine Published by Spectator International Inc.
CREATIVE SCREENWRITING (1994-2012) Magazine Published by Creative Screenwriting
FILM COMMENT (1962) General, Mainstream Magazine Published by Film Society of Lincoln Center
FILM CULTURE (1955-1999) Scholarly Journal Published by Film Culture Inc.
FILM HERITAGE (1965-1977) Scholarly Journal Published by University of Dayton
FILM QUARTERLY (1958) Scholarly Journal Published by University of California Press Journals Division
FILMS IN REVIEW (1950-1997) Mainstream Magazine Published by National Board of Review of Motion Pictures
INTERVIEW (1969/09) Magazine A monthly film journal Published by Brant Publications
JOURNAL OF POPULAR FILM AND TELEVISION (1972) Scholarly Journal Published by Heldref Publications
JUMP CUT (1974) Scholarly Journal A Review Of Contemporary Media Published by Jump Cut Associates
LITERATURE / FILM QUARTERLY (1973) Scholarly Journal Published by Salisbury State University
MOVIETONE NEWS (1972-1981) Magazine Published by Seattle Film Society
PSYCHOTRONIC VIDEO (1996-2004) Sci-Fi, Classic Monsters, Horror, Fantasy Magazine
SCARLET STREET (1991-2006) Retro, Classic Monsters, Horror Fanzine The Magazine Of Mystery And Horror Published by Scarlet Street Inc.
VARIETY (1905) Magazine Published by Variety Ltd.

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