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- First and last issue: Spring 1994-Winter 2004
- Low-budget and independent filmmaking
- J.R. Bookwalter started everything in Spring 1994 but soon he resigned.
- He is the director of Ozone and The Dead Next Door. From issue #8 directors and staff have changed.
- Published now by E.I. Communications in association with Tempe Press and Sticky Fingers Multimedia
- AC is scheduled as a quarterly publication. 60 black and white A4 pages.
- Website: alternativecinema.com

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24 April 2016
23 June 2014

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Issue 23
Winter 2004

Issue 22
Fall 2003

Issue 21
Summer 2003

Issue 20
Spring 2003

Issue 19
Winter 2002

Issue 18
Spring 2001

featuring Seduction Cinema's DARIAN CAINE on the cover!
* The Art of Erotic Film Spoofs
* Interview with Fred Olen Ray
* TIM BURTON: Hollywood Myth Maker
* KEN RUSSELL article
* Movie-Maker Legal Advice, Video Reviews and More!!

Issue 17
Winter 2000

featuring Peta Wilson on the cover and an article on her indie film LOSER, also features Blair Witch, indie reviews and more!

Issue 16
Spring/Summer 1998

Making of Laughing Dead, deep underground with In the Hood filmmaker Zack Snygg, legal advice from Michael Weiss, esq.--- profile of DARESS THEATRE, one of the few Indie Theaters remaining --- profile of Gary Whitson and his W.A.V.E. Productions --- filmmaker Brooks Elms tells all, underground movie news, B-Movie reviews & more

Issue 15
Fall 1998

cover photography by Los Angeles photographer Ward Boult, features include interview with Ashes & Flames filmmaker Anthony Kane, the SINFUL SINEMA of Maria Beatty, filming abroad with David Giancola, Joe Sikorski's Elvis Mock-U-Mentary Return ot the King plus lots more!

Issue 14
Spring 1997

Psycho Sisters, Midnight Movie, Schizophreniac, reviews and more!

Issue 13
Fall 1997

Producing Low Budget Epics: Dinosaur Valley Girls, Blair Murphy's JugularWine, Hellblock 13, Generation Xtinct

Issue 12
Spring 1997

TROMA! Tromeo & Juliet! Profile of DEBBIE ROCHON, Filmmaker JOHN RUSSO and SANTA CLAWS, RAVAGE Low Budget Production Hell! Plus: THE BRIDE OF FRANK!

Issue 11
Winter 1996

The E.I. Cinema '97 CATALOG! The Making of 5 Dead on the Crimson Canvas, Interview with Howard Berger - Original Sins, The B-Philes: Conrad Brooks and Joel D. Wynkoop!

Issue 10
Fall 1996

Low Budget Production Hell: Crinoline Head, PSYCHO SISTERS: Beyond Madness preview, Center Stage Review: BLOOD BULLETS BUFFOONS, Scooter McCrae interviewed

Issue 9
Summer 1996

Low Budget Production Hell: Invasion for Flesh & Blood, POLY-MORPH preview, a look at Blaxploitation films, The Late Shift...plus Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Issue 8
Spring 1996

J.R. Bookwalter's The Sandman reviewed, Brian Albright explores porn in the U.S.A., 'Review Armageddon' with 26 pgs. of reviews, Rage Against the Machine looks at DVD!

Issue 7
Winter 1996

John Carpenter retrospective, a tribute to the late Al Adamson, Brinke Stevens vs. Mommy, a visit to Chiller Theatre, who's sick of hearing about Quentin Tarantino?, the making of The Dead Next Door!

Issue 6
Summer/Fall 1995

Special 'chicks' issue! The girls of The Brady Bunch Movie, Ted A. Bohus and Vampire Vixens From Venus, making Psycho Sisters, Debbie Rochon gets Abducted, why Alyssa Milano 'lost her virginity,' Ed Wood

Issue 5
Spring 1995

Exploration of the trend of video games turned into movies, Generations director David Carson, Forrest Gump novelist, Femmes on Film: Cynthia Nixon, Low-Budget Production Hell: The Sandman!

Issue 4
Winter 1995

Popular TV shows turned into movies, Speed writer Graham Yost, kickin' ass in Hong Kong with John Woo, Things , the making of They Bite, a preview of The Sandman!

Issue 3
Fall 1994

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes retro, makeup effects artists Michael Burnett, the strange films of Coffin Joe, Eric Stanze stages a Savage Harvest, the making of Dead Meat!

Issue 2
Summer 1994

David DeCoteau starts Torchlight, Shatter Dead, Wisconsin filmmakers lens Red Eyes, Ami Dolenz, Olaf Ittenbach's The Burning Moon, making Darkness!

Issue 1
Spring 1994

Special Ozone exclusive: Interview with J.R. Bookwalter and writer David Wagner
Andreas Schnaas: A report from Europe
Roger Corman: Article about the B-movie legendary producer and director.
Christine Taylor: Showdown starlet
The Witching: The making of Eric Black's film
Girlfriends: They 're young. They 're in love. And they kill men.
Also mews, video reviews and more.

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