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Quality Entertainment For Armchair Psychopaths

- First issue: 1988
- English zine for horror fans.
- Editor: Ade Furniss.

United Kingdom

Ceased publication
Last updated:
2 April 2010

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MJ Simpson
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7 listed issue(s)

Issue 7
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2.
Reviews: Virgin Among the Living Dead, Fascination, The Devil Within Her, The Curious Dr. Hump, Schramm and more.

Issue 6
The Armchair Psychopath (editorial)
Can a movie go to far? Extreme in horror: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Death Disco (record reviews)
Atrovision (reviews): Cannibal Man, Deep Red, Virgin Witch, Le Frisson des Vampires, Guide to Safe Sex, Braindead, Justine, The Other Side of Madness, Bay of Blood, Five Dolls for an August Moon, Cirsium Delectus, The Awful Dr Orloff
Blurb'n'Babble: classic quotes
Zombie Dad (comic strip)
Trash Can Classics: The Corpse Grinders
Hate Mail
Surgically Strange: A in-depth look at Strange Movies, a short film compilation where arthouse meets grindhouse
An interview with Damon Barr
Paper Cuts (fanzine reviews)

Issue 5
Love Camp 7.
Jess Franco, Paul Naschy.
Bela Lugosi's eyebrows.

Issue 4
Combat Shock: Buddy Giovinazzo's film.
Tales feom the Crypt Part 2.
Reviews: Werewolf Woman, Mondo Cane, Dopemania, Night of the Bloody Apes, Ms. 45, House of Exorcist and more.

Issue 3
Wayward Girls And Wicked Women: An-in-depth critique of Angela Carter's anthology.
Reviews: Mother's Day, Xtro, The Living Dead, Mark of the Devil.
Henry Portrait of a Serial killer: Can a movie go too far?
Tales from the Crypt.

Issue 2
Jim Van Bebber: Interview with the creator of the ultraviolent Deadbeat At Dawn.
Nothing Shocking: Film Festival report.
American Psycho: The American nightmare.
Bloodsucking Freaks: Can a movie go too far?
The Alice Cooper story: Part 2.

Issue 1

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