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Euro-Western Reviews

- First issue: 1990s?
- ''A fanzine dedicated to European Westerns & Italian Action Cinema.''
- A quarterly publication. 30+ pages.
- Website: bmvengeance.homestead.com

United Kingdom

Ceased publication
Last updated:
10 June 2014

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8 listed issue(s)

Issue 8
The Spanish influence on European Westerns.
Fernando Sancho: Profile on one of the genre's most prolific actors.
Joaquin Romero Marchent and Rafael Romero Marchent.
Teresa Gimpera.
Surreal Spaghetti Weapons: Super Eight.

Issue 7
Craig Hill: Interview, filmography and reviews.
French Stars in European Westerns: Robert Hossein.
Spotlighting Eli Wallach.
Ten of the Best: Spaghetti Western Fights.
Bite The Bullet Festival.

Issue 6
Ivan Rassimov: Interview, filmography and reviews.
Rada Rassimov: Interview, filmography, reviews.
Sergio Donati: Interview.
Ernesto Gastaldi: Interview.
French Stars in European Westerns: Johnny Hallyday.
Sergio Corbucci's The Specialist.

Issue 5
Summer 1998

Interviews: Luciano Pigozzi, Ernesto Gastaldi.
French stars in European Westerns.
Reviews: The Great Silence, Red Sun, Zorro, And God Said To Cain, Ballad of Death Valley, White Apache and more.

Issue 4

Shooting locations for Euro westerns
Reviews: God Forgives... I Don't, Minessota Clay, Shoot First... Laugh Last, Blindman, I Wwant Him Dead, Price Of Death.
A Tony Anthony Filmography

Issue 3
The films of Tomas Milian: The Ugly Ones, The Big Gundown, Django Kill, Death Sentence and more.
Reviews: The Tough Ones, Messalina-Messalina, Bandits in Milan, Brothers 'Till We Die and more.

Issue 2
The Ruthless Four
Sergio Garrone's Django The Bastard and Vendetta At Dawn.
Gianni Garko in Blood at Sundown.
Reviews: Cowards Don't Pray, Light the Fuse, Sartana's Coming and more.

Issue 1
Sergio Corbucci's Companeros.
Lucio Fulci's Massacre Time & Four Gunmen For The Apocalypse.
Reviews: A Pistol For Ringo, Cut Throat's Nine, I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death and more.

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