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- First issue: 1990s?
- "Reviews of trash, sleaze, gore and porn flicks".
- For adults only.

United Kingdom

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23 October 2012

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7 listed issue(s)

Issue 7
Winter 1999

A4, 28 pages.
- Hardgore (1976), article by Monk Spanker
- Chicks In Chains, article by Jarvis Thrust
- Ilsa vs John Holmes on Gilliganís Island, article by Justin Bomba
- The twisted genius of Jim Osborne, article by Justin Bomba
- Classic Skinema Capsule Reviews, by Jarvis Thrust
- Gasp! Choke! Expose!, Skull commix review by Justin Bomba
- Serena: Porno Princess, article by Jarvis Thrust
- Ramba, article by Justin Bomba
- Confessions of a Porno Hack
- Review section.

Issue 6
Spring 1999

A5, 32 pages.
All Reviews Special

The Beast Within, Bell of Hell, Beyond The Darkness, Centipede Horror, Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, Curious Dr Hump, Cut Throats Nine, Dead Of Night, Dog Tags, A Dragon Fly For Each Corpse and many more.

Issue 5

Issue 4

Blaxploitation special
A5, 16 pages.

Issue 3

Issue 2
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Green cover
"The illustration on the cover is a reproduction from a 1972 cartoon by underground comic artist Jim Osborne. (There is an article about him in issue #7)". (V.)

Issue 1
A5, 12 pages.

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