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- First and last issue: 1992-1998
- Editors: Michael Kopijn and Mike Lebbing.
- Content is mostly in Dutch language, with some interviews in English. (V.)


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5 November 2012

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Issue 12
September 1998

Issue 11

Issue 10

Issue 9

Issue 8

Issue 7

Issue 6

Issue 5
January 1994

- Mesmeric Revelations, De films van Jean Rollin deel 1
- Poetry In Motion, The Jean Rollin Interview part 1 (In English)
- Obsession The Films of Jess Franco, book review
- Reviews for Red Dust, Turne
- The East Is Red, CD review
- Asia Obscura, short reviews
- Make Up Your Mind, An interview with Laura Betti (In English)
- Guest reviews for Body Parts, Succubus
- Index Camera Obscura 1 t/m 4
(28 A4 pages)

Issue 4

Issue 3
April 1993

- Reviews for Hard-Boiled, White of the Eye, Fascination
- Rubber Sex and Real Love, an interview with J?rg Buttgereit (In English)
- Reviews for A Chinese Ghost Story 2, The Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll
- Report Rotterdam Filmfestival '93
- Asia Obscura, short reviews
- Bad Lieutenant's Big Bold Graffiti, an interview with Zo? Lund (In English)
- Tetsuo, Kikuchi en Akira
- Reviews for A Better Tomorrow 3, Paganini Horror
- De eigenwijze cinema van Lars von Trier
- Review for Bad Girls Go to Hell (Doris Wishman)
(32 A4 pages)

Issue 2

Issue 1
July 1992

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