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The Essential Guide To Cult And Classic Movies

- First issue: 2005
- The classic cinema of 60s and 70s.
- Features on specific films, actors, directors etc.
- 64 colour pages.
- Website: www.cinemaretro.com

United Kingdom
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11 August 2018

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Issue 7
Summer 2018

Issue 41
April 2018

Issue 6
Spring 2018

Issue 40
January 2018

Issue 39
July 2017

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Issue 33
October 2015

Issue 5
Special #5
August 2015

Issue 32

Issue 31
December 2014

Special Foto Files 1
September/October 2014

Issue 30

Issue 29
April/May 2014

Issue 28
December 2013

Issue 27
September/October/November 2013

Issue 26
Vol 9 # 26
April/May/June 2013

Issue 25
Vol 9 # 25
February/March 2013

Cinema Retro enters 2013 with a salute to Hammer Film Productions, and reports on the new Blu-ray releases, the film locations then and now, and a report on the convention in the UK. Also for Hammer fans is a career overview of celebrated cinema poster artist Tom Chantrell. Celebrated author Robert Sellers looks at the career of Oliver Reed, and in-depth film articles focus on Burt Lancaster's The Swimmer, and the Oakmont WWII adventure Attack on The Iron Coast.

Special #4
October/November/December 2012

Issue 24
Vol 8 # 24
August/September/October 2012

Issue 23
Vol 8 # 23
May/June/July 2012

Issue 22
Vol 7 # 22
November/December 2011

Issue 21
Vol 7 # 21
September/October 2011

Issue 20
Vol 7 # 20
June/July/August 2011

Special #3
June/July/August 2011

Following on from our 'Movie Classics Special Edition' that paid tribute to director Brian G. Hutton's Where Eagles Dare we bring you his other big picture collaboration with star Clint Eastwood - Kelly's Heroes. As before, this is an 80-page blockbuster filled with amazing stories and ultra -rare photographs, many which have never been seen before.

Issue 19
Vol 7 # 19
Dec./January/February 2011

  • We celebrate the Blu-ray release of The Exorcist with Matthew R. Bradley and Gilbert Colon's in-depth interview with author William Peter Blatty, who discusses some fascinating aspects about the making of the classic movie. There's also an abundance of facts and rare photos including a cover photo that is bound to give you the creeps.
  • Todd Garbarini has an exclusive interview with the original cougar, Angie Dickinson, who discusses Roger Vadim's quirky sex comedy/murder mystery Pretty Maids All in a Row, with Rock Hudson as a horndog high school counselor- who might also be a serial killer.
  • Lee Pfeiffer celebrates the 45th anniversary of the film version of The Sound of Music by visiting the famed Von Trapp Lodge in Vermont, where he met with Johannes Von Trapp, son of Captain and Maria.
  • Steve Saragossi presents an in-depth look at the career of an under-rated leading man of 60s and 70s cinema: Rod Taylor.
  • In part two of Matthew Field's interview with Lewis Gilbert, the famed director looks back on his "personal" films including the classic Alfie.
  • Dave Worrall takes you behind the scenes at the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 auction in London
  • Tim Greaves examines the off-beat 60s sex comedy Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush
  • Phil Gavin looks back on the history of classic Hammer horror film posters.
  • John Surles recalls his meeting with actor/singer Jimmy Dean and his role as Willard Whyte in Diamonds Are Forever.
  • Famed character actor Shane Rimmer's new autobiography
  • S.O.S Film Industry - Gary McMahon culls comments from famed filmmakers who take issue with the direction of today's motion picture industry.
  • Adrian Smith covers Brian Clemens, director of many classic episodes of The Avengers, at his BFI tribute in London.
  • Matthew Field covers Sean Connery's appearance at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and gets to meet the Great Scot, who introduced a screening of The Man Who Would Be King.
  • More on the world of 007 in this Bond-heavy issue: Gareth Owen and Dave Worrall spend a day with director Guy Hamilton and accompany him to an outdoor London screening of Goldfinger.
  • Raymond Benson provides us with his choices of the ten best films of 1978.
  • Darren Allison covers the latest soundtracks on CD
  • Plus extensive DVD and film book reviews

Issue 18
Vol 6 # 18
September/October/November 2010

The Making of Psycho, Roger Corman interview, Lee Van Cleef...

Issue 17
June/July/August 2010

  • Interview with cover girl Valerie Leon about her fascinating career including roles as a Bond girl and Hammer horror star.
  • Ten page tribute to the classic horror film The Haunting featuring Todd Garbarini's unpublished interview with director Robert Wise and John Exshaw's fascinating history of the film, including insights from star Richard Johnson.
  • Dean Brierly's unpublished interview with David Carradine, who discusses the Kung Fu years and the Kill Bill films
  • Producer David V. Picker recalls the filming of the cult comedy classic Smile starring Bruce Dern and Barbara Feldon
  • Tony Dalton provides exclusive photos from Ray Harryhausen's amazing archive of original film props
  • Christopher Gullo looks at the cult Blaxploitation/voodoo film Sugar Hill and interviews director Paul Maslansky and star Don Pedro Colley.
  • Storm in a D Cup: Dave Worrall celebrates the career of buxom beauty June Wilkinson.
  • How the West Was Won: Tom March takes us on a road trip to visit  the present day locations seen in the Cinerama classic
  • Cinema Retro reunites The Men From U.N.C.L.E. at the Players Club when David McCallum makes a surprise appearance at our black tie dinner for Robert Vaughn - exclusive photos.
  • Raymond Benson provides with his choices for the best films of 1976
  • Gareth Owen looks at the shooting of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes at Pinewood Studios
  • Plus the usual extensive news about movie soundtracks, film-related books and hard-to-find DVDs.

  • Special #2
    June/July/August 2010

    Tribute issue to the Sergio Leone/ Clint Eastwood Dollars trilogy .

    Issue 16
    January/February/March 2010

    Issue 15
    August/September/October 2009

    Issue 14
    May 2009

    Issue 13
    January 2009

    8 page celebration of the 40th anniversary of Chitty Chitty Band Bang.
    Exclusive interviews with Ernest Borgnine and Karen Black.
    The story behind the restoration of the Lee Van Cleef spaghetti western The Big Gundown and interview with director Sergio Sollima.
    A tribute to the films of Bruce Lee.
    The espionage films of Alistair MacLean- Part 1 (The Secret Ways, The Satan Bug).
    Sir Roger Moore receives the Cinema Retro award at the Spy Who Loved Me reunion at Pinewood Studios.
    Cinema Retro's London premiere party for Quantum Of Solace.
    Christopher Lee and director Don Sharp recall the Hammer production of Devil Ship Pirates * The Films From U.N.C.L.E. series continues with coverage of The Spy in the Green Hat

    Special #1

    highslide js

    Reprint, July 2012
    In the WHERE EAGLES DARE special issue:
    Exclusive Interviews
    PLUS: Rare Never Seen Before Behind The Scenes Photos... and more!

    Issue 12

    Tribute to Vanishing Point and exclusive interview with director Richard Sarafian.
    *Exclusive coverage of the Goldfinger cast and crew reunion at Pinewood Studios.
    *Exclusive interviews with Robert Vaughn and David McCallum.
    *The Films From U.N.C.L.E. coverage of One of Our Spies is Missing- the only UNCLE film based on a novel.
    8 page tribute to the notorious Italian James Bond spoof Operation Kid Brother and interview with star Neil Connery.
    Hennessey- the film so controversial it was almost banned in Britain. Interview with producer/star Richard Johnson Coverage of Roger Corman's visit to London.
    Tribute to the British Up! sex comedies.
    Remember Hammer horror starlet Julie Ege.
    Roger Moore's films and TV series shot at Pinewood Studios.
    Raymond Benson's ten best films of 1971.
    plus DVD, soundtrack and film book reviews.

    Issue 11

    8 page film-in-focus tribute to Michael Caine in Get Carter, with rarely seen production photos and provocative stills.
    Exclusive interview: director Joe Dante discusses his favorite films.
    Pt. 1 of our two-part series showing exciting, never before on-location photos from the 1969 James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service taken by a crew member.
    Schoolgirl sex: 15 year old Linda Hayden in the controversial, erotic cult film Baby Love.
    Tribute to scream queen Barbara Steele.
    Extensive look at Gerry Anderson's underrated sci fi flick Doppleganger (aka Journey to the far side of the sun).
    The Man From U.N.C.L.E. feature films part three analyzes one spy too many.
    Exclusive interview with David Mccallum and a look at his war film mosquito squadron.
    Part 2 of our tribute to Doris Day.
    Surprising facts about the Pink Panther and a shot in the dark.
    Former united artists executive Michael Solomon (husband of Luciana Paluzzi) recalls the trials and tribulations of setting up the company's south american operation in the early 1960s.
    The Queen's visits to Pinewood Studios.
    Karen Black joins cinema retro at the players club.
    Retro finds original props from Deadlier Than The Male still on display at Pinewood Studios!
    Raymond Benson's top ten films of 1970.
    The Ian Fleming exhibition at london's imperial war museum.
    Who really did play Bambi in the James Bond flick diamonds are forever?
    Celebrating the glory days of British double bill quad movie posters.
    Statues of the stars and where you can find them.
    Plus the best soundtrack, dvd and movie book reviews!

    Issue 10

    Our exclusive interviews with Man From U.N.C.L.E. David McCallum continue with his reflections on filming Three Bites of the Apple and Sol Madrid (aka The Heroin Gang)
    The conclusion of our interview series with femme fatale Luciana Paluzzi
    Part two of our exclusive interview with special effects legend Ray Harryhausen
    The Unseen Peckinpah provides a look at deleted scenes from Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs
    A tribute to director Michael Winner's quirky cult comedy I'll Never Forget What's 'isname Whatever happened to Joy Harmon, the sultry vixen seen briefly but memorably in Cool Hand Luke? Find out in an exclusive interview.
    Inside Hammer's 50th anniversary celebration for The Curse of Frankenstein starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.
    Part two of our eight-part series covering The Man From U.N.C.L.E. feature films centers on The Spy With My Face- illustrated by rare photos and international film posters.
    Raymond Benson's Top Ten Films of 1969
    Plus the best DVD, film book and soundtrack reviews anywhere!

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