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    CONTINENTAL FILM REVIEW/Continental Film and Video Review
    Reflecting Today's Cinema
    Page last updated:
    17 September 2016
    Subject: Adult,  
    Special thanks for this page goes to:
    Debi Ziemkowski
    Garry Malvern
    Scott Matheson
    Brian Poynton
    Adult, Monthly magazine from London, United Kingdom published by Eurap Publishing Co. Ltd,

    - First issue: 1952
    - 371 issues are listed in the moviemags.com database.
    - "UK-based 'international' film magazine which purported to be a somewhat serious film journal devoted to foreign films, but which in its later years focused rather more on pruriently on the scantily-clad and often nude young actresses which peopled films of the era."
    - There was also published a US-priced edition which was exactly the same as the UK-counterpart except that it was dated a month later and was priced at 35 or 50 cents rather than 1/6.
    - Ceased publication.
    - From the same publisher: Cinema Today,

    Showing: 12 issues from 1960
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    Issue #98
    December 1960
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    Issue #97
    November 1960
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    Issue #96
    October 1960
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    Issue #95
    September 1960
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    Issue #94
    August 1960
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    Issue #93
    July 1960
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    Issue #92
    June 1960
    cover picture The Bath Harem A Shochiku X rated japanese film Packed with pictures & reviews of great films and stars of the day..Other stars & films in this issue include
    'Swamp Of Lust
    2 page spread on the Cannes film festival of 1960
    Los Golfos Carlos Saura
    Where The Devil Cannot Get Czech film
    Paw Danish film
    L'Avventura Gabriele Ferzetti & Monica Vitti
    SONS & Lovers Dean Stockwell & Trevor Howard
    The Virgin Spring Birgitta Valberg & Max Von Sydow
    More from the Cannes film festival
    Home From The Hill George Hamilton & Launa Patten
    2 page article spread on the great Director Fellini
    La Dolce Vita
    More from the Cannes film festival
    Moderato Cantabile Jeanne Moreau & Jean-Paul Belmondo
    Under Ten Flags Mylene Demongeot
    Go Naked Gina Lollobrigida
    Jaques Beckers Le Trou
    Sappho, Venus Of Lesbos Susi Golgi & Tina Louise
    Viscontis Rocco Alain Delon & Katina Paxinou
    3 starlets on the phone are
    Hanna Rasmussen, Estella Blain & Liliane Brousse
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    Issue #91
    May 1960
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    Issue #90
    April 1960
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    Issue #89
    March 1960
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    Issue #88
    February 1960
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    Issue #87
    January 1960
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