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- First and last issue: 1979-2016
- Horror movies.
- Fango changed a lot of things when first appeared and remains today the #1 horror movie mag.
- Covers mostly commercial studio releases, without neglecting independent, low budget, films.
- Editor: Anthony Timpone
- Published 10 times a year by Starlog Group, Inc, 84 colour pages in A4 format.
- Resumed publishing in 2018.
- Published by Starlog Group
- Website: www.fangoria.com

Modern Horror, Classic Monsters
New York
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26 October 2016
27 June 2016

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Issue 309
December 2011

INTERVIEW: MARTINE BESWICK In the past or the present, the British actress was always a striking presence.
INTERVIEW: PETER SASDY, PART TWO By his ""Hands,"" Jack the Ripper saw one of his most memorable screen incarnations. Plus: ""The Hammer Vault"" is opened.
ON SET: ""THE INNKEEPERS"" Following up "House of the Devil,"" Ti West and co. now have a whole hotel to haunt.
PREVIEW: ""THE DARKEST HOUR"" Director Chris Gorak reveals how he invaded Russia with electrifying extraterrestrials.
INTERVIEW: BARBARA ANNE CONSTABLE She was the "Lady Terminator"-at great personal risk to life and limb.
RETROSPECTIVE: "FEARDOTCOM" Give William Malone's much-maligned film another shot, and you might find it's not torture to watch.
INTERVIEW: SCOTT SPIEGEL He's having a bloody good month with "Hostel: Part III" and a restored "Intruder" hitting the disc scene. Plus: Eli Roth's "Hostel"s past.
MINIFEATURE: "THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE II" Actress Emma Lock was the literal receiving end of Tom Six's twisted vision.
INTERVIEW: DAVID CRONENBERG The undisputed king of Canadian horror flashes back to his days as a "Rabid" newcomer.
INTERVIEW: DON CARMODY You may not know this producer's name, but you certainly know his many screen terrors.
INTERVIEW: ART HINDLE If you're "Brood"-ing or dreaming of a "Black Christmas," you've got the veteran actor in mind. Plus: the legacy of Bob Clark.
INTERVIEW: JONATHAN CULP Thanks to his efforts, you won't have to tax your memory of Canada's '80s fright output.
ON SET: "THE DEVIL'S MILE" Take a literal road trip to hell with some kidnappers and their captives.
ON SET: "EXIT HUMANITY" Even in an ambitious indie like this one, zombie action can be child's play.
INTERVIEW: BLEEDING APPLE Three up-and-coming talents are turning their small town into a haven for horror.
PREVIEW: "THE CORRIDOR" Not your typical death-in-the-woods flick, it's a contender for the subgenre's hall of fame.
PREVIEW: "THE THEATRE BIZARRE" This time, we chat with the anthology's northern contingent: multitalents Douglas Buck and Karim Hussain.
ON SET: "REMAINS" Steve Niles' comics zombies get a new lease on undeath via a made-for-cable adaptation.
DIARY OF THE DEB: "PSYCHIC EXPERIMENT" Debbie speaks her mind about one of her better new movies-and a costume conflict.
FIRST RITES Remembering a great man from the Great White North
POSTAL ZONE All about Alice; Woods lost in "Dogs" coverage
MONSTER INVASION Previews of "Corman's World," "The Devil Inside," "Little Deaths," "The Collapsed," "Android Re-Enactment" and more
THE TERROR TUBE Joe Dante's "The Shadow Man" from the "Twilight Zone" revival
THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of "Evil Dead II" on Blu-ray, "Intruder," "Horror Express" and others
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Richard Kadrey's "Aloha from Hell," Michael Rowe's "Enter, Night," John Landis' "Monsters in the Movies," etc.
HORROR CON-FIDENTIAL Our new regular feature on fright events debuts with Lexington, KY's ScareFest IV!
SOUND SHOCK Ralph Carmichael on the original "The Blob"
DEAD FORMAT An "Encyclopedia of Horror" on rare laserdisc"

Issue 308
November 2011


RETROSPECTIVE: "HEAVY METAL" Monsters, musclemen and bizarre beings sprang from the magazine's pages to animated big-screen life.

FEATURE: DR. SHROUD The on-line hit sends a reformed vampire on a quest to battle evil and rescue innocence.

PREVIEW: "CHILLERAMA" Welcome to an anthology feature so twisted, it took four directors to pack in all the perversity.

INTERVIEW: ELIZABETH OLSEN The rising star escapes a cult in "Martha Marcy May Marlene" and gets trapped in a "Silent House."

FEATURE: "AMERICAN HORROR STORY" Learn how one of TV's freakiest shows ever brings you fresh frights each week.

PREVIEW: "A LONELY PLACE TO DIE" Melissa George climbs a mountain and faces the depths of human evil in this thrilling sleeper.

PREVIEW: "WRONG TURN 4" It's more like turn back the clock, to the formative years of the disfigured deviants.

INTERVIEW: PETER SASDY, PART ONE When this director joined the Hammer team, he brought new ideas to old villains.

RETROSPECTIVE: "THE HOWLING," PART TWO More chats with the folks who gave Joe Dante's classic its teeth.

INTERVIEW: BARBARA MAGNOLFI Her acting career in Italian genre cinema was highlighted by a "Suspiria" bad girl.

ON SET: "DRACULA 3D" Count on Dario Argento to give the Prince of Darkness more than just an added dimension.

MINIFEATURE: "MORITURIS" Gladiator? Just be glad if he doesn't kill her.

PREVIEW: "EATERS" We've seen plenty of giallo homages; now Italian zombies get another day in the sun.

PREVIEW: "CHRISTOPHER ROTH" The murders in this Eurohorror opus have a literal literary inspiration.

INTERVIEW: EIHI SHIINA The deadliest blind date ever in "Audition" threatens all humankind in "Helldriver."

MINIFEATURE: PENNY DREADFUL The horror hostess takes a break from "Shilling Shockers" to spawn a comic.

INTERVIEW: CATHERINE MARY STEWART She took a bite of "The Apple" and fought ghouls in "Night of the Comet."

MINIFEATURE: CHUCK PALAHNIUK "Damned" if the "Fight Club" author hasn't written another knockout novel.

MINIFEATURE: "ASYLUM" Fresh off "The Ward," John Carpenter gets up to some four-color deviltry.

PREVIEW: IMAGE COMICS Favorite slashers and zombies are just part of the lethal lineup this fall/winter.

MINIFEATURE: SKINNY PUPPY Give 'em a "HanDover" for their latest album.


FIRST RITES An Italian horror primer

POSTAL ZONE Wanted: more monsters and Moons

MONSTER INVASION The "Serbian Film" editing controversy, horror shorts "Caprice" and "The Last Post" and more!

THE TERROR TUBE "The Phantom of Hollywood" haunts the backlot

THE TRASH COMPACTOR Argento's "Phantom of the Opera"

FURIOUS FEMMES What scares the women of horror this Halloween

DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of "The House by the Cemetery," "Amer," "Satan Hates You," "Vampires, Mummies & Monsters" and others

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Christopher Buehlman's "Those Across the River," Kane Hodder and Michael Aloisi's "Unmasked," Ian Nathan's "Alien Vault," etc.

SOUND SHOCK Paul Williams on "Phantom of the Paradise"


DEAD FORMAT "Witchcraft": the unlucky 13"

Issue 307
October 2011

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2nd cover

INTERVIEW: JESSICA HARPER She was the object of obsession for a "Phantom" and witchy terror in "Suspiria."

PREVIEW: "THE SKIN I LIVE IN" The doctor is into some truly strange revenge when he's played by Antonio Banderas and directed by Pedro Almodovar. Plus: actress Elena Anaya.

PREVIEW: "TAKE SHELTER" The forecast is chilling when Michael Shannon starts suffering very bad dreams.

PREVIEW: "CHROMESKULL: LAID TO REST 2" What makes the masked murderer tick? You could lose your life finding out. Plus: Angelina Armani goes gory.

PREVIEW: "THE THING" It's back, duplicating humans; can the prequel replicate the original movie's scares?

INTERVIEW: ALICE COOPER He was never Mr. Nice Guy, but he's been a horrific hero to generations of fans.

FEATURE: POWER RECORDS Decades ago, favorite monsters roared and battled on records and comics pages.

RETROSPECTIVE: "THE HOWLING" Lycanthropes entered the age of modern makeup FX via Joe Dante's hairy classic.

INTERVIEW: JOHN LANDIS He proved that "An American Werewolf in London" could be funny and scary at the same time.

PREVIEW: "TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL" If you're mistaken for a couple of bloodthirsty killers, you might be these rednecks.

INTERVIEW: JENNY WRIGHT She ventured "Near Dark" and into true darkness...and survived to tell the tale.

INTERVIEW: CHRISTINA LINDBERG With "One Eye" and a loaded shotgun, she blasted her way to exploitation infamy.

DIARY OF THE DEB: "THE FLUSH," PART TWO Can anything wash away the memories of this ill-fated shoot?

FEATURE: EREBUS HAUNTED ATTRACTION It challenges you to survive all four floors this Halloween.


FIRST RITES A tale of two covers

POSTAL ZONE Cars and Chainsaws

MONSTER INVASION Previews of "FANGORIA's Dreadtime Stories," "Paranormal Activity 3," ZomBcon and scary shorts!

THE TERROR TUBE A fugitive lycanthrope in "Moon of the Wolf"

DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of "The Disco Exorcist," "Sweatshop," "Dead Cert," "Nightmares," "Super Hybrid" and more

FURIOUS FEMMES American women, cut away for me

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Daryl Gregory's "Raising Stony Mayhall," David Moody's "Them or Us," Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan and Stephen Romano's "Black Light," etc.

COMIC CASKET When Fulci's ghouls splattered the page

THE TRASH COMPACTOR How "Lisa and the Devil" became "House of Exorcism"

SOUND SHOCK Kat Bjelland and "Songs of the Witchblade"


DEAD FORMAT "555": SOV no longer MIA

Issue 306
September 2011


INTERVIEW: SISSY SPACEK She turned Stephen King's vengeful "Carrie" into an indelible screen icon.

PREVIEW: "SHARK NIGHT" Director David R. Ellis has a new 3D destination: a lake swarming with finned killers.

FEATURE: ITALIAN SHARK MOVIES In the wake of "Jaws" came a whole school of Mediterranean mockbusters.

PREVIEW: "STRAW DOGS" The human animal hasn't gotten any less violent, so Rod Lurie revisits the Sam Peckinpah classic.

ON SET: "FINAL DESTINATION 5" Will better characters and the use of 3D help this entry generate suspension (bridge) of disbelief?

PREVIEW: "FRIGHT NIGHT" There's a new ghoul next door, and he's played by Colin Farrell in Craig Gillespie's update.

INTERVIEW: WILLIAM RAGSDALE He first went suburban-vampire hunting 26 years ago with Roddy McDowall by his side.

INTERVIEW: AGUSTi VILLARONGA "In a Glass Cage" is still a horrifying place to be thanks to this Spanish director.

PREVIEW: "DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK": GUILLERMO DEL TORO Terrified by the original, he put his personal stamp on the new version.

PREVIEW: "DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK": TROY NIXEY Little things meant a lot to the man at the remake's helm.

INTERVIEW: NIGEL McKEAND The scripter of '73's "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" had no idea he was creating a classic.

PREVIEW: "CREATURE" If you're tired of CG beasties, prepare to welcome the new rubber suit on the block. Plus: great monster costumes of the past!

PREVIEW: "ATTACK THE BLOCK" Untamed youth meet extraterrestrial enemies in a wild and wonderful British import.

PREVIEW: "THE DEAD," PART TWO Charity began with roaming zombies when this sleeper filmed in Africa.

DIARY OF THE DEB: "THE FLUSH," PART ONE Her experience with a budding filmmaker from Tijuana didn't bowl Debbie over.

PREVIEW: "ROSE" John Skipp has long been a master of horrific prose, and now he's turning his talents to the screen.

INTERVIEW: PETE VON SHOLLY He'll never run out of ways to bring out the weird with pen, ink and paint.


FIRST RITES Respecting our elders

POSTAL ZONE A German feast

MONSTER INVASION Previews of "Bellflower," MTV's "Death Valley" and "Scarlet Worm"

THE TRASH COMPACTOR "Jaws 3-D" comes up toothless today

THE PIT AND THE PEN OF BERT I. GORDON Going buggy casting the tiny stars of "Beginning of the End"

DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of "[REC] 2," "The Nesting," "Wake Wood," "Closed for the Season," "The Clinic" and more

FURIOUS FEMMES The women who shaped "Super 8" and others

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Ellen Datlow's "Naked City," Kim Newman's "Anno Dracula," Jason Zinoman's "Shock Value," etc.

"JASON DARK: FOOD FOR THE DEAD," Part Five The final chapter!

COMIC CASKET Where you should be is " '68"

SOUND SHOCK Original "Fright Night" composer Brad Fiedel


DEAD FORMAT "Fright Night Part 2" on laserdisc

Issue 305
July/August 2011

PREVIEW: "RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES" Simians get uppity again in a movie taking full advantage of evolutions in CGI.
FEATURE: "APES" MERCHANDISING There was a "Planet" full of TV and merchandise tie-ins to the original film series.
FEATURE: BLACK AND BLUE FILMS Britain's 21st-century genre company puts modern twists on vampires, zombies et al.
PREVIEW: "THE DEAD," PART ONE Two writer/directors were better than one when it came to mounting a zombie invasion of Africa.
PREVIEW: "SAINT" To the holiday villain of Dick Maas' Dutch hit, it doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice.
PREVIEW: "WAKE WOOD" Hammer Films gets back to its roots, finding sorcery in a small village. Plus: the ghastly Brit terrors of "Little Deaths."
RETROSPECTIVE: AMICUS PRODUCTIONS Although short-lived, this British outfit perfected the omnibus chiller. Plus: a look at its other films and director Freddie Francis.
INTERVIEW: IAN OGILVY His acting career encompassed many of UK horror's most singular achievements.
RETROSPECTIVE: PENNY DREADFULS In the century before cinema, they were the low-budget shockers of their day.
PREVIEW: "THE THEATRE BIZARRE" Finally back behind the camera, Richard Stanley has a "Mother" of a tale in store.
INTERVIEW: SIMON BOSWELL Some of the genre's top directors owe their aural impact to this composer.
INTERVIEW: TED POST Oh, "Baby," did he make one of the early '70s' weirdest psychological shockers.
INTERVIEW: EUGENIO MARTiN Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing joined him for a gruesome trip on the "Horror Express."
ON SET: "THE REEF" The jaws are real in a new Australian exercise in shark value.
MINIFEATURE: NECROPHAGIA A look at the death-metal quartet who stand as the goriest group around.
FIRST RITES Amicus briefing
POSTAL ZONE "Spit"-ting mad
MONSTER INVASION Previews of "Grave Encounters," "Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer" and two horrific shorts. Plus the 2011 Chainsaw Awards winners!
THE TRASH COMPACTOR Early Rick Baker goop in "The Incredible Melting Man"
FURIOUS FEMMES Women filmmakers who made a big noise during the silent era
THE TERROR TUBE The "Man-Eater of Surrey Green" episode of "The Avengers"
DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of "I Saw the Devil," "Black Death," "The Frankenstein Syndrome," new Elvira discs and more
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Glen Duncan's "The Last Werewolf," Tobe Hooper's "Midnight Movie," Matt Taylor's "Jaws: Memories from Martha's Vineyard," etc.
SOUND SHOCK "Galaxy of Terror" composer Barry Schrader
DEAD FORMAT Our new column focusing on obscure VHS horrors debuts with "The Headless Eyes"!

Issue 304
June 2011


INTERVIEW: ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY The midnight-movie master is still winning new fans and planning new outrages.

PREVIEW: "KIDNAPPED" You'll be afraid in your own home once you've survived this Spanish import.

PREVIEW: "EXORCISMUS" The devil is in the details of the latest entry in the possession stakes.

INTERVIEW: JILL SCHOELEN She faced numerous terrors in the '80s and '90s, but none scarier than her "Stepfather."

INTERVIEW: KATHRYN LEIGH SCOTT On "Dark Shadows," Barnabas Collins was head over fangs for her.

RETROSPECTIVE: "WITCHFINDER GENERAL" Michael Reeves' film took British horror to confrontational new heights. Plus: Reeves' previous chillers.

INTERVIEW: FRANK HENENLOTTER The modern indie-gore provocateur takes on the very first: Herschell Gordon Lewis. Plus: Our new "Basket Case" comic debuts!

RETROSPECTIVE: THE DARK SIDE OF STEVEN SPIELBERG It has been expressed a lot more than you might think at first.

INTERVIEW: TOM SAVINI Over three decades past "Dawn," his talent still shines. Plus: his gruesome greatest hits and a Monroeville Mall documentary.

INTERVIEW: JOHN AMPLAS Vampire or victim? Or both? In George A. Romero's "Martin," this actor kept you wondering. Plus: "Day of the Dead" star Lori Cardille.

INTERVIEW: JOHN A. RUSSO He helped bring the "Living Dead" out of their graves in '68-and never stopped.

ON SET: "WET DREAMS" With Savini at the helm of this "Theatre Bizarre" segment, guess what the primary bodily fluid is.

REPORT: THE SAVINI SCHOOL Here's an educational program where you really get to cut up in class.

INTERVIEW: JOE McKINNEY The Texas-based author has told numerous tales of a "Dead City."

PREVIEW: "AMY" And a little child shall lead you through countless terrors in this new video game.

INTERVIEW: THOMAS DEKKER His genre career is "Kaboom"-ing, and his love for horror won't be "Laid to Rest."

INTERVIEW: NIVEK OGRE In Skinny Puppy and ohGr, he keeps on making monstrous music.


FIRST RITES "Dawn" of an editor's obsession

POSTAL ZONE Shout-outs to "High Tension" and "Highwaymen"

MONSTER INVASION Previews of Kane Hodder's "Kill!," "The Living Corpse" and "Redd Inc."

FURIOUS FEMMES Our new column devoted to the women of horror debuts with Rachel Talalay.

THE PIT AND THE PEN OF BERT I. GORDON "The Coming" and goings-on

THE TERROR TUBE The "Flypaper" episode of Roald Dahl's "Tales of the Unexpected"

DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of "Red White & Blue," Criterion's "Diabolique," "Cropsey," "Mongolian Death Worm" and more

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Daniel Kraus' "Rotters," Jason Starr's "The Pack," William F. Nolan's "Kincaid: A Paranormal Casebook" and others


COMIC CASKET The cracked horrors of "Monsters Attack!"

SOUND SHOCK MARS of Dead House Music


MONSTER OF THE MONTH The bad kids of "Bloody Birthday"

Issue 303
May 2011

Issue 302
April 2011

Issue 301
March 2011

PREVIEW: "DRIVE ANGRY" The filmmakers and cast reveal how they souped up this supernatural action thriller. Plus: more cinematic car-nage.
PREVIEW: "BLACK DEATH" Bubonic or demonic? That's the question at the heart of one of the year's best fear features.
PREVIEW: "RED RIDING HOOD" Director Catherine Hardwicke assures there's more red to this movie than just the heroine's costume. Plus: Stephen Rea recalls "The Company of Wolves."
INTERVIEW: MICHAEL WADLEIGH Part one of an exclusive chat with the man who put Whitley Strieber's "Wolfen" on the big screen.
INTERVIEW: JAMES CUMMINS The late filmmaker/FX artist looked back at how he dug up offbeat scares in "The Boneyard."
PREVIEW: "DYING FOR DAYLIGHT" You've read and watched Charlaine Harris' vampires; now you can play as one!
PREVIEW: "THE THEATRE BIZARRE" What's better than a movie by one of horror's most independent-minded directors? A movie by seven of 'em!
INTERVIEW: RICHARD MATHESON He's set trends, broken ground and influenced generations-the man who is legend speaks. Plus: new Matheson books and Blu-rays.
INTERVIEW: WILLIAM F. NOLAN Another of the genre's longest-writing talents discusses projects old and new.
PREVIEW: "BEREAVEMENT" There'll be plenty to grieve about once this movie's maniac is through.
INTERVIEW: JOSe MOJICA MARINS Coffin Joe is the "Embodiment of Evil," and his creator has resurrected him for the 21st century.
PREVIEW: "WE ARE WHAT WE ARE" What they are are cannibals, stuggling to survive in the modern world.
INTERVIEW: LINNEA QUIGLEY Welcome the return of one of the "Living Dead" to Fango's pages. Plus: celebrating the "Return" in print.
PROFILE: JIM WYNORSKI He's devoted his life to unapologetic B-fare, and made quite a killing at it. Plus: Wynorski on Wynorski.
PROFILE: RICHARD A. KIRK What kind of artist would be embraced by both Clive Barker and Korn? Find out here.
FIRST RITES Caged heat
POSTAL ZONE Getting to the bottom of the matter
MONSTER INVASION Previews of "Vanishing on 7th Street," "The Bleeding" and "Kaboom"; plus the 2011 Chainsaw Awards ballot!
TRASH COMPACTOR Nicolas Cage in "8MM"
THE PIT AND THE PEN OF BERT I. GORDON A Hedy situation on "Picture Mommy Dead"
THE TERROR TUBE The original classic "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark"
DR. CYCLOPS' DUNGEON OF DISCS Reviews of "Let Me In," "Buried," "I Spit on Your Grave" old and new, "Alien vs. Ninja," "Bitter Feast," "Primal" and more
NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Madeleine Roux's "Allison Hewitt is Trapped," David Moody's "Autumn: The City" and others
SOUND SHOCK Mike Vickers on the "Dracula A.D. 72" score
MONSTER OF THE MONTH The Crawlers from the "Descent" films

Issue 300
January/February 2011

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