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(=Cruel Red)

- First issue: 2011
- "Reproductions in high definition of movie stills accompanied by a presentation of a movie.
- Written in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French.
- Created by Angelique Bolore et Andre Quintaine.
- Website: www.hantikfilms.com

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11 January 2017
19 January 2014

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Issue 4

Issue 3
March 2014

Issue 2
December 2011

Grausam Rouge # 2 dedicated to HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER II will be available on December 14th 2011.
Over A4 20 colored pages, Grausam Rouge presents many big sized reproductions of pictures.
Movies presentations written in french, english, german, spanish and italian come along.
Price: 9.95

"A big fan of Science Fiction, Tony Randel distances himself from Hellraiser's ghoulish and sleazy atmosphere. Hellbound has more visual effects like matte painting, composite images, stop motion, wind and smoke to describe the depths of Hell. Supported by Christopher Young's wonderful musical score, this vision of Hell is very close to a dantesque inferno, inspired by Poe and Lovecraft's writing, where the damned are martyrised by unspeakable monsters writhing in a labyrinth dominated by a losange formed Satan !"

Issue 1
July/August/September 2011

Dedicated to "Fright Night" directed by Tom Holland

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