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The Journal Of Sex-Religion-Death

- For movie fans there are some articles about underground filmmakers.
- For mature readers only and be careful if you are easily offended by innovative ideas because you will not like what you read.
- Every issue has a central theme and most articles have something to do with it.
-The editor is David Kerekes author (with David Slater) of the book Killing For Culture
- It was a b+w, A4 magazine up to issue #12. Now looks like a small (A5) book (178 pages).
- Website: www.headpress.com

United Kingdom
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15 November 2014

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Issue 28

Issue 27

Issue 26

Death Takes A Back Seat: Hanging around in Dubi with MARTIN JONES.
The Russian Girls: Ignoring the constant banging on doors and windows, JANE GRAHAM accepts drinks in a Finnish lap dancing club.
1991: JONNY TAIT leaves the party.
The Case Of The Manacled Mormon: A look back at the tabloid wet dream that was Joyce McKinney by DEAN JAMES.
Nympho Nuns: Transcript of a nun themed porno loop and a brief pictorial look at nun fuelled fantasy by DAVID KEREKES.
'I Have Been Barred From Them All': Poetry doesn't have to be about flowers or war or being gay - as WILL YOUDS found out talking to socialist transvestite Chloe Poems.
Amsterdamned: The setting is Amsterdam, notorious pleasure zone of Northern Europe. RIK RAWLING is on a stag do.
Carmilla Tamaki & All-Day Shifts At Ruby: Carmilla Tamaki is not like the rest of Japan's SM practitioners. MILES WOOD finds out why.
Extreme Modulation: MARIE SHREWSBURY is in sync with the dark heart of New York City.
Dead On The Inside: JAN BRUUN visits the m?tter museum - Philadelphia's still life freak show - and talks to its director, Gretchen Worden.
A Short History Of Motorcycle Clubs In The Media: TOM BRINKMANN unearths Colors, a motorcycle Bad Mag from the seventies.
Pigalle Place, Paris: JOE SCOTT WILSON goes to France and takes the Metro to the sex shops.
Wild Weekend: Three nights of non stop sixties garage music and go go dancing. DAVID KEREKES is on another planet.
Subway Suicides: MIKITA BROTTMAN is on the New York subway system, where suicide is a regular hazard, more common than in other major cities.
l'abecedaire chimerique: PROGEAS DIDIER makes it to V, W & Z.
More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral: CARLO STRAPPA goes to the exhibition of funeral and cemetery articles.
Carry On Denmark!: JACK STEVENSON takes a look at Denmark's most popular sex-comedy double act.
Village Life: Strangehaven is a village from which there is no escape. DAVID KEREKES takes a one-way ticket to interview Gary Spencer Millidge, the creator, artist and publisher of this independent comics phenomenon.
Culture Guide: The latest round up of book, film & music reviews, including articles devoted to Mad Artists, Psychic TV live, Kenneth Grant and Alan Moore.

Issue 25
Summer 2003

William Burroughs, Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville designed the Dreamachine based on the research of brain specialist Grey Walter and his book The Living Brain, published in 1953. Headpress 25 celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of this groundbreaking book.
Contents Includes:
Interviews with William Burroughs, Paul Bowles and David Woodard, composer and builder of Dreamachines.
The Pros and cons of Dreamachine use.
A history of Dreamacines.
Brain expanding films.
Also Includes:
The late Luis de Jesus, a 'star' of diminutive stature whose film appearances ranged from sadistic sidekick in the cult movie Blood Sucking Freaks, to hardcore porn, of which the most notorious is The Anal Dwarf.
An interview with Michael (Bowling For Columbine) Moore.
Front seats at Prof Von Hagens live autopsy in London.

Issue 24
Spring 2003

Issue 23
Summer 2002

Special Extended Feature: A visit with the reclusive director of seventies seminal obscure horror movie Last House on Dead End Street, featuring exclusive conversations with several of the other folk involved with the film, a look at Watkins' post-Last House career in the porn industry, reviews, and much more.
The making of Blow Me, a film about the sexcapades of a rubber doll.
Controversy surrounding Italian novelist, Paolo Di Orazio, whose horror stories about homicidal children -- aimed at children -- raised questions in Parliament.
An interview with novelist Tom Robbins, whose Another Roadside Attraction is reputed to be the book Elvis was reading when he died.

Issue 22
Summer 2001

Hanging out with Factory 2000, asphyxiation-fetish filmmakers
Superhero novelty records
A sightseer is mistaken for the Virgin Mary in Antequera
A full-moon night for the girls at the stripclub
An interview with James Ellroy Dead Elvis - an impersonation of The King that backfires horribly in Newcastle
Hunting Ghostwatch
WANTED: Do you have a Ghostwatch story or experience? Contact us NOW...

Issue 21
January 2001

Who ever said life was enjoyable?!' - an interview with Buddy Giovinazzo, director of low-budget 'Nam shocker Combat Shock
Charles Manson: The Night They Murdered Love
Brian Jonestown Massacre - in search of the ghost of Jones in Tangiers
An interview with Frederick Wiseman
The Teflon Jesus Syndrome

Issue 20
Summer 2000

On the rack: Magazines & racks I knew and loved, or, pulp consumer consumed by pulp. By Tom Brinkmann.
The sucker punch: A personal discourse on females slugging it out in the ring and the men who like to watch. By Gemma Bryden.
Splendor - American Style!: An interview with Harvey Pekar. By John Szpunar.
Sock it to everybody! at once!: A brief interlude with Zeta magazine. By David Kerekes.
Elvis the concert. By Joe Scott Wilson.
Crime calls...: But it doesn't pay. By William Black.
There aren't many hippies in Hull: An interview with Andy Darlington. By David Kerekes.
Playing devil's advocate: Five reasons why The Exorcist isn't scary anymore. By Adrian Horrocks.
I saw Huge spiders: Meddlesome Christians flush your stash down the toilet. By Martin Jones.
To grill a Christian. By Matthew Edwards.
Darkness light darkness: Meeting Jan Svankmajer, pt 2. By Will Youds.
L' Abecedaire Chimerique. By Progeas Didier.
Oh, Dr Kinsey!: Swinging sex and pseudo science. By Nikita Brottman.
Men in rubber suits: Jorg Buttgereit talks to Japanese monster-film director Shusuke Kaneko.
Cak-Watch presents: The Wicker bastard, By Phil Tonge.
Inside The Wicker Man: An Interview with Allan Brown. By Sun Paige.
Beautiful lettuce pages & rubber dolls.
Generation xploitation & an interview with Alan Smith. By Simon Collins.
From Indonesia with lust: An interview with Jade Marcella. By Anthony Petkovich.
Of celluloid and slime: An inside retrospective of the scandalous 1997 Hamburg Short-Film Festival. By Jack Stevenson.
Paul Scott: Artist at large. By Drew Larson.
The Quest for the poetry groupie. By Andy Darlington.
The Headpress guide to exciting modern kulture.

Issue 19
Summer 1999

Porno has a brain: A conversation with Laurence O' Toole, author of Pornocopia.
Evangelical mind control and the abuse of altered states.
God told me to: Regression possesion & cinematic neurosis: The symptomology of The Exorcist.
Meeting Jan Svankmajer, Czech filmmaker and surrealist.
La Bete: Female masturbation fantasy.
The world of El Monje Loco.
Joel M Reed talks about Blood Sucking Freaks.
Serial killing Down Under.
Wreckers of Civilisation: Simon Ford talks about his book.
Of cult religions and cars that fly: A look back at the future that never came.
Burn, Brando, burn: Anthony Petkovich writes about Marlon Brando.
The Exotic Beatles: A series of CD albums featuring unusual versions of Beatles songs.
Adam Ant: Sex and perversion for teenyboppers.
Bettie Page vs Traci Lords.
Plus the Headpress guide to exciting modern culture.

Issue 18

I Loved A Sex Fiend!!! We track down the wild man of the British underground comix scene Antonio Ghura - creator of TRULY AMAZING LOVE STORIES and RAW PURPLE - for his first ever interview! Trials, girls, drugs, the Runaways, and the 'obscene' Yorkshire Ripper strip! Including never-before-published art!
THE MONOCHROME SEX!!! Bad movies and the appeal of sexy B&W casting!
SCREW!!! Jack Stevenson traces the history of the world's first sex newspaper! Thirty years of outspoken Al Goldstein, and behind-the-scenes at SCREW's anniversary bash!
Disturbingly Dark, Sweetly Savage!!! An interview with Poppy Z Brite, controversial author of EXQUISITE CORPSE!
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida!!! Led Zeppelin vs the MC5 & Iron Butterfly!
Plus!!! Blow-Up Dolls! Attack of the Tokyo Sluts! Fandom! A Death in the Family! Rubber & Urine Clinic! And much more!

Issue 17

THE GROTESQUE BURLESQUE - An evening spent in the company of the Dragon Ladies, and their sexy, surreal revue
HARDCORE CRUMB - A revealing, in-depth interview with Maxon Crumb, brother of Underground artist Robert. Art, family and his trouble with women
FIVE PERFECT HEADS - An analysis of the 'five most defining faces of the Twentieth Century', which includes in its number the Mona Lisa (a woman who has no eyebrows) and the facial structure on the Cydonia region of Mars
SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE - The lowdown on Pam & Tommy Lee: Hardcore & Uncensored
LOUIS THEROUX AND HIS WEIRD WEEKENDS - An interview with the man who sang George Michael's Faith for The Children of God
DENNIS COOPER DOES DRUGS - Stewart Home interviews Dennis (Frisk) Cooper whilst on a Jack the Ripper murder tour


Issue 16
Spring 1998

The Saga of the Human Gargoyles: A Celebration of Skywald's Simulacrum Family. David Kerekes on the influence of Skywald Publications.
John Gallagher: An interview with the painter and comic artist.
Grr! Those bloody kids: Rambling and inconsequential thoughts regarding evil kids.
Depilation for fun and profit: Hair as a fetish.
Sophie Cossette: A conversation with the woman who draws Batman and Robin as bound prisoners of the Catwoman, who offers a steamy display of solo sex.
Sick Again: Led Zeppelin's music.
No Alcohol. Some Movies. A lot of Rain: The 4th Chicago Underground Film Festival.
And the freaks shall inherit the earth: The Jim Rose circus.
Di-ing for it: Simon Whitechapel on the Princess death.
Animal Farm: A 2nd return to the legendary bestiality film.
That's all, folks: Celebrity murders, suicides, accidents.
The Public Information Film: The British government's own propaganda pieces to correct foolish behaviour in the populous.
Erotica: Uk's first full-blown, erotic event at Olymia 28-30th November 1997.
Reviews: Flesh & Blood #10, Malefact #3, #4, Something Weird Video Blue-Book #1, Gauntlet #12, #13, Vex #3, Shock Cinema #11, That's Exploitation, Wes Craven's Last House On The Left: The Making Of A Cult Classic, Funeral Party 2, Intense Device and many more.

Issue 15
Fall 1997

Guts 'n' Roses: The coming Apocalypse of the Ripper Millennium. What Jack the Ripper was really up to, who was he and why the world must end.
Some thoughts about accidents.
A cemetery in Peru
Sex, violence and models: Gerry Anderson's U.F.O.
Annabel Chong: A conversation with a superior porn slut.
Animal Farm: A return to the legendary bestiality film.
The Jerry Springer Show: The best li'l white trash freakshow in Chicago.
Norman Wisdom's: What's Good for the Goose.
Reviews: Bomba Movies 4, Trash City #18/19, Fuck #11, Flesh and Blood #9, Diabolik #1, The X Factory and many more.

Issue 14
Spring 1997

The amazing Mr Lifto: Interview with the man who stretches his tits to impossible lengths by the weights attached to his nipple rings.
Savannah: She's beautiful ! Even though she is dead.
Larry Wessell: Interview with the underground filmmaker.
Jasmin St. Claire: World's biggest gang bang 2. Not the usually " How the film was made"
Animal Farm: The legendery bestiality film
Romain Slocombe: Interview with the painter, comic-strip artist, novelist, photographer and filmmaker.
Nina Hartley: Interview with the Goldie Hawn of porn.
Nine days in Stiges: Diary of Jorg Buttgereit in the Internanional Festival of Fantasy Cinema, in Stiges, Spain.

Issue 13
Winter 1997

On Plague, Perverts, Prelates and The State of One's Pecker.
David Cronenberg's CRASH and Bruce LaBruce's HUSTLER WHITE reviewd.
Literary Punishment: Three reviews (Bizarre, Bondage Life, Thy Rod and Stuff).
Pus, Boils and Sores: Bubonic plague as divine entertainment.
Gregory Dark's Snake Pit
Skull-Fucking: Nano-technology, Dwaf Machines and Mind Control.
Traces of Death 3: from "Dead Alive" Productions 1994
Bondage Hippies: a 60-page illustrated A5 booklet.
Warner Brothers come down on Jelinski and Buttgereit.
Sharing the Experience: cruising the bay area.
Reviews: Alternative Cinema #8, Mama Snake #2,#4, Angels in distress #1, Shock Cinema #8, ETC #13,#14, Prohibited Matter #5, Delirium #4, Bomba Movies #3,#4, Porco Mondo #1, Dath Scenes, Freak Like Me, The Eyes, Fragments of Fear, Desperate Visions, Torture Garden and many more.

Issue 12
Summer 1996

Enlightenment thru ennui: 101 things to contemplate while your brain tumour grows.
Salo: Pier Paolo Pasolini meets De Sade.
Apocalypse Now ?: The coming-end cultist
Identity cards and how could they affect our lives.
The London Necropolis and the magnificent 7 graveyards.
Russ Meyer: An interview with Mr Bosomania.
Enthusiasm and the production of out-of-the-body experience and related phenomena
The sons of Gilles De Rais: Head-hunters, splanchnophiles and sorceres.
Her Sister's Diary: a close look at Bruce Seven's Loose Ends 4
Me Gustas Mucho: a Mexican musical overdose.
On the piss: Urolagnia as a fetish.
Reviews: Modern Satanism for Girls, Sex-Shock-Sadism, Bypass, Screw comix, Fortean Times, Born Bad, Armageddon 2000, King Pulp, Amok Journal, Chopper, Videos, Music and many more.

Issue 11
Prior to 1995

Bill and Tim's Excellent adventure - an exploration of the culture of addiction
A conversation with the sweetheart of porn - Cumisha Amado
Jennifer Blowdryer's Days in Palookaville
The films of Matthew S Smith - Sometimes at the Cherokee Sink, Blood Summer, State of Ecstasy, Skullface etc
Reaction to the Executions video release

Issue 10
Prior to 1995

Raising hell with Boiled Angel artist Mike Diana
Interview with XXX actress and dancer Lana Sands
The campaign for decency in literature
Behind the scenes at the UK's first Smut Fest
Interview with Marisa Carr - nude model, stripper, performance artist, and organiser of the UK's first Smut Fest
The rise and fall of Men's Action Magazines
Karen Greenlee - unemployed mortician
Dr Adder your time has come - KW Jeter's sci-fi novel of the adventures of a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in customising the genetalia of prostitutes according to their - or their partners' deepest fantasies

Issue 9
Prior to 1995

A guide to public toilets in Leeds
Late night film festivals and The Exploding Cinema
Dead sexy - necrophilia in literature and in reality
Patrick Collins and Elegant Angel - the porn industry and its' studs and starlets
The curious world of Franko B
Society X - a quick look at the modern erotic literature of Masquerade books
Where TV dreams come true

Issue 8
Prior to 1995

Hallowed be thy royal jelly - model examples of the porn star doggy style royal jelly effect
Self abused but still still standing - a personal recollection of masturbation
Interview with artist Steven E Johnson - My Stinking Ass
Sex, murder and raw power - Douglas D Clark writes about Hollywood's Hillside Strangler case
A guide to public toilets in Manchester
120 days - a conversation with Genitorture
Interview with porn auteur Patrick Collins
It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world
Interview with Klaus Beyer - maker of Super 8 films

Issue 7
Prior to 1995

Time Infernal Machine - an interview with Joe Coleman, and artist who paints the USA as it is
Reverb Storm - the publishing house Savoy, soul and suicide
Douglas D Clark - killers who claim 'the devil made me do it'
Vomitus Maximum - RS Connett's Chamber of Horrors
Queery Everything with Homocult
Rivers of Blood - Ari Roussimoff (Russian painter/filmmaker/actor) in the shadow of a killer
The Devil Himself - in search of the real Yorkshire Ripper
A bestial history Touch me not - the spiritual sexual repression

Issue 6
Prior to 1995

Schramm - on the set of Jorg Buttgereit's movie
The final answer...? An interview with Arthur Tomlinson BSc who lectures on UFOs, astronomy, corn circles, simulacra, megaliths etc
Sex, crimes and videotape
Emetic overload - an interview with Damon Barr, British underground movie maker
Savoy recording empire and 60s pop legend PJ Proby
Conversation with body modifier and prankster Geo X
The death of the guitar
Sex and rebellion in the life of the poet Swinburne
Positive pornography - a female perspective

Issue 5
Prior to 1995

Sifting through extremes in music
It's fun to kill people - Douglas D Clark on the Sunset Strip murders
The Transgressions of Cinema - Bleed by Nick Zedd
Conversation with filmmaker Andy Bullock
Hell aint nothing but Harlow misspelled
The Mysteries of Life and Death and other morbid curiousities
Savoy's Martin Flitcroft - a tribute

Issue 4
Prior to 1995

Hookers for Jesus - the strange saga of the Children of God
The films of Rick Baylor & Nick Zedd
Savoy Wars - the plight of Savoy publishing and the fatwah imposed on them by (then) police chief James Anderton
Buttgereit, murder and the Nekromantik 2 trial
Forced entry - a film of 'despicable bad taste'
Pornography church and the Jesus phallusy
'And I shall be healed...' a visit to a miracle crusade

Issue 3

Tod Slaughter - the world's greatest bad actor?
Designed to cripple your primal-spinal - the weird story of Skywald comic book publishing
Dances of Death - the films of Michael Brynntrup
David Friedman and splatter movies
Valerie Solanas' Scum Manifesto
Burning the Flag - Newcastle's festival of American live art performances - Karen Finley, Annie Sprinkle and others
Interview with slut/porn star/goddess Annie Sprinkle
Fanny Hill - the first classic of English pornography
De Sade's Juliette
Puppies, sweeties and ice-cream - urban perverts (Scum) life and how to live it
Drinking to excess
Xerox Ferox - the joys of copy shops

Issue 2
Prior to 1995

Needles rip my flesh - an interview with Patrick the body piercer and tattooist
Nekromantik 2 - the inhuman presentation of violence, Germany's most wanted filmmaker and Monika M
The church of the female orgasm
Cities in the Park - Manchester's 2 day music festival
The Amazing Colossal films of Samuel Z Arkoff
A visit to a torture museum
Touched by the left hand of God
American Psycho forum
Gusset groans - the confessions of a call-girl card collector
Finnish news... Finnish porn
Connoisseur Video - the label of your dreams?
The Sex Psychedelic
The death of the word: A rant about UK writing

Issue 1
Prior to 1995

Mr Punch - sex-killer puppet
Sacred blood: Alejandro Jodorsky's divine Santa Sangre
Pre-industrious Cronenberg - Stereo and Crimes of the Future
Coffee Shops are fun!
Finnish author Mika Waltari's Inspector Palmu novels
Apocalypse Cultures
Spoofs, pranks and capers - making working life a pleasure
The reign of error: Psychiatry, authority and law
Tourfilm R.E.M.
Suicide with Der Todesking at the BBFC
Tales of Sado-Masochism - an interview with Deborah Ryder
Hanuman book publishers
Macho sluts - erotic fiction by Pat Califia

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