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- First issue: 2005
- "A full-color publication featuring the latest horror movie news, as well as in-depth coverage of genre collectibles, from action figures and comic books, to DVD's, music, masks, and more".
- Website: www.horrorhound.com

United States
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16 June 2018

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Issue 39
January/February 2013

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre attacks cinemas in 2013 thanks to a new 3-D feature film and HorrorHound celebrates with a special exploitation-heavy issue headlined by a TCM retrospective looking back at nearly 40-years of 'the saw!' We also look at the best films released in 2012 - and include the best Film, Toy and Comic Book News available!

Issue 38
November/December 2012

The schlocky 'Creature Features' of the 1980's VHS Boom take center stage as we dive into the world of Full Moon Pictures, with a special retrospective feature on the Puppet Master film series. We also delve into the history of some of the zaniest puppet, stop-motion and creature-suit monster movies of the '80s, including Ghoulies, Troll, TerrorVision and Critters. The latest Film, Toy and Comic Book News is also included.

Issue 37
September/October 2012

The Walking Dead: SSN 3 Preview!; PG Horror: The Family Issue - Frankenweenie, Monster Squad, Ghostbusters, Coraline, Beetlejuice & More!; Gremlins: HorrorHound Retrospective and Much More!!!

Issue 36
July/August 2012

"The Horror Fan's Magazine becomes the Metal Fan's Magazine - at least for one issue.
Featuring interviews with Alice Cooper, Scott Ian, Craig David Wallace (creator of Todd & the Book of Pure Evil), this issue is packed with metal content, including a history of metal in horror; showcasing the films that brought these two genres of entertainment together. The mascots of metal, a guide to horror soundtracks, the horror of death metal, a gory metal album cover timeline and much more! Regular articles include Horror's Hallowed Grounds (The Devil's Rejects), GoreHound (German Gore films), Hall of Fame (Spider-Baby) and Video Invasion (Trans World Entertainment). Dr. AC visits the Brussels International Fantastic Film Fest in this issue's movie news, as he looks into such films as Juan of the Dead, Father's Day and Game of Werewolves. This issue is capped off with a retrospective on House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects with an amazing new Rob Zombie cover by artist Jason Edmiston. So slide in your favorite metal CD and kick back with the most brutal issue of HorrorHound to date!"

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