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The Media Publications Magazine Catalogue

- First issue: 1996
- Not really a magazine but the best catalogue there is for movie mags.
- It is the combination of the old Cold Sweat with Media's catalogue. Few pages with movie news and reviews and then a great list of mags with almost a cover for every one. Trevor promised some colour for the future but I prefer some news about mags and books.
- Editor: Trevor Barley
- Bimonthly. Adults only. 32 black and white A5 pages.
- Published by Media Publications
- Website: www.sinerama.com

United Kingdom

Ceased publication
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27 April 2013

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Issue 25

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Issue 7
July 1997

DVD: First news about the new CD players
Wax Mask: A Dario Argento production
Festivals: Fanfair '97, Eurofest, Kinofilm '97, Fantasm '97.
Video releases: Vampires and other Stereotypes, Alien Avengers, Murder Elite, Persecution, In the Folds of the Flesh, Dark Star and more
Laserdiscs: Cannibal Holocaust, Scream, Hairsprey, 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Italian news: The Phantom of the Opera, Fatal Frames, etc

Issue 5

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