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- First and last issue: November 1972-December 1979
- Began (as Comixscene) in November 1972 as a tabloid pop-culture periodical.
- Initially focusing on comics, science fiction/fantasy/heroic adventure/thriller paperbacks, TV entertainment, celebrity interviews, and feature films.
- The mag was often in 2 parts they called Section 1 and Section 2. These sections had their own covers sometimes marked accordingly. Often, the section 2 covers were only drawings.
- Published by writer-artist-historian Jim Steranko.
- Continued as PREVUE.

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Issue 22
November/December 1976

FIRST STAR WARS COVERAGE ANYWHERE! Special 3-part feature on the making of the science fiction hallmark with extensive production and storyboard art, including full-color cover and centerspread by Ralph McQuarrie; Ralph Bakshi's Wizards with art by Bill Stout; King Kong poster art; Roy Thomas on Marvel's Star Wars adaptation; cinema SF heroes from Adam Link to Zardoz; previewing Damnation Alley, more!

Issue 21
September/October 1976

ANIMATION SPECIAL! Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck grace color cover by Chuck Jones; The Great Animators: Windsor McCay to Walt Disney; Looney Tunes color centerspread; animation history from Little Nemo to Fritz the Cat, lavishly illustrated; Bob Clampett's animated John defaulter of Mars rediscovered; Rocky, Bullwinkle, Jay Ward and Friends; King Kong; previewing Rocky, Carrie and more!


Issue 20
July/August 1976

SWORD AND SORCERY SPECTACULAR! Full-color cover by Neal Adams; "I Created Conan" by Robert E. Howard; 50 Years of Swords and Sorcery Cinema: photo-packed retrospective with color centerspread by Steranko; exploring The First Kingdom with Jack Katz; Wallace Wood and The Wizard King; Tolkein: Magician of Middle Earth; fulI-page Conan poster by Barry Windsor-Smith; previews: King Kong and more!

Issue 19
May/June 1976

PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE SCREEN AVENGERS, with almost 50 rare photos from the movie serials; behind-the-scenes with Flash Gordon, Superman, Blackhawk, Captain Marvel, Batman, Spy Smasher, Captain America, The Lone Ranger and more; Dick Tracy Returns serial poster color centerspread; the story behind the Joe Kubert School of defaultoon and Graphic Art; Superman vs. Muhammed Ali by Kubert.

Issue 18
March/April 1976

ORIGINS OF THE PULP HEROES! Behind the Mask: full-color cover and "How I Paint The Shadow" by Steranko; The Shadow in comics with art by Bob Powell; feature and color centerspread painting of Steranko's private eye Chandler; The 50 Rarest Pulps complete with cover reproductions; Hitchcock's Family Plot; capsule reviews of Taxi Driver and Crime and Passion; previewing Logan's Run and more!

Issue 17
January/February 1976

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