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- First and last issue: November 1972-December 1979
- Began (as Comixscene) in November 1972 as a tabloid pop-culture periodical.
- Initially focusing on comics, science fiction/fantasy/heroic adventure/thriller paperbacks, TV entertainment, celebrity interviews, and feature films.
- The mag was often in 2 parts they called Section 1 and Section 2. These sections had their own covers sometimes marked accordingly. Often, the section 2 covers were only drawings.
- Published by writer-artist-historian Jim Steranko.
- Continued as PREVUE.

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Ceased publication
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Issue 34
November/December 1978

SCIENCE FICTION PREVIEW! The making of Buck Rogers: special 2-part feature with full-color cover and centerspread; extensive photo-packed coverage of Meteor with production art and storyboards; exclusive previews of The Shape of Things to Come and Time After Time: the art of Joseph Clement Coll, lavishly illustrated; graphic review: Faeries; full-page Buck Rogers poster by Bill Stout; more!

Issue 33
September/October 1978

ALL-ART POSTER SPECIAL! Conan by Barry Windsor-Smith; Beauty and the Beast by Jeff Jones; Spider Man and Agent of Shield by Steranko; Frankenstein by Berni Wrightson; Voltar by Alfredo Alcala; full-color Marvel superheroes centerspread by Steranko; Sword of Siegfried by Craig Russell; Ghita of Alizarr by Frank Thorne; many more by Steranko, Smith, Adkins, Kaluta, Jones and others!

Issue 32
July/August 1978

FANTASY FILM FORECAST! Conan; Message From Space; more! Meteor: full-color centerspread by Bob McCalI; Flash Gordon's animated TV exploits with photos, storyboards and model sheets; The Justice League of America in Legends of the Superheroes TV specials; inside The Rathole on Park Avenue; Breaking Into the Comics Part 2; Harry Harrison's Mechanismo with art by Giger, McQuarrie, Achilleos; more!

Issue 31
May/June 1978

FILMING THE FINAL FRONTIER! First preview of Star Trek: The Motion Picture with full-color cover; Steranko on breaking into the comics: how, where, when and why; Roy Thomas on Marvel's TV heroes with Jack Kirby storyboards; 3-D In Your Future with full-page poster by Steranko; previewing McGregor and Gulacy's Sabre; Mike Gold on the DC explosion; comic creators vs. the establishment; Comixscene, more!


Issue 30
March/April 1978

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ALL SCIENCE FICTION ISSUE! Star Wars folIow-up with first news of the sequels and fuII-color cover poster; exhaustive interview with Star Wars production artist Ralph McQuarrie featuring fuII-color centerspread of the mothership in Close Encounters of the Third Kind; illustrated preview of Kirby and Lee's Silver Surfer; behind-the-scenes of Battlestar Galactica with full-color McQuarrie portfolio; comics and contracts.

Issue 29
January/February 1978

THE MAKING OF BATTLESTAR GALACTICA! Special 3-part feature with Ralph McQuarrie's production art and full-color cover and centerspread; exclusive coverage of Christopher Reeve in Superman II; pictorial preview of Delany and Chaykin's Empire with full-color poster; Caroline Munro in Starcrash; Neal Adams on comics and copyrights; Joe Johnston centerspread bonus poster; Comixscene, more!

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