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- First issue: October 2007
- "Launched in 2007, MI6 Declassified is an unofficial part-works magazine celebrating the phenomenon of James Bond 007 - the longest running film franchise in the world. Packed with exclusive interviews, insightful features and unique imagery, the magazine explores the rich film canon through to the roots of the character created by Ian Fleming."
- Changed name to MI6 Confidential in 2011.
- Editor: Hugh Maddocks.
- Website: www.mi6confidential.com

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1 July 2018

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June 2018

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April 2018

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March 2018

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December 2017

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Issue B
Special Reloaded
December 2012

Contains reprinted articles from issues 6, 7 and 8.

Issue A
Special Reloaded
December 2012

Contains reprinted articles from issues 1, 2 and 3.

Issue 18
October 2012

Issue 17
August/September 2012

Skyfall Action - Exclusive interview with stunt coordinator Gary Powell.
Entente Cordiale - Berenice Marlohe joins a long list of French Bond Girls.
All About Eve - Naomie Harris plays an MI6 field agent in "Skyfall".
007 Legends - Activision lift the lid on their ambitious new videogame.
50 Years Of Bond Style At The Barbican - Take a tour of the new exhibition.
Inside The EON Archive - Exclusive interview with Archive Director Meg Simmonds.
Sunspel In 007 Heaven - Recreating James Bond's iconic shorts.
The Bond Connection - Ex-Special Ops agent Aaron Cohen reveals the secrets of "Haywire".

Issue 16
August/September 2012

His Name Is Bond - Sean Connery: from milkman to spy.
Being Bond - In his own words, Connery reveals his approach to playing 007.
The Man With The Platinum Hands - Meet 007's first megalomaniacal foe.
The Girl Who Has Everything - Swiss beauty Ursula Andress makes a splash.
Danger Man - When the action heats up, veteran stuntman Bob Simmons stands in.
The Women Of 007 - Meet the other ladies vying for Bond's attention.
Commander Jamaica - The "Dr. No" crew discuss shooting on location.
Hero Number One - Realising Ian Fleming's imagination on the silver screen.

Issue 15
June/July 2012

To Istanbul With Love - The Skyfall cast & crew discuss their work in the historic city
Shooting Bond - Photographer Keith Hamshere explores his various 007 campaigns
Fleming Bibliography - An exclusive extract from this unique history of Bond in print
The Phoenix Project - Bond is in Istanbul again, hot on the tail of missing defence technology
007 On TV - The curious history of James Bond films on the small screen
Poster Gallery - How character posters could have dominated the marketing of Bond 19
Boyd On Board - Scottish author William Boyd is joining the ranks of 007 penmen
The Bond Connection - What else was making the news in the year Dr. No debuted?

Issue 14
March/April/May 2012

Living On The Edge - Timothy Dalton explains his take on the character of James Bond.
Premiere Bond - Revisit the Royal opening of The Living Daylights, held 25 years ago.
Bond In Motion - The launch of the yearlong vehicle exhibition at Beaulieu.
Skyfall - Early soundbites from the cast and crew on filming so far.
In The Directors Chair - Veteran 007 helmsmen reflect on their time with Bond.
Well Suited - How Anthony Sinclair tailored Sean Connery's look as 007.
Back Story - Early concepts from the 2008 Fleming cover artist's sketchbook.
The Bond Connection - The enduring legacy of Ian Fleming's 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'.

Issue 13
January/February 2012

Larger Than Life - A look back at the career of production designer Sir Ken Adam.
A Life Through the Lens - Memoirs of the late cinematographer Alan Hume.
Visualising Young Bond - How artist Kev Walker brought the character to life.
Classic Posters - Uncovering some of the rare artwork from the Sean Connery era.
Beauty and Death - The life and style of cover designer Richard Chopping.
From Russia With Ink - The journey of the most prolific 007 comic artist, Yaroslav Horak.
Location Concepts - Rare early designs from EA's 'Everything or Nothing'.
The Bond Connection - The Mission: Impossible team divulge the gadget secrets of 'Ghost Protocol'

Issue 12
December 2011

Bond With A Capital B - Complete coverage of the "Skyfall" press conference in London
Skyfall Timeline - Tracking all the pre-production rumours and milestones
Selling Diamonds - How marketing helped Bond re-conquer American audiences
From SPECTRE To Stromberg - The evolution of "The Spy Who Loved Me" shooting script
Bonding With Kingsley Amis - A look back at the author's career and fascination with 007
The Genesis of Colonel Sun - How the first 007 continuation novel came about
Agent Under Fire - A look back at the best-selling game 2001 game from Electronic Arts
The Bond Connection - Designing the anti-Bond period piece "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy"

Issue 11
September/October/November 2011

  • Bond On Set - Rare images from the set and an exhaustive account of the "From Russia With Love" production history
  • Jeffery Deaver explains his successful 'Carte Blanche' recipe in an exclusive interview
  • On Thin Ice - Behind the scenes of "Die Another Day" with stunt driver George Cottle
  • GoldenEye 007 Reloaded - An exclusive interview with the producer of this year's Bond game for Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Dr. No Showcase - Breathing new life into the classic 1963 comic
  • Composing Blood Stone - Richard Jacques talks one on one about creating the Bond sound
  • The Bond Connection - Rowan Atkinson and director Oliver Parker talk Johnny English Reborn
  • The Last Word - Richard Kiel recalls his three run-ins with James Bond

Issue 10
June/July/August 2011

  • Bay Area Bonding - Tracking "A View To A Kill" around famous San Francisco landmarks
  • James Bond's France - Searching for the real Casino Royale
  • 'Card Sense' Jimmy Bond - A look back at the 1954 Casino Royale live teleplay on CBS
  • That Sinking Feeling - Peter Lamont and Chris Corbould on recreating Venice
  • Rogues Gallery - Interviews with the villains of Casino Royale: Mads Mikkelsen, Jesper Christensen and Clemens Schick
  • Between Script & Screen - Before the cameras roll, storyboard artist Martin Asbury reveals his 'pre-vis' magic
  • Scoring Casino Royale - Composer David Arnold talks about the score and Bond theme deconstruction
  • Dressing 007 - Costume designer Lindy Hemming explains the new look for a new Bond
  • Around The World With Casino Royale - How the worldwide publicity machine boosted Bond at the box-office
  • Age of Heroes - Sean Bean discusses his new WWII film based on Ian Fleming's 30 Commando Unit
  • The Last Word - Director Martin Campbell on shooting the intricate poker sequence

Issue 9
March/April/May 2011

  • Strawberry Fields Forever - Gemma Arterton on her role in Quantum of Solace
  • Under My Skin - Shirley Eaton talks about her gilded days with 007
  • Eva Green and Caterina Murino discuss playing the odds with a new James Bond
  • Honor Blackman on the titillating character of Pussy Galore
  • Lynn Holly-Johnson explains why she never got her ice cream
  • The Knives Are Out - Die Another Day's leading ladies on crossing swords on screen
  • Caroline Bliss recalls stepping into Miss Moneypenny's shoes
  • Author Jeffery Deaver speaks exclusively to MI6 about Carte Blanche

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