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    The Magazine Of Classic Horror, Science Fiction, Suspense, And Noir Cinema
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    19 August 2013
    Subject: Horror,  Sci-Fi,  Fantasy,  Classic Monsters,  
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    - MIDNIGHT MARQUEE returns
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    Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Classic Monsters, Monthly magazine from United States

    - First and last issue: 1977-2013
    - 49 issues are listed in the moviemags.com database. (Completed). Highslide JS
    - First issue was called Gore Creatures. Beginning with issue 26, it was officially renamed Midnight Marquee.
    - A serious look at the fantasy cinema of the past.
    - Editor: Gary J. Svehla
    - Published tri-annually, 68 b+w pages in A4 format.
    - Ceased publication.
    - Website: www.midmar.com

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    Issue #49
    The Enigma of Vampyr by Bryan Senn
    Vampires in the MTV Age by Steven Thornton
    House of Carradine: Why Isn't Lugosi in The House? by John Parnum and Gregory Mank
    Invasion of the 1960s' Non-Traditional Vampire Movie by John R. Duvoli
    Hammer's Hunt for a New Vein of Vampire Film: Three Semi-Classic from the Seventies by Dennis Fischer
    Brides of Dracula: Hammer Horror's Second Vampire Classic by Tom Johnson
    High Midnight: The Vampire Goes West by John Parnum
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    Issue #48
    A Salute to Hammer Films
    Classic American Ghost Movies: The Uninvited and The Haunting by Gary J. Svehla
    Paul Naschy and The Saga of Waldemar Daninsky [Including Sam Sherman Remembers Paul Naschy] by David H. Smith
    And The Winner Isn't... Midnight Marquee Takes a Biased Look at the Academy Awards by Susan Svehla
    Tomorrow You'll Be One of Us! The Evolution of the Alien-Doppelganger Film by Ed Bansak
    They Collide by Night: Film Noir Meets the Horror Genre by Don Leifert
    Much More!
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