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- First issue: 2002
- For classic monster movie lovers.
- What was a classic monster movie conference is now a classic monster magazine.
- Website: www.monsterbashnews.com/monsterbash.htm

Classic Monsters, Horror
United States
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23 March 2018

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Issue 33
Winter 2018

Issue 32
Winter/Spring 2017

Issue 31
Autumn/Winter 2017

Issue 30
Summer/Fall 2017

Issue 29
Spring/Summer 2017

Issue 3
December 2016

Issue 28
Autumn 2016

Issue 27
Summer 2016

Issue 26
Spring 2016

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Special # 1

Issue 25
Summer 2015

Issue 24
Winter 2015

Issue 23
Fall 2014

Issue 22
Summer 2014

Issue 21
Spring 2014

Issue 20
Autumn 2013

Issue 19
Summer 2013

Issue 18
March/April/May 2013

Historian Bob Burns along with author Tom Weaver reveal all on the classic It! The Terror From Beyond Space. Also: look for Lon Chaney as the all powerful creature of the night - Son of Dracula. We journey back to the Ed Wood triumph, Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Issue 17
December 2012

Frank Dello Stritto digs deep into the past of Bela Lugosi,
fans from across the nation discuss the movies that really scared you as a kid,
a final interview with Universal actress Peggy Moran,
Inner-views from monsterland's favorite historian, Tom Weaver
and much more.

Issue 16
August/September/October 2012

Issue 15
March/April/May 2012

Issue 14
December 2011

Issue 13
September/October/November 2011

Issue 12
June/July/August 2011

Issue 11
March/April/May 2011

Issue 10
December 2009

ing Karloff, Lon Chaney Sr., Dear Ygor - Michael Thomas, The Terror Test, The Creepy Crossword, Making Monsters with Ron Chamberlain, Tom Weaver's SLIME PEOPLE interview, The Sheffield Monster and Bela Lugosi!

Issue 9
June/July/August 2009

Big Wolf Man issue with photoplay of rare and favorite photos from THE WOLF MAN (1941). Forry Ackerman, THE WITCH'S DUNGEON, SPACE MONSTER, 13 DEMON STREET, Lon Chaney Sr., Tor Johnson, George Zucco, Forrest J Ackerman, the Creepy Crossword, Terror Test and more. Writers in this issue include Tom Weaver, Rick Rogers, G.M. Goodwin, Dennis Vincent, Larry Fultz Jr., Scott Essman, Barb Heiss, Kevin Surnear, Ron Adams, Eyrdie Robinson, Professor Anton Griffin. Artists include Lorraine Bush, Kerry Gammill, Jary Lesser.

Issue 8

Step into the "House of Dracula" as Kevin Surnear talks to Bela Lugosi Jr. who shares his memories of growing up with his famous dad,the man we knew as the real "Dracula" - Bela Lugosi. A look at the original THE FLY with Vincent Price. A retroactive blast from shockers of the past in the great Monster Show of 1939 - SON OF FRANKENSTEIN! Halloween make-ups by Bela Lugosi's buddy, Richard Shefield. Then it's off to Motown Monster Hosts with the history of Sir Graves Ghastly. A farewell to Monster Bash friend Ben Chapman who portrayed the land creature in CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (1954) from fans around the world. We blast-off to the FORBIDDEN PLANET for an interview with actor Warren Stevens. Loads of great photos, the Creepy Crossword, Trivia and much more Monster Fun! Writers include: Steven Thornton, Ben Martin, Larry Fultz Jr., Kevin Surnear, Barb Heiss. Artists include Sorko, Kerry Gammill, Lorraine Bush. Special contributions by Buddy Barnett.

Issue 7

The Mummy comes back from the tomb for this issue...all the classic Kharis movies, remembering Lon Chaney Jr., Bela Lugosi Jr. interview, Ray Harryhausen talks monsters, Florida's Monster Museum, Sir Graves Ghastly - TV Horror Host, The Witch's Dungeon, The Creepy Crossword, The Bash Braintwist Quiz, Charlie Chan Movies, Robot Monster's girlfriend! Writers in this issue include Lawrence Fultz Jr., Steven Thornton, John Bishop, Kevin Surnear, Cortlandt Hull, Barbara Heiss and Ron Adams. Artwork by artists Kerry Gammill, Lorraine Bush, Tom Whalen and Dave Perillo. Special contributions by Buddy Barnett.

Issue 6

It's the 50th anniversary on the underground monsters - THE MOLE PEOPLE! A look at old dark house movies, an interview with Ib Melchior - the man behind THE ANGRY RED PLANET, The Edgar Allan Poe Films of Roger Corman, favorite vampires of the screen, flickering 8mm monster movie collecting, The Creepy Crossword and loads more monster boom fun!

Issue 5

the 'Special Bride's Issue' with a photo gallery of rare stills from 1935's THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. Plus, articles on THE BLOB and its imitators, classic monster toys remembered, Deep Inside the Black Lagoon - an interview with the Creature himself, 13 GHOSTS Inner-view with child star Charles Herbert, notes from the 1940s on the new films of the day - discovered, On the set of THE BLACK SLEEP with Herbert Rudley, The Basil Rathbone Filmography, A Creepy Crossword, A World of Vampires, Favorite Robots from the Movies and much more!

Issue 4

Strangest Frankenstein Monster - Glenn Strange. A date with Fay Wray shortly before she passed. Legendary 1950s-1960s movie director Herbert Strock is interviewed. Jack Pierce remembered for his immortal make-ups of classic Universal Monsters. There's a trip to Ireland and Bram Stoker's home with thoughts on Dracula's real estate. Find out about the elusive DRACULA actor David Manners' final decades, up close and personal. Classic Monster Toys from the 1960s will bring it all back: the smell of fresh plasic and grinding, hidden gears. Plus, so much more!

Issue 3


A WEREWOLF IN LONDON for 70 Years - an interview with Cortlandt Hull relaying stories his uncle had told him about life as a Universal Monster in 1935, Frankenstein s Son Speaks - an in-depth interview with Donnie Dunagan by Greg Mank, The Films of Fay Wray, Monsters of the Midwest - a look back at the Monster Boom television from Chicagoland, Anne Gwynne - Universal Sweetheart, take off to Frank Dietz s ISLAND OF TERROR, The Creepy Crossword Puzzle, a second look back at the SON OF DRACULA, Lugosi Lives, Monster Music Walks Among Us - Monster Boomer John Babcock - a Beatle by day at Disney World and monster fan by night, Favorite Frankensteins, Mexico s BRAINIAC behind the movies, THE INVISIBLE MONSTER and much more!

Issue 2

Get ready to head back to the Drive-In for movie memories, look-out - it's Frankenstein's Retribution, An Evening with Karloff, Chandu The Magician, Lionel Atwill, Blob Movies - Get Blobbed, The Gorilla Men, 8mm Movie Madness, The Creepy Crossword, Mexican Gill-Man movies, THE GIANT GILA MONSTER, 50 Years of the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and much more.

Issue 1

The Frankenstein Legacy, For the Love of Lugosi, Karloff's Greatest Role, Burke 'em and Scare 'em, Mars Invades, RARE never published interview with John Carradine, The Creepy Crossword, Sherlock Holms Roes Meetndo Hatton, Scary Sammy Terry - TV Horror Host and more!

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