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    The art & business of making movies.
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    General, Independent, Magazine from United States

    - First issue: 1993
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    Issue #1
    December 1993
    Cover: McElwee's March Ross McElwee talks about his new project and how having a family has affected his career. by Paula Hunt John Cullum John Cullum looks beyond Northern Exposure and discusses collaborating with his wife, Emily Frankel, on her new play. by Mark Eleison Columns & Departments Freeze Frame: High and Low The benefits and pitfalls of translating other art forms into movies. by Jeff Schwager Short Runs: The Friend or Dafoe? Madonna and Willem Dafoe have deviant sex in Body of Evidence. by Tom Barr Voice Over: Making Movies The founder of Seattle's Screenwriter's Academy embarks on his first feature film. by Taso Lagos In the Can: No Absence of Malice Reviews of Farewell My Concubine, Twenty Bucks, and Malice. by Mike Walker Videoteur: Video Is Not Slumming You're good enough, you're smart enough, and you still shoot video. And that's... okay. by Kelly Hughes From the Publisher So how come we need another movie magazine, anyway? by Tim Rice Profiles: Carl Darchuk's Higher Education Carl Darchuk of Renton looks back at the making of his first feature. by Tim Rice
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