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- Hong Kong action, Japan's superheroes and cartoons. Also oddities from Korea, India and the Philippines.
- Volume 3 started in 1994.
- Every issue has a central theme like the John Woo issue, Far East vixens special, the Gamera or the Godzilla issue etc.
- Creator: Damon Foster. Published by Draculina Publishing.
- 50 black and white and some color A4 pages.
- Published by Draculina Publishing
- Website: sites.google.com/site/damonafoster/home

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23 listed issue(s)

Issue 23

The long awaited issue featuring the films of LUCY LIU! Plus a special tribute to INFRAMAN! CELEBRATING INFRAMAN'S 30TH ANNIVERSARY! Plus reviews and news!

Issue 22
GOJIRA 50th Anniversary! Packed with Godzilla plus the OC classics: Hong Kong Heroes, Kaizo Ningen Update, Asian Oddities, Terror Yaki and book reviews!

Issue 21

Issue 20

Pulp Cinema of Japan! Featuring WEATHER WOMAN, SCORPION'S REVENGE and more! Plus: Rare Japanese monsters, anime & superheroes! Also inside: Hong Kong action movies, Korea's new YONGARY movie & much more!

Issue 19

The Jimmy Wang Yu issue with bio and filmography! Plus Kei Mizutani in WEATHER WOMAN, Michelle Yoeh & Chow Yun Fat in CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON. This issue also has exclusive coverage of Damon Foster's new movie DEVILS, DRAGONS AND VAMPIRES - with loads of full color photos!

Issue 18
GODZILLA 2000 issue! Complete coverage of the new Godzilla movie plus Hong Kong Heroes, Kaizo Ningen Update, Asian Oddities, Terror Yaki and coverage of G-Fest 1999!

Issue 17

The life and films of SAMMO HUNG!

Issue 16

The life and films of JET LEE! Voluptuous Japanese film star MIKI SAWAGUCHI!

Issue 15

Issue 14

Issue 13

The Monkey King plus Chow Yun-Fat, HK action, Jackie Chan, HK Vixens, and more! Full color cover and centerfold.

Issue 12
Wrestling Women of Japan, Kung Fu, Sci-Fi and Super Heroes! Plus: A special look at the History of Reptiles on Film! Full color cover with full color centerfold!

Issue 11
The John Woo issue! His films, his life, his leading stars! Plus cartoons, super heroes, kung fu and monsters. Full color cover and centerfold!

Issue 10
The GIGANTIC TITANS ISSUE! "Giant" movies from Japan, Korea, and China! Plus: Heroines and hunks of Hong Kong cinema, martial arts and more! Full color cover with additional color interior pages.

Issue 9
Vol 3 #9 1996

The T&A issue
Asian babes of film and TV: Kumi Mizuno, Kiyoko Enami, Akemi Negisha, Mie Hama, Angela Mao, Amy Yip, Silvia Chang and many more
Fighting Femmes A to Z: An incomplete filmography.
Asian oddities: Dak Bangla, Mokuyo No Kaidan, Khooni Dracula, Hero Flash, Dashat and more .
Terror yaki: Yokai Daisenzo, La Bestia Y La Espada Magica.
Hong Kong heroes: The King With My Face, Showdown, Four Real Friends, Legendary Weapons of Kung Fu, From Hero to Zero, Thunderbolt, Ghostly Bus, Fake Emperor.

Issue 8
Complete filmography of Japan's Science Fiction, Monster flicks and TV shows! GODZILLA, RODAN! GAMERA! GHIDRAH! Added color pages!

Issue 7
This issue features Kung Fu from both sides of the globe! From Bruce Lee to Claude Van Damme! Jackie Chan to Steven Segal! Cynthia Rothrock to John Woo! ADDED COLOR PAGES!

Issue 6

The GAMERA ISSUE! Celebrating the release of the new GAMERA movie! Plus Hong Kong Action stars, starlets, superheroes, Filipino horrors, Japanese animation & more!

Issue 5
The Hong Kong Gangster Issue! From Chang Cheh to John Woo, Chow Yun Fat, Ringo Lam.

Issue 4
November 1994

Issue 3
August 1994

Jackie Chan Issue! Featuring rare information on Jackie and his films. Also Ultra 7, Kikaider, Samo Hung, Godzilla, Japanamation & Asia's Gorgeous actresses.

Issue 2
May 1994

The Robo-Hero Issue! Robot Force, Robocop, Lady Battlecop, Hong Kong action thrillers, Japan's giant monsters, Korean superheroes and more.

Sample page

Issue 1

The Ninja Issue! A comprehensive look at Ninja movies, Godzilla, Ultraman, Jackie Chan and Hong Kong's femme fatales.

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