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- First issue: 2002
- Covers Oriental Films from 'Action adventure to Kung Fu to dramas to romantic comedies to Horror to Samurai / Chanbara.'
- Website: www.orientalfilms.co.uk/magazine/magazinefrontpage.htm

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Issue 5

Issue 4
February 2003

News: TV news, Hong Kong, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Taiwanese, French, American Film News, Music news, Film Festival / Awards news.
Previews: Infernal Affairs, Matrix Reloaded, Hero, Purple Butterfly, Naked Weapon, Kill Bill.
Amy's analysis: Amanishan, Fall Of Otrar, Himalaya, Shadow Magic.
Reviews: Prodigal Son, Avenging Fist, My Lucky Stars, Story Of Ricky, Gonin 2, Score 2 - The Big Fight, Fantasy Mission Force, Drunken Tai Chi, Snake Deadly Act, Story Of Drunken Master, Once Upon A Chinese Hero, Deadly Strike, Strike Of The Thunderkick Tiger, Five Fingers Of Steel, Magnificent Natural Fist, The Dragon, The Young Master, Zatoichi At The Blood Fest, Illusion Of Blood, The Wolves, Tokyo - The Last Megalopolis, Lake Of Dracula, Evil Of Dracula, Demon, Battles Without Honour And Humanity, Street Mobster, Shogun's Samurai, Princess Blade, Bangkok Dangerous, Prophecy Of The Tiger, Fatal Blade.
Paul's opinion: The Touch, Mighty Baby, Loving Him, If U Care, Haunted Office, The Gua Sha Treatment, My Wife Is Eighteen, The Lion Roars, Demi Haunted, New Blood, Dare Ya !, Conman 2002, Take Care Of My Cat.

Issue 3
September 2002

News: Birthdays, TV News, Hong Kong / China Film News, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Taiwanese, Singapore, American, Indian Film News, Film Awards / Film Festivals, Music, Computer Game, Advertising, World Cup News.
Previews: Drunken Monkey, So Close, Purple Sutterfly, The Touch, Hero Update, Frugal Game, New Graveyard Of Honour And Humanity, Shanghai Knights, Kill Bill, The Transporter.
Massacre Triple Bill: Shanghai Massacre, Kung Fu Massacre, Ninja Massacre.
Chang Cheh: The Emperor Of Kung Fu Has Died.
Reviews: Shanghai 13, Nine Demons, Attack Of The Joyful Goddess, Death Ring, Ninja In Ancient China, The Duel, Wu Tang Clan Old School Kung Fu, Huntress - Her Name Is Cat, Zu - Warriors From The Magic Mountain, Scoprion King, Tai Chi Boxer, Project A, Kung Fu Master, Zatoichi Meets The One Armed Swordsman, Zatoichi In Desperation, Yakuza Graveyard, Kagemusha - The Shadow Warrior, Kiss Of The Dragon, Invincible DVD, Kung Pow Enter The Fist DVD, Return Of The Red Tiger, Return Of Bruce.
Paul's Opinion: The Eye, My Left Eye Sees Ghosts, Visible Secret 2, Frugal Game, I Not Stupid, Sleeping With The Dead, Women From Mars, Summer Breeze Of Love, Dry Wood, Fierce Fire.

Issue 2
July 2002

News: Births, deaths, marriages, divorces and birthdays, TV news, Hong Kong / China film news, Japanese, Korean, American film news, Awards news, Film festival news, Music news, Business news, Cannes 2002.
Previews: Drunken Monkey, Highbinders Update, Hero Update, Hidden Enforcers, Heroes Of Heaven And Earth Update, The Eye, Samsara, I'm With You, Yes, I Am Mister Mau Mun Tai, Three, Fist Of Fury, Shanghai Knights, Cradle 2 The Grave, Bulletproof Monk, The Hulk, Tuxedo Update, Men Of Destiny, Windtalkers, Matrix Reloaded. Happy new year: Featuring chinese odyssey 2002, fat choi spirit and marry a rich man.
The Jet dimension: Jet lee films released by dimension on dvd.
Chang Yi triple bill: Featuring 'the cannibals, 'excelsior' and 'the little overcomer'.
DVD reviews: Shaolin Drunkard, Cheap Killers, Island Of Greed, Violent Cop, Black Angel, Boiling Point, Sonatine, Triple Cross, Score, Gonin, Red Wolf, Once Upon A Time In China, Police Assassins, Ninja In The Dragons Den, Police Story 2, Mister Vampire, Naked Killer.
Pauls opinion: Love Undercover, Princess D, Big Shots Funeral, July Rhapsody, Hollywood Hong Kong, Two Graves To Kung Fu, Invincible Kung Fu, Hero Interview.
Stop the presses: Police Story 2 DVD - Shocking Revelations, Cannes goes celestial.

Issue 1
March 2002

News: Sad News, TV News, Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean, American Film News, Awards News, Film Festival News, Music, Comic, Computer Game, Advertising News.
Previews: Warriors Of Heaven And Earth, Virtual Twilight, Looking For My Gun including an interview with director Lu Chuan, Hero, Jan Dara, Peony Pavilion, Dance Of A Dream, Big Shots Funeral, Tuxedo, Killing Me Softly, The Touch, The Avenging Fist, Bangkok Dangerous, Genghis Khan, Running Out Of Time 2, 2002, National Anthem, Happy Time, My 1919, Unrivalled, Highbinders.
Reviews: Legend Of Zu, Beast Cops, Iron Fisted Monk, Game Of Death 2, Police Story, Secret Signs.

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