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- Began in November 1972 as Mediascene.
- Published by writer-artist-historian Jim Steranko.
- A source of showbiz news, views, and previews.

United States

Ceased publication
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11 March 2013

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Issue 85

THE TOUGHEST MEN IN HOLLYWOOD! Out-for-justice expose of the real Steven Seagal; martial artist Brandon Lee discusses film and his father; Linda Hamilton; Arnold Schwarzenegger recaps T2; Hulk Hogan; Gene Hackman; Kevin Costner; Matt Dillon; Danny Glover; Tom Selleck; Nick Nolte in Cape Fear and Prince of Tides; Kathy Ireland; Demi Moore; Star Trek V preview; wild Penn & Teller interview; Maria Ford.

Issue 84

EXPLOSIVE ROCKETEER ISSUE! Massive twelve-part, photo-filled Rocketeer report, crammed with moment-by-moment replays of complex stunt executions, near-tragic foul-ups, and funny on-set escapades, starring Bill Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, and Timothy Dalton; on set with Kevin Costner hitting the bullseye in Robin Hood; James Coburn sums up his cinematic reemergence; Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Issue 83
April 1991

Issue 82
Dec.'90/January/February/March 1991

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HOLLYWOOD HEAVYWEIGHTS! Sylvester Stallone slugs it out in Rocky V; Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather III, starring Andy Garcia and Al Pacino; Arnold Schwarzenegger; Robert Redford; Meryl Streep interview; behind-the-scenes with Mel Gibson in Hamlet; Joe Stefano on Psycho; a conversation with Sean Connery; Robert DeNiro & Robin Williams; Paul Hogan; Bob Hoskins; Clint Eastwood & Charlie Sheen; Dan Aykryod, John Candy & Demi Moore.

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