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    Page last updated:
    1 May 2013
    Subject: Sci-Fi,  Star Trek,  
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    Garry Malvern
    Scott Matheson
    Sci-Fi, Star Trek, Magazine from United Kingdom published by Titan Magazines,

    - First and last issue: 1995-2006
    - 127 issues are listed in the moviemags.com database.
    - Started in March 1995 as Star Trek Monthly.
    - An authorized, by CBS, magazine devoted to the Star Trek franchise.
    - Published bi-monthly by Titan and was distributed in UK and Europe only.
    - The US version appeard in August 2006. According to Titan 'The magazine is now printed in the United States rather than the UK.'
    - Ceased publication.
    - Website: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_trek_magazine
    - From the same publisher: Dreamwatch (usa), Star Trek Magazine (usa), Star Wars Insider, Star Wars: The Official Magazine,

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    Issue #127
    June/July 2006
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    Issue #126
    April/May 2006
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    Issue #125
    February/March 2006
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    Issue #124
    Dec./January 2006
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