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    STAR WARS INSIDER/Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine | The
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    8 June 2017
    14 April 2017
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    Scott Matheson
    Sci-Fi, Star Wars, Monthly magazine from United States published by Titan Magazines,

    - First issue: 1987
    - 179 issues are listed in the moviemags.com database. (full listing). Highslide JS
    - The background and behind the scenes stories of Star Wars films
    - Also reports the progress of the Star Wars universe while updating fans on Lucas film's other ventures.
    - It 's also the best source of information for new Star Wars prequels keeping readers updated on their progress.
    - Started out in the Fall of 1987 as "The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine".
    - With issue 23, in 1994, the name was changed to "Star Wars Insider" - Started as a bimonthly publication, now monthly.

    Vitelloni reports:
    Titan Magazines which previously published Stars Wars (The Official) Magazine has taken over the US magazine Star Wars Insider from IDG Entertainment. So with the US issue #93 and the UK issue #69 both magazines become one in name, cover and content.
    - Website: www.titanmagazines.com
    - From the same publisher: Dreamwatch (usa), Star Trek Magazine (uk), Star Trek Magazine (usa), Star Wars: The Official Magazine,

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    Issue #2
    Winter 1987
    * 'Star Tours: The Ultimate Adventure' by Lisa E. Cowan
    * 'Looking at Lucasfilm' by Robert Allan
    * 'Behind the Scenes: Willow' by Robert Allan
    * 'Willow: The Novel' by Dan Madsen & John S. Davis
    * 'Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game' by Adam Schultz
    * 'Exclusive Update: Indiana Jones III'
    * 'Collections' by Adam Schultz
    * 'The Making of Tucker' by Lisa E. Cowan
    * 'Inside ILM: Visual Effects Design' by John S. Davis
    * 'Richard Marquand 1938 - 1987'
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    Issue #1
    Fall 1987
    * 'Anthony Daniels: 10 Years Later' by Anthony Daniels
    * 'Welcome Back!' by The Lucasfilm Fan Club and George Lucas
    * 'Looking at Lucasfilm'
    * 'Willow: Forget All You Know, Or Think You Know'
    * 'Star Wars: 10th Anniversary Convention'
    * 'Inside ILM: The Art of Special Effects' by John S. Davis
    * 'Collections' by Adam Schultz
    * 'Tucker'
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