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    19 August 2017
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    Monthly magazine from Montreal, Canada published by Unicorn Publishing,

    - First and last issue: 1966-1979
    - 81 issues are listed in the moviemags.com database. (full listing). Highslide JS
    - Editor: Peter Lebensold.
    - Ceased publication.

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    Vol 3 # 1
    Issue #25
    December 1971
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    Vol 2 # 12
    Issue #24
    October 1971
    Interview: Roger Corman (by Joe Medjuck); New World Pictures (article by Allan Collins); VON RICHTHOFEN AND BROWN (review article by John H. Dorr); The Great Canadian Cable Rip-Off (article by Jim Farrell); Camera: Laszlo Kovacs (article by Michael Goodwin); Reviews: SUNDAY, BLOODY SUNDAY; McCABE AND MRS. MILLER; THE LIFE AND TIMES OF CHESTER ANGUS RAMSGOOD; THE ONLY THING YOU KNOW, DRIVE, HE SAID; Cannes Film Festival (report by Geoffrey Minish, including short reviews of LA CALIFFA; JOE HILL; THE TROJAN WOMEN; THE GO-BETWEEN; EL TOPO; QUATRE NUITS D'UN REVEUR; W.R. - MYSTERIES OF THE ORGANISM; AGNUS DEI; PUNISHMENT PARK and several other films); Ann Arbor Film Festival (report by Edgar Daniels, including short reviews of COSMOS, HORSEOPERA; NEWSREEL OF DREAMS and other films); In The Works: uncredited article on current Canadian film-making); Frisco Letter (article by Hal Aigner); Reflections On The Current Scene (regular column by Herman G. Weinberg); Letter From N.Y.C. (article by Bob Cowan); Paris Letter (article by Geoffrey Minish); Book Reviews: including reviews of "Negative Space" by Manny Farber and "Dwight Macdonald On Movies".
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    Vol 2 # 11
    Issue #23
    June 1971
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    Vol 2 # 10
    Issue #22
    March 1971
    Dziga Vertov: An Introduction (article by Michael Goodwin); The Dziga Vertov Film Group In America: An Interview With Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin (by Michael Goodwin, Tom Luddy and Naomi Wise); LE GAI SAVOIR (review article by Susan Rice); WIND FROM THE EAST and A FILM LIKE ANY OTHER (reviewed by Jules Lokin and Tom Luddy); ONE P.M. (review article by Ralph Diamant); Jean-Luc Godard: A Recent Filmography; Reviews: A HISTORY OF THE BLUE MOVIE; THE GREAT CHICAGO CONSPIRACY CIRCUS; THE MUSIC LOVERS; NEON PALACE; Overlooked and Under-Rated: MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE; HEAD; PERFORMANCE; THE BALLAD OF CABLE HOGUE.Letter From London (article by Hal Aigner); Letter From N.Y.C. (article by Bob Cowan); Reflections On The Current Scene (column by Herman G. Weinberg); Book Reviews: including reviews of "Saint Cinema" by Herman G. Weinberg and "Roger Corman: The Millenic Vision" (edited by David Will and Paul Willemen).
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