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    19 August 2017
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    Monthly magazine from Montreal, Canada published by Unicorn Publishing,

    - First and last issue: 1966-1979
    - 81 issues are listed in the moviemags.com database. (full listing). Highslide JS
    - Editor: Peter Lebensold.
    - Ceased publication.

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    Vol 7 # 9
    Issue #81
    August 1979
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    Vol 7 # 8
    Issue #80
    July 1979
    Results of the Brian de Palma Screenplay Contest; MEATBALLS (a production report by Kay Armatage); Dore Schary Career Interview (by Gerald Peary and Patrick McGilligan); 30 Seconds Over America (article by Jon Fase); Cannes Film Festival (report by David Overbey); National Film Board (article by Holly Dressel); The Whiffenpoof Solution (article by Harlan Jacobson); Reviews: ALIEN; LES RENDEZ-VOUS D'ANNA; THE MARRIAGE OF MARIA BRAUN; ASPARAGUS; WINTER KILLS.Overlooked and Under-rated: AND NOW THE SCREAMING STARTS!; SORCERER. Encore: AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER. Book Reviews, including Andrew Sinclair's biography of John Ford.
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    Vol 7 # 7
    Issue #79
    June 1979
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    Vol 7 # 6
    Issue #78
    May 1979
    George Lucas: An Interview (by Audie Bock); Tracking Nikola Tesla; A Screenwriter's Diary (by John Hughes); Popcorn! (article by Marsha Coburn); Hot Books (article by Jenny Tripp); The Psychopathology Of The Film Buff (article by Patricia Goldstone); Stalking THE DEER HUNTER: interviews with Michael Cimino (by Donald Chase and Joseph Coencas) and Peter Zinner (by Paul Nagle); Yugoslavia's New Wave (article by Peter Cowie); Video: Take-Home TV (article by Tim Onosko); Scoring: Nino Rota (article by Ross Care); NY, NY, Part Two (article by Harlan Jacobson); Reviews: MANHATTAN; HAIR; RICHARD PRYOR: LIVE IN CONCERT; A PERFECT COUPLE; DAWN OF THE DEAD. Book reviews: including reeviews of "Camerado" by Donald Spoto and "Ten Film Classics" by Edward Murray.
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    Vol 7 # 5
    Issue #77
    April 1979
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    Vol 7 # 4
    Issue #76
    March 1979
    On The Set With The Muppets (article by David Colker and Jack Viertel); Interview With Carole Laure (by David Overbey); Throw Me Something, Mister! (article by Michael Goodwin); Paris Journal (by David Overbey); Kurosawa (article by Audie Bock); NY, NY (article by Harlan Jacobson); Jean Renoir (obituary by Naomi Wise); Pay-TV Report (article by Tim Onosko); Reviews: THE DEER HUNTER; THE SILENT PARTNER; L'AMOUR EN FUITE (aka LOVE ON THE RUN); ALWAYS FOR PLEASURE; the films of Howard Guttenplan.Overlooked and Under-rated: SHOCK WAVES; HOW TASTY WAS MY LITTLE FRENCHMAN; THE SQUEEZE.Encore: REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE.Book reviews: including three books on Fellini and "Close-Ups", edited by Danny Peary.
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    Vol 7 # 3
    Issue #75
    February 1979
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    Vol 7 # 2
    Issue #74
    January 1979
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