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- First and last issue: 1957-1961?
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Vol 4 # 1 - April 1960

Cover:  Fabian

Dramatic Life And Love Revelations:

Shirley MacLaine - You Too Can Get Everything You Want (3-2/3+ pages; full page b/w picture of Shirley dancing with a bear; smaller b/w pictures of Shirley with daughter Stephanie; Shirley with Louis Jourdan, Juliet Prowse and Maurice Chevalier)

Jerry Wald (Hollywood Producer) - Predicts Tomorrow's Stars (5 pages; b/w pictures of the following:  Rudolph Valentino; Marilyn Monroe; Jane Fonda; Hope Lange; Ingrid Bergman; John Barrymore; Greta Garbo; Barry Coe; Sandra Dee; Stu Whitman; John Saxon; Carol Lynley; Joan Blackman; Millie Perkins; Stephen Boyd; Suzy Parker; Diane Baker; Myrna Fahey; Gardner McKay; John Gavin)

Robert Conrad - Without Nick Adams I'd Be Nothing (3 pages; 3/4 page and 6 additional b/w pictures of Bob (one in swim trunks); small b/w picture of Nick Adams)

Frankie Avalon - His Wild Streak (2-2/3+ pages; 2/3 page b/w picture of Frankie; 2 smaller b/w pictures of Frankie with wrestler Henry Kulky)

James Darren - Jimmy Looks Ahead (1-2/3+ pages; 1/2 page b/w picture of Jim)

Dolores Michaels - They Called Me Boy Crazy (4+ pages; 1/2 page and two 1/3 page b/w pictures of Dolores)

Perry Como - What I Learned About Teenagers (2-1/2 pages; 1/2 page b/w picture of Perry with his wife and kids at the beach)

Teen Topics:

Fabian - The Many Faces of Fabian (5 pages - all pictures - 2 full page and 12 additional b/w pictures of assorted sizes)

Elvis Presley - If You Love Elvis -- Prove It (2 pages; 2/3 page and two smaller b/w pictures of Elvis)

Edd Byrnes - Edd's All At Sea (4 pages of primarily pictures; 10 b/w pictures of assorted sizes of Edd, Carol Rubin (Miss Chicago) and the skipper of a boat on Lake Michigan off the shore of Chicago.  All participants are in swimsuits)

Susan Kohner - Just So I'm Acting (2 pages; 1/2 page b/w picture of Susan and Mark Damon; 5 additional b/w pictures of assorted sizes of Susan)

Frankly Speaking (articles with primarily pictures):

Molly Bee and Mark Damon - We Had A Ball (7 pages; 16 b/w pictures of assorted sizes taken at the amusement park)

Debbie Reynolds - Meet "Elvis" Reynolds (2 pages; 9 b/w pictures of Debbie at a rehearsal for the benefit of the Thalians-Boys Club of Hollywood)

Gardner McKay - What's Ahead For Him (1 page; 3 b/w pictures of Gardner)

Great Teen Gab 'N Teen Gossip:

My Young Hollywood (4-2/3+ pages of gossip with b/w pictures of the following:  Tommy Sands and Sherry Jackson; Doris Day, Rock Hudson, Sid Luft and Judy Garland; Sandra Dee and Mark Goddard; Troy Donahue and Diane McBain; Abby Dalton and Eric Fleming; George Hamilton and Maggie Pearce; Glenn Ford at the tennis matches; 9 pictures from Rona Barrett's birthday party including one of guests; Rona with Bobby Darrin; Dorothy Provine and Ray Stricklyn; Stuart Whitman shaking hands with another guest; Judi Meredith and Sal Mineo; Rona and Luba Ofasavech; George Hamilton and Pat Crest; Nico Minardos and Juliet Prowse; Marcia Rogers dancing)

Your Friendly Fan Club Corner (1 page; b/w picture of fan Nancy Leon with the Everly Brothers)

TV & Record Whirl (4-1/3+ pages of gossip with b/w pictures of the following:  Roger Moore and Dorothy Provine; Peter Breck with Keely Smith and Louis Prima; Bobby Doyle; Vic Damone and Van Cliburn; Lori Nelson and Burt Reynolds; Tommy Sands and Barbara Luna; Crash Craddock; Efrem Zimbalist Jr and Mervyn Leroy; Bobby Rydell and Dick Clark; Jimmy Rodgers; Elvis Presley and M/Sgt Ira Jones; Warren Berlinger and Maggi McNellis; Craig Brown)


Frankly Speaking (3-1/2 pages of fan questions and answers - no pictures)

Let's Go To The Movies (1 page; review and b/w picture for each of the following:  Cash McCall (James Gardner, Natalie Wood); The Gazebo (Glenn Ford, Debbie Reynolds); The Fugitive Kind (Marlon Brando); The Gene Krupa Story (James Darren, Sal Mineo, Susan Kohner)

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Issue 2
Vol 1 # 2 - May 1957


Issue 1
Vol 1 # 1 - February 1957

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