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The Fanzine Of The Classic Age Of Horror

- First issue: 1991
- Editor: Eric McNaughton.
- 112 black and white A5 pages.
- Website: webelongdeadofficial.blogspot.co.uk/

Classic Monsters, Horror
United Kingdom
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30 September 2017

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Issue 19

Issue 18

Issue 17
Autumn 2015

Issue 16
April/May/June 2015

Issue 15

Issue 14

Issue 13

Issue 12

November/December 2013

The best articles from issues #1 - #8.

Issue 11
October/November/December 2013

Issue 10
July/August/September 2013

Issue 9
April/May/June 2013

We Belong Dead is returning after a 15 year absence with issue #9 which features:
Barbara Shelley
Aurora Monster Models
Hammer's Dracula Films
Tombs of the Blind Dead
Jean Rollin Interview
Peter Cushing at Amicus
Salem's Lot
Night of the Demon
Witchfinder General
78 pages

Issue 8
Summer/Fall 1997

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Back cover

Issue 7
Spring 1996

Issue 5/6
Autumn 1994

Lionel Atwill: His turbulent life and career.
Hammer's final two gothic Draculas: Taste the Blood of Daracula & Scars of Dracula
Dark Eyes of London: Bela Lugosi in London (1939).
Quatermass & Hammer: Bernard Quatermass' lengthy screen career.
Night of the Demon: Tourner's classic film
Phibes-The Abominable Showman: One of Vincent Price's most delightful roles.
Fall of the House of Usher: A Corman classic. A look back at the film that started the Poe/Corman series.
Theatre of Blood: Remembering a real cult horror.
Lon Chaney Junior: A 20th Anniversary Commemoration
The men behind the monsters: From the days of the great Jack Pierce to the marvels of the Exorcist, a look at the real monster makers.
Revenge of Frankenstein: Investigating the Baron's 2nd outing in a Hammer horror classic.
William Castle: An appreciation of the Man of a Thousand Gimmicks.

Issue 4
March 1993

King Kong: 8th Wonder of the World
Fandom Focus
Dracula Prisoner of Frankenstein
Seasons of Fear: horror on TV
The Films of Peter Cushing
Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires
The Haunting
Universal Horrors
Voices of the Dead: letters
Silent Screams: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
The Story of a Collector
The Devil Rides Out
Bela Lugosi at Monogram
Paul Naschy

Issue 3

Issue 2

The Penalty
The Vampire Lovers
Those were the Good Old Days...
The Bride of Frankenstein
Vampire Circus
Ingrid Pitt: The Queen of Hammer
Mask of Satan
Voices of the Dead: letters
Poe... on the cheap

Issue 1

Atmospheric Horror
Dracula has Risen from the Grave
The story of a Collector
The Wicker Man
Video View: Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera: A look back at a silent classic
Bram Stoker's Count Dracula
Hammer on video
Dawn of the Dead

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