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    Older moviemags still published

       ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY from United States
    Started in 16 February 1990.

    - Television, movies, books, music, videos, and multimedia.
    - The world of entertainment with emphasis on cinema.
    - Chief Content Officer: Norman Pearlstine.
    - 86 A4 pages.

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       VARIETY from United States
    Started in 1905.

    - American trade journal.
    - Initially a theater magazine which evolved into a movie magazine.

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       SMPTE MOTION IMAGING JOURNAL from United States
    Started in 1916.

    - Called:
    "JOURNAL OF THE SMPTE" 1963-1975
    "SMPTE JOURNAL" 1955, 1976-2002

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       KINEMA JUNPO from Japan
    Started in 1919.

    - Best known today for its 'Kinema Junpo Best Ten list.'
    - Covers all films released in Japan.
    - Issued on 1st and 15th of the month.

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       AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER from United States
    Started in 1920.

    - "The magazine the pros read"
    - Covers the technical part of movie making.
    - Published in Hollywood by the American Society of Cinematographers
    - Bi-monthly publication from November 1920 (Vol. 1, no 1) to March 1922 (Vol. 2, no 28). From March 1922 (Vol. 3, no 1) to present, monthly publication. 106 colour A4 pages.
    - American Cinematographer in Facebook.

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       BOXOFFICE from United States
    Started in 1920.

    - Started as "The Reel Journal", taking its current name in 1931.
    - Changed title to Boxoffice Pro in April 2011.

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    Started in 1927.

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       CINEMA from Norway
    Started in 1930.

    - "Norway's largest and oldest film magazine".
    - Started as Norsk Filmblad (Norwegian Film Sheet).
    - Later ( 1965 to 2011) was called Film & Kino.
    - From 2012 publisher is Pandora Publishing Co.

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       THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER from United States
    Started in 1930.

    - Trade paper for the entertainment industry.
    - Started, daily, on 3 Sept. 1930 (publisher/creator was William R. Wilkerson).
    - Since November 2010 a daily digital edition, in a PDF file, replaced the daily printed version and THR became a large-format weekly magazine.

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       LES FICHES DU CINEMA from France
    Started in 1934.

    - Every issue covers one movie: the script, the credits, a review and photos.
    - Every year an Annual is published.

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       FILM JOURNAL INTERNATIONAL from United States
    Started in 1934.

    - Was called "The Independent" from 1937 to 1946.
    - Was called "The Independent Film Journal" from 1946 to 1979.
    - Changed name to "The Film Journal" in 1980.
    - Used to be a bi-weekly publication. Now monthly.
    - Publisher/Editor: Robert Sunshine.

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       CINE TECHNICIAN from United Kingdom
    Started in 1935.

    - Previous title was "The Journal Of The Association Of Cine-Technicians".
    - Became "Cine Technician" in April 1937.
    - Became "Film & TV Technician" in January 1957.

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       ISKUSSTVO KINO from Russian Federation
    Started in 1936.

    - Started as PROLETARSKOE KINO in 1931.

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       FILMOVY PREHLED from Czech Republic
    Started in 1939.

    - The oldest Czech film magazine.
    - Appeared in 1939 under the title Filmova Kartoteka.
    - Change name to Filmovy Prehled (Film Review) in 1950.

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       CINE TELE REVUE from Belgium
    Started in 1944.

    - Now the most popular weekly Belgian TV magazine.
    - Started in 1944 as a movie magazine (called, since 1945, Cine Revue).
    - Since 1959 is called Cine Tele Revue.
    - It was also published in France.
    - Founded by Joe Van Cottom.

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       LE FILM FRANCAIS from France
    Started in 1944.

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       FILM QUARTERLY from United States
    Started in 1945.

    - Articles covering the entire field of film studies.
    - "Interviews with innovative film- and video-makers, writers, editors, and cinematographers; readable discussion of issues in contemporary film theory; definitive, thoughtful reviews of international, avante garde, national cinemas, and documentaries".
    - From University of California Press
    - Quarterly; September, December, March, June.

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       FILM from Poland
    Started in 1946.

    - Monthly since 1993.

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       FOTOGRAMAS from Spain
    Started in 1946.

    - Supplements were called "Fotogramas Album". They started on 01/07/1977 (#1498) and finished 07/05/1980 (#1643).

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    Started in 1946.

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