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    Australia1.Crimson Celluloid, 1
    Belgium2.Fandoms Film Gallery, 3.Fantasmagorie, 4.Fantoom, 3
    Brazil5.Sci-fi News, 1
    Canada6.Cinema Sewer, 1
    France7.Ados Cine/blockbuster, 8.Adrenaline Hebdo, 9.Aldila, 10.Animation (fr), 11.Best Of Video, 12.Black Dream, 13.Bloody Bone, 14.Brazil, 15.Cine Eros Star, 16.Cine Heros, 17.Cine-fantasy, 18.Cine-rock, 19.Cine-zine-zone, 20.Cinema Daujourdhui, 21.Cinema Francais, 22.Cinephilia, 23.Cineview, 24.Cinok, 25.Dossiers Du Fantastique | Les, 26.Ecran Fantastique | L (1st Series), 27.Episode, 28.Fantastic (fr), 29.Fantastic Report, 30.Fantastique Fanzine, 31.Fantastique Zone, 32.Fog, 33.Fusion Fantasy, 34.Futura, 35.Generation Series, 36.Heretic, 37.Horizons Du Fantastique, 38.Horror Pictures Collection, 39.Masque De La Meduse, 40.Mercury Bis, 41.Metaluna, 42.Metaluna (schlockoff), 43.Monster Zone, 44.Nightscreen, 45.Nostradamus/nostra New Age, 46.Nuits Blanches, 47.Obsede | L, 48.Peplum, 49.Phantasm, 50.Premiere (fr Reissues), 51.Pur Cine Dvd, 52.Reponses Video, 53.Science Fantasy, 54.Scream (fr), 55.Screen Show Communication, 56.Serial, 57.Series Mania, 58.Series Mania Stars, 59.Series Zap, 60.Shocking, 61.Spirit, 62.Storyboard, 63.Studio, 64.Success Story, 65.Telecine, 66.Toxic, 67.Travelling, 68.Tv Video Jaquettes, 69.Unifrance Film Press Information, 70.Videotheque, 71.Vintage Monsters, 72.Walpurgis, 66
    Germany73.Dark Carneval, 74.Film International, 75.Film Und Fakten, 76.Hollywood (de), 77.Kino (79-80), 78.Kino Programm, 79.Kino-german Film, 80.Kinohit, 81.Phantastische Zeiten, 82.Sci-fi Special, 83.Space, 84.Starburst (de), 85.Ufa Film Illustrierte, 86.Video Magazin, 87.Video Plus, 88.Videoplay/kinothek, 89.X Rated, 17
    India90.Showtime (in), 1
    Italy91.1987 Giallo Guide, 92.Ciak, 93.Cinema Sfx, 94.Dario Argento, 95.Drop Out, 96.Gorezilla, 97.Made In Hell, 98.Nocturno, 99.Nosferatu (it), 100.Thx, 101.Top Video Guida, 11
    Japan102.Cinefex (jp), 1
    Lebanon103.Cines Dorient, 1
    Netherlands104.Film En Tv Maker, 105.Sf Terra, 2
    Spain106.Blade Runner, 107.Cineinforme, 108.Fantastic Magazine, 109.Invasion (es), 4
    Sweden110.Chaplin, 1
    Switzerland111.Cahiers De Lhebdo | Les, 1
    U.S.S.R.112.Film Sovietique | Le, 1
    United Kingdom113.1-shot Publications, 114.20/20, 115.Ad Astra, 116.Aip And Co, 117.Aka: Joe Damato - The Man And His Movies, 118.All You Need Is Blood - The Films Of Norman J Warren, 119.Attack Of The Scissorpeople, 120.Audio Media, 121.Bedabbled, 122.Best Of Film And Video, 123.Beyond, 124.Bfi Membership News, 125.Bfi Newsreel, 126.Bfi Southbank Guide, 127.Blazing Magnums, 128.Bleach, 129.Bomba Movies, 130.Camera Obscura (uk), 131.Castellari, 132.Cinema Spectrum, 133.Cinephile, 134.Cold Sweat, 135.Dark Times, 136.Dead Of Night, 137.Detroit Graves, 138.Devil Movies, 139.Eclipse, 140.Encyclopedia Of Cinematic Trash, 141.Eyeball, 142.Eyeline, 143.Fangoria (uk), 144.Fantastic Films (uk), 145.Film (bffs), 146.Film And Video (uk), 147.Film Focus, 148.Film For The Collector, 149.Film Making, 150.Fists Of Fury, 151.Flesh And Blood, 152.Flickers, 153.Flicks (1968), 154.Focus On Film, 155.Fx, 156.Gala, 157.Ghost In The Machine, 158.Giallo Scrapbook, 159.Grandelinquence, 160.Headcheese And Chainsaws, 161.Hispanic Horrors, 162.Hong Kong Super Stars, 163.Idols, 164.Incroyable Cinema | L, 165.Infinity, 166.Inside Film, 167.Into The Darkness, 168.Invasion, 169.Kamera, 170.Killing Moon, 171.Killing Time, 172.Laser Screen, 173.Lightspeed, 174.Magic, 175.Mkultra, 176.Monogram, 177.Monster Monthly, 178.Movie (ian Camerons), 179.Movie (uk 80s), 180.Movie Hits, 181.Movie Scene | The, 182.Movieplus, 183.Movies (uk), 184.Moving Pictures International, 185.Naked, 186.Necronomicon, 187.Nft London Film Festival Guides, 188.Pop Fantasies, 189.Premiere (1970), 190.Prime Gothic, 191.Reviewer, 192.Sci-fi Blockbusters, 193.Sci-fi Focus, 194.Sci-fi Tv And Cinema, 195.Sci-fi Tv And Movies, 196.Sci-fi Zone, 197.Science Fiction (highbury), 198.Science Fiction World, 199.Screen International, 200.Screen N Heard, 201.Sheer Filth, 202.Shock Xpress, 203.Shockeyes Kitchen, 204.Showtime, 205.Sins Of The Flesh (90s), 206.Skeleton Crew, 207.Slash Hits (80s), 208.Space Voyager, 209.Space Wars - Star Wars Special, 210.Star Begotten, 211.Star Voyager, 212.Starforce (uk), 213.Starlog (uk), 214.State, 215.Stills, 216.Strange Things Are Happening, 217.Superspies And Secret Agents, 218.Third Eye, 219.Todays Cinema, 220.Trash City, 221.Tripwire, 222.Uncut: The Music And Movie Magazine, 110
    United States223.25 Years Of Sci-fi Movies, 224.Action Heroes, 225.Agent Dvd, 226.Amazing Cinema, 227.American Fantasy, 228.Animato, 229.Asian Trash Cinema/asian Cult Cinema, 230.Black Oracle, 231.Children Of The Night, 232.Chillers, 233.Chilling Monster Tales, 234.Cineaste, 235.Cinefan, 236.Cinema Odyssey, 237.Cinemagic, 238.Closeup, 239.Cool Stuff, 240.Creative Screenwriting, 241.Cryptic, 242.Cybersurfer, 243.Daredevils, 244.Dinosaur, 245.Dinosaur Times, 246.Dreamwatch (usa), 247.Fear Fanzine, 248.Film Journal | The, 249.Focus (draculina), 250.Fright X, 251.Galactic Journal, 252.Hollywood Horror Classics, 253.Hollywood Reporter | The, 254.Hollywood Studio, 255.Horrorshow, 256.Implosion, 257.Incredible Science Fiction, 258.Legendary Heroes, 259.Lost In Space, 260.Maniac Shopper, 261.Media Sight, 262.Media Spotlight, 263.Miriad, 264.Monster Maker Journal, 265.Monsterland, 266.Monsters And Imagi-movies, 267.Motion Picture Herald, 268.Movies International, 269.Naked! Screaming! Terror!, 270.Not Of This Earth, 271.Paramount International News, 272.Playgore, 273.Questar, 274.Realms Of Fantasy, 275.Retro Vision, 276.Sci-fi Flix, 277.Sci-fi Invasion, 278.Sci-fi Teen, 279.Sci-fi World, 280.Science And Fantasy Film Classics, 281.Scream Factory, 282.Sfx (starlog), 283.Sh-boom, 284.Skam, 285.Slaughterhouse, 286.Soviet Film, 287.Star Encounters, 288.Starlog Science Fiction Explorer, 289.Stop Motion Animation, 290.Subhuman, 291.Summer Movie Super Heroes, 292.Superstar Facts And Pics, 293.Thing, 294.Total Movie, 295.Trashfiend, 296.Twilight Zone, 297.Vampires And Slayers, 298.Wicked, 299.Wonder, 300.World Of Fandom, 78

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