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by mike
14 Sep 2019 07:36
Forum: UK
Topic: 30 Years 30 Films (1989-2018)
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30 Years 30 Films (1989-2018)

Empire presents one defining film for each year between 1989 and 2018. A celebration of three decades of iconic cinema. empuk_201909_366.jpg 2nd_empuk_201909_366.jpg 3rd_empuk_201909_366.jpg 4th_empuk_201909_366.jpg 5th_empuk_201909_366.jpg 6th_empuk_201909_366.jpg 7th_empuk_201909_366.jpg 8th_empu...
by mike
22 Jun 2019 17:02
Forum: UK
Topic: A rare horror mag
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A rare horror mag

Screen Chills is a rare British magazine. It is so rare that Ebay has an auction for it every 3-4 years. This listing is from a Feb 2018 auction from charles_emporium. It was sold for US $304.00 (Approximately EUR 268.54) [ 3 bids ] All pictures and text are from charles_emporium (a very good listi...
by mike
22 Jun 2019 15:27
Forum: What's new?
Topic: About this "Forum"
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About this "Forum"

This is not really a forum.
It's a place for notes and messages related to content.

If you want to write anything here useful to The Site of Movie Magazines,
you are more than welcome.
Just register and send me a note to
and I'll activate your account.
by mike
22 Jun 2019 13:53
Forum: U.S.A.
Topic: Is FFM a Canadian fanzine?
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Is FFM a Canadian fanzine?

Film Fan Monthly (1961-1975) is remembered today because it was edited by Leonard Maltin, one of America's leading authorities on cinema. FFM was a mimeographed fanzine. It started in Vancouver in 1961. Editor was Daryl Davy, Covered old film...
by mike
22 Jun 2019 11:17
Forum: U.S.A.
Topic: The first ever fanzine dedicated to Forrest J. Ackerman.
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Re: The first ever fanzine dedicated to Forrest J. Ackerman.

I "found" a copy of the "proposed" cover of Acker-Zine # 1 ( and only ). It is the one I did for myself before sending a copy to Forry. I cut out a head shot of Ackerman and pasted it onto an almost exact copy of this one and sent him that. The lightning bolt appears because I always thought it loo...
by mike
22 Jun 2019 10:04
Forum: Canada
Topic: Marquee/Tribute etc.
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Marquee/Tribute etc.

Bill writes about Free Canadian mags: These were part of a run of really good free magazines that you would pick up at the cinemas in Canada. The first one was SHOWBILL , which was obviously inspired by the similar UK cinema publication ABC FILM REVIEWS.
by mike
22 Jun 2019 09:57
Forum: France
Topic: "Cahiers du Cinema" in English
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"Cahiers du Cinema" in English

Interested to read "Cahiers du Cinéma" in English?
The Monoskop site has four volumes with selected texts from the years 1951-1978 in English translation.

by mike
22 Jun 2019 09:19
Forum: Books
Topic: "Chinese Movie Magazines" Book
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"Chinese Movie Magazines" Book

Chinese Movie Magazines From Charlie Chaplin to Chairman Mao, 1921-1951 chmomags01.jpg Organized thematically within a chronological structure, this book includes more than 500 full-colour covers – many of them rare – from the Paul Kendel Fonoroff Collection in Berkeley’s C. V. Starr East Asian Libr...
by mike
16 Jun 2019 16:12
Forum: What's new?
Topic: Netflix publishes a mag ?
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Netflix publishes a mag ?

According to reports, the video streaming giant, Netflix will publish (ON PAPER) a magazine to promote its shows. From what is known so far: - It will be free - Will be called "Wide", - over 100 pages, - will contain interviews, essays and features around Netflix’s films, series, documentaries, come...
by mike
10 Jun 2019 08:41
Forum: What's new?
Topic: Cameron Diaz's covers
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Re: Cameron Diaz's covers