Table of contents for ROADSHOW
- * Covers marked [] are missing - [S],[M],[L] = Small (pixels high=500-)/Medium (500-850)/Large covers (850+)

Covers listed
1972: May [L],   June [L],   August [M],   
1973: January [M],   February [M],    April [L],    May [L],   June [L],    August [L],   September [S],   October [L],   November [L],    December [L],   
1974: January [L],   February [M],    April [L],    June [L],   July [M],    August [L],   September [L],   
1975: SpecialSpring [M],   May [M],   August [M],    SpecialAutumn [M],   December [M],   
1976: January [M],   March [M],   April [M],   May [M],   December [S],   
1977: February [M],    March [M],   April [S],   August [M],   December [M],   
1978: February [M],   March [S],   April [M],   May [L],   June [L],   August [S],   September [L],   October [M],   November [S],   December [S],   
1979: January [S],   February [M],   April [L],   May [L],   June [L],   July [M],   August [M],   October [S],   November [S],   December [S],   
1980: February [L],   March [L],   April [M],    May [L],   June [L],   July [L],   November [S],   December [L],   
1981: January [L],   February [S],   March [L],   April [L],   June [S],    September [L],   November [L],   
1982: January [M],   February [L],   March [S],   April [S],   May [S],   June [S],   July [S],   October [S],   November [S],   December [S],   
1983: January [M],   March [L],   April [S],   May [S],   June [S],   July [M],   August [L],   September [S],   November [S],   December [S],   
1984: January [S],   February [L],   March [S],   May [S],   June [M],   August [L],   September [S],   October [S],   November [S],   December [S],   
1985: March [M],   July [L],   October [M],   November [M],   
1986: February [M],   September [M],   November [M],   
1987: January [M],   February [M],   March [M],   April [M],   June [S],   July [M],   October [M],   December [S],    Special [L],   
1988: January [M],   February [M],   March [M],   April [M],   May [L],   June [M],   August [M],   September [S],   October [M],   November [L],   December [M],   
1989: January [L],   March [M],   April [L],   May [L],   June [M],   July [M],   August [L],   October [M],   November [M],   December [S],   
1990: January [S],   February [M],   March [M],   April [M],   May [M],   June [M],   July [M],   September [M],   October [M],   November [M],   
1991: January [S],   March [S],   April [S],   May [M],   June [L],   July [S],   August [S],   September [S],   October [S],   November [M],   December [M],   
1992: January [L],   February [M],   March [S],   April [S],   July [M],   August [M],   September [M],   October [L],   November [S],   December [M],   
1993: January [L],   April [M],   May [L],   July [L],   September [L],   October [M],   November [M],   December [M],   
1994: January [M],   February [S],   March [M],   April [M],   May [M],   August [M],   September [S],   
1995: January [M],   May [M],   June [M],   July [M],   September [M],   
1996: March [M],   April [M],   July [S],   December [M],   
1997: January [M],   June [S],   August [L],   September [L],   October [M],   
1998: January [M],   February [L],   March [S],   May [L],   July [M],   August [S],   September [M],    October [L],   November [M],   December [M],   
1999: January [M],   February [L],   September [M],   
2000: January [M],   April [M],   May [S],   June [M],   July [S],   September [L],   November [M],   December [L],   
2001: February [L],    April [L],    May [L],    June [L],   July [L],   August [M],    September [M],   October [S],    November [L],   December [S],   
2002: January [S],    February [L],   March [L],    April [L],   May [L],   June [M],    July [L],    August [M],   September [L],   December [L],   
2003: January [M],   February [S],   March [L],   April [L],   May [L],   June [L],   July [S],    August [M],   September [M],   October [L],   November [M],   December [M],   
2004: January [M],   February [S],   April [S],   May [M],   June [L],   July [M],   August [M],   September [L],   October [L],   November [M],   
2005: January [M],   March [M],   May [M],   July [M],   October [M],   December [M],   
2006: January [S],   February [M],   March [M],   April [M],   May [M],   June [M],   July [M],   August [M],   September [M],   October [M],   November [L],   December [S],   
2007: January [L],   April [M],   May [L],   June [L],   July [M],   August [M],   September [L],   October [M],   November [M],   December [M],   
2008: January [M],   February [L],   March [L],   April [M],   May [L],   June [L],   July [S],   August [L],   September [M],   October [M],   November [L],   December [L],   

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