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Lato Del Cinema

- First and last issue: 1996-2000
- Fantastic Italian cinema of '70s and '80s.
- For fans of European horror, sex, western and sci-fi films. Beautiful photographs and posters.
- Published by Igor Molino
- Italian text. 100 colour pages.


Ceased publication
Last updated:
6 February 2018

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Garry Malvern
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Issue 20

Intervista a Udo Kier, Zora Kerova e Asia Argento. Thriller psichedelici, Tobe Hooper, Ed Wood...

Issue 19

MIFED '99: The film buyers market get total coverage with information and photos from the show.
Boogie Nights: A look at the early days of American porno.
Peter Jackson: ?n interview.
Kung Fu '70: A look at the crazy Kung Fu films made and released in the 70s.
Luciana Paluzzi: The films of this Italian beauty.

Issue 17/18

Splatter cinema.
The films of George Romero.
Adolfo Celi.
Antonio Margheriti.
Snuff Movies.
Sexy 70's cinema.

Issue 16

Satanic Cinema.
Femi Benussi.
Henry Silva.
Ray Dennis Stekler.
Jackie Chan.
Interviews with Gianfranco D'Angelo and Tonio Valerii.

Issue 14-15
July/October 1998

Issue 13
May/June 1998

The films of Bruce Lee.
Klaus Kinski.
?hrillers starring Edwige Fenech.
Interviews with Dagmar Lassander.
Ringo Lam.
Fantafestival 18.

Issue 12

Interviews: Sergio Sollima, Erika Blanc, Engrid Pitt.
Gamera: A look at the monster.
Chow Yun-Fat: Action star.
Filippino horror films
Italian sci-fi films.
Sexy Posters and more.

Issue 11
January/February 1998

Jose Mojica Marins: A profile of Coffin Joe
Italian Zombie Films
Interview: Giorgio Porcaro
Monty Python
William Friedkin
Fred Olen Ray
Mexican Movies
John Landis
Charles Manson

Issue 10

A look at the American Blaxploitation film
Kung Fu Karate/Spaghetti Western mix
Interview with Robert Ridriguez
Italian erotic nun films
The Sinbad films of Ray Harryhausen
The post atomic bomb film from Italy
An interview with Fred Williamson
And Troma's sex kitten Tiffany J. Shepis

Issue 8/9

A Sexy All'Italiana Special Issue with a Laura Antonelli cover.

A Guide to Italian Starlets: Janet Agren, Senta Berger, Lilli Carati, Silvia Dionisio, Ornella Muti.
Interviews: Salvatore Samperi (Malizia), Riccardo Freda, Russ Meyer, Tinto Brass, Mariano Laurenti.
Mifed report.
Sergio Corbucci

Issue 7

The films of JESS FRANCO and an exclusive interview.
The Hammer Story.
Italian Spy Movies.
Interviews with Lando Buzzanca, Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill.

Issue 6
January/February 1997

Films: Barbarella, Kiss Me Quick, Nude On The Moon, Spermula, Cinderella 2000, La Bestia Nello Spazio.
Leon Klimovsky
De Sade in cinema.
Stelvio Massi

Issue 5

Interview with Jean Rollin. A look at gothic horror.
John Waters.
Interview with Umberto Lenzi.
50's Sci-fi.
Interview with Loyd Kaufman.
The cinema of Al Adamson.

Issue 4

Supermen of Italian films.
The films of Tomas Milian including a filmography.
Eurofest 96.
Maurizio Merli.
Giuliano Gemma interview.
Umberto Lenzi interview.
The "School Teacher" films of Edwige Fenech.

Issue 3

Females in Italian horror films.
?nterview with comedian Renzo Montagnani.
Poster artist Sandro Simeoni.

Issue 2

Profiles of Salvatore Baccaro and Gigi Ballista
Interview with Bigas Luna.
A look at the Lesbian vampire film.

Issue 1
February-March 1996

Paul Naschy: An interview.
The films of Jean Rollin
Vampiri Italiani & Gialli
Cinema of Serial killers
Dario Argento
Il funetto nero al cinema: Danger Diabolik, Satanik, Kriminal.

Issue 0

An interview with Enzo G. Castellari and Tinto Brass
A look at Argento's newest SINDROME DI STENDHAL
A look at the top Italian westerns
A profile/filmography of Edwige Fenech.

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