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Film, Video And Television Arts
Monthly Magazine from New York ,United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1975-1992
- Originally published by AFI (American Film Institute). From 1988 by Billboard Publications Ltd.
- Monthly. 66 colour pages.
- For previous issues see DIALOGUE ON FILM.
- Published by American Film Institute (AFI)

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30 June 2022
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Issue 166
January/February 1992
David Cronenberg 'Naked Lunch', Akira Kurosawa, Pedro Almodovar 'High Heels', Randa Haines dialogue, Armand Assante 'Mambo King'.

Issue 165
November/December 1991
In bed with America, Peter Greenaway, Sizing up Jodie Foster, Glenn Close dialogue, Richard Ford, Jeremy Irons.

Issue 164
September/October 1991
Gus Van Sant, 'Madame Bovary', editor Thelma Schoonmaker, Sidney Poitier dialogue, Costumers' sketch pad, Andrei Codrescu, Kenneth Branagh 'Dead Again'.

Issue 163
August 1991
Cinema Psyche, Joel & Ethan Coen's bizarre 'Barton Fink', Who's minding the archives?, directors Charles Burnett & Charles Lane, Myrna Loy, Sean Penn with attitude.

Issue 162
July 1991
Betting on bestsellers, The film-school way, Kathryn Bigelow & James Cameron, 'The Addams Family', Laura Dern.

Issue 161
June 1991
The Summer movies, Method acting, writer-director Richard Brooks, Vincent Spano & Chazz Palminteri, Americans in Europe, John Sayles.

Issue 160
May 1991
Cutting-edge director John McNaughton, Producers as masters of the deal, Robert Mitchem video classics, documentarist Frederick Wiseman interview, Susan Sarandon, Oscor Micheaux, Stanley Kramer & Paul Winfield interview.

Issue 159
April 1991
The critics picks, Andrei Konchalovsky and Roman Polanski about Soviet sets, Young Bogart prep-school rebel, Jazz movie classics, Keith Carradine, editor Anne Goursaud interview.

Issue 158
March 1991
Sissy Spacek, Tribute to Kirk Douglas, Oliver Stone discussion, 10 Best Unproduced Screenplays, Amblin producer Frank Marshall interview.

Issue 157
February 1991
Matt Dillon, Looking for trouble, Radio heirwaves, State of the art of film composing, Ennio Morricone interview, Penelope Spheeris & Danny Elfman rebels, production designer Ken Adams interview.

Issue 156
January 1991
Michelle Pfeiffer, location manager Bruce Lawhead, Michael Curtiz Hungarian director, 1991 Film Festival guide, 'An American Family', director John Schlesinger interview.
Michelle Pfeiffer

Issue 155
December 1990
Coppola's 'Godfather' third chapter, Andy Garcia, Bernardo Bertolucci, The diary of Anne Archer, Producer duos A-list, Liam Neeson, Super 8 memories, William Friedkin interview.

Issue 154
November 1990
Anjelica Huston, Barry Levinson in Baltimore, 1990 movie-book collection, J. Stuart Blackton, Robert Altman, Hair-and-Makeup on the job, cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond interview.

Issue 153
October 1990
Jeff Bridges, Jim Morrison, Tribeca stories, Sex for kicks, Fritz Lang, actor Tim Reid interview.

Issue 152
September 1990
Philip Kaufman, 35 years of rock in film, Jim Sheridan director, Spanish Dracula, Uma Thurman, Michael Apted & Alan Parker, Television sports, screenwriter Larry Ferguson interview.

Issue 151
Vol 15 # 11
August 1990
The script men, Denzel Washington, Patrizia von Brandenstein, Film school pop quiz, Yugoslavia's director, Greta Garbo, Cannes publicity, Jessica Lange interview.

Issue 150
July 1990
Julia Roberts, Canadian film, Michael Powell, Casting characters, Louis Malle, producers Richard & Lili Zanuck interview.

Issue 149
June 1990
Nicolas Cage, Great scenes written at the last minute, Summer movie preview, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Roger Corman, Bill Moyers interview.

Issue 148
May 1990
In praise of actors, 'Last Exit to Brooklyn', AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival, Top 40 entertainment companies, Peter Guber & Jon Peters, Laser-disc machines, James Woods interview.

Issue 147
April 1990
Tom Hanks, If critics picked the Oscars, John Waters, Hitchcock goes 'Psycho', riddle of the archives, David Lynch 'Twin Peaks', Garry Marshall interview.

Issue 146
March 1990
Tribute to David Lean, Rules of the Game, Natsha Richardson 'The Handmaid's Tale', John Turturro, on-location in Florida, Alejandro Jodorowsky cinematic master of the surreal.

Issue 145
Vol 15 # 5
February 1990
Jack Nicholson, Hollywood 50s scandal rag 'Confidential', Bob Rafelson, wide-screen movies, Julie Christie, on-location in Arizona, actress-director Lee Grant interview.

Issue 144
January 1990
Sylvester Stallone, Ron Kovic 'Born on the Fourth of July', Isabelle Adjani, Irish writer Neil Jordan, military techno-thrillers, Anthony Mann, Paul Mazursky interview.

Issue 143
December 1989
Holly Hunter, Ron Shelton, Production Code enforcer Joe Breen, Wild pitches to sell your movie, Bert Fields entertainment lawyer, holiday tearjerkers, production designer Richard Sylbert interview.

Issue 142
November 1989
American Film critic's poll of the 1980s, 'Not Afraid of the Dark', Martin Ritt conversation, paternity pictures, video classics reviewed, Jim Henson interview.

Issue 141
October 1989
Robert DeNiro, Sound designers, Laura Dern, Irwin Winkler devoted to betrayal, William Wellman, Midge Sanford & Sarah Pillsbury interviews.

Issue 140
September 1989
Sergio Leone, Euzhan Palcy, Foreign intrigue, Danny DeVito, David Weisman, Robert Bolt, John Patrick Stanley interview.

Issue 139
July/August 1989
Spike Lee & Robert Townsend, Rob Reiner & Billy Crystal, Film School Confidential, John Fante, Lucille Ball, Shelley Duvall, Barbara Stanwyck, Paul Schrader interview.

Issue 138
June 1989
Dennis Quaid 'Jerry Lee Lewis', Gale Ann Hurd, Return of the Return of the summer sequel, The price club, Independent filmmakers, Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick, Fellini's '8 1/2', Otto Preminger films, Jill Godmilow interview.

Issue 137
May 1989
Sean Connery & his career & future, Comic books into movies, John Cassavetes, James L. Brooks, Bruce Weber documentary on Chet Baker jazz, 'Moonlighting', Joan Micklin Silver interview.
Sean Connery

Issue 136
April 1989
Sexual cynicism in the movies, Theresa Russell, Hollywood 'sex goddesses', Thomas McGuane, first-time directors, Alec Guinness, 'The Wild Bunch', French director Louis Malle interview.

Issue 135
March 1989
Gregory Peck, Dennis Potter, 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen', The incredible shrinking epic, Martin Scorses, British sex dramas, Carole Lombard, director John Frankenheimer interview.

Issue 134
January/February 1989
The future of talking pictures, What to expect in movies, Ted Turner, Robert Towne 'Tequila Sunrise', Lawrence Kasdan 'The Accidental Tourist', Larry McMurtry, Tuesday Weld, producer Michael Shamberg interview.

Issue 133
December 1988
Dustin Hoffman, Stephen Frears, 'Mississippi Burning', TV movies, director Martha Coolidge interview.

Issue 132
November 1988
Steve Martin 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrel', How Hollywood fixed an election, Julien Temple rock video whiz, The Kennedys, Hilary Henkin, 'A Dangerous Life', director Ivan Passer interview.

Issue 131
October 1988
Jodie Foster, Yoko Ono & John Lennon 'Imagine', David Cronenberg 'Dead Ringers', Martin Scorsese, Willem Dafoe, entertainment lawyers discussion, Haskell Wexler interview.

Issue 130
September 1988
Clint Eastwood, director Paul Schrader, Marcel Ophuls interview, American flops-European Hits, 'Running on Empty', Black comedians and their roles, 'Shame', Adrian Lyne interview.

Issue 129
July/August 1988
Debra Winger, Paintings of Davis Cone, Robert Zemeckis, The Jewish problem, 'Eight Men Out', 'Boyfriends and Girlfriends', James Dearden ' Pascali's Island', Frank Sinatra on tape, Steven Bochco interview.

Issue 128
June 1988
Francis Coppola, Wim Wenders, agent Jeremy Zimmer, Garth Drabinsky, 'Call me Madame', 'The Commissar', A guide to political discourse TV-talk-show-style, Steven Spielberg interview.

Issue 127
May 1988
LILY TOMLIN In this issue: All Of Her - In the mainstream yukster Big Business, Lily Tomlin defies genre and gender to concentrate on the human comedy. Hollywood And It's Discontents - Broadway's golden boy goes out West. Broadcast Blues - When CBS News executives challenged "The A-Team" with a news show, they learned the true meaning of Nielsen. Bombs Away - They say you're only as good as your last movie, yet some of the biggest names in Hollywood have made some of the biggest flops. Focus: White Mischief - The sun sets on the British Empire - In this black comedy aboutcolonial Africa. Focus: Who Killed Vincent Chin - Japan-bashing turns murderous in Motor City Dialogue On Film: Percy Adlon - Bagdad Cafe, the latest film from the German director of Sugarbaby, takes a long gentle look at America. Preservation: Some Enchanted Evenings - If dance is the most perishable art, television runs a close second. The restoration of Fred Astaire's acclaimed TV specials gives new life to both. Close-Up: Shawn Slovo - The personal is the political for this screenwriter, daughter of South Africa's most famous white radicals.

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