Film, Video And Television Arts
Monthly Magazine from New York ,United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 1975-1992
- Originally published by AFI (American Film Institute). From 1988 by Billboard Publications Ltd.
- Monthly. 66 colour pages.
- For previous issues see DIALOGUE ON FILM.
- Published by American Film Institute (AFI)

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Issue 23
December 1977

Issue 22
November 1977

Issue 21
October 1977
The Mel Brooks Memos (article by Gene Lees); Were Those The Days? (article by John Russell Taylor); The Day The Silents Stopped (article by Larry Swindell); Interview: Richard Brooks; Notes On Some European Directors: Bertolucci, Schroeter, Herzog (article by Alan Greenberg); Star-Spangled Studio (article on government-funded film-making by Alex Ward); Commercials: Another Kind Of Film-Making (article by Bruce Cook); Columns: McMurtry On The Movies (by Larry McMurtry); Focus On Education (by Stephen Zito); Sound Track (by Robert Fiedel); Berlin Festival Report (by David Robinson); Book Reviews: including a biography of David Sarnoff and "The Camera Never Blinks" by Dan Rather.

Issue 20
September 1977

Issue 19
July/August 1977

Issue 18
June 1977
The Last of the Nine Old Men - The Nine Old Men was Walt Disney's term for his chief team of animators. Pix include Wolfgang Reitherman, Les Clark, Ward Kimball, John Lounsbery, Milt Kahl, Marc Davis, Frank Thomas, Eric Larson, Oliver Johnston, John Culhane.
New Grub Street-West - When scripts are written for television, there is a curious process that intervenes between the author's works and what is broadcast.
"Withdraw the Picture!" the Commissioner Ordered - The Supreme Court issued its landmark ruling on The Miracle. For Lillian Gerard it was the end of a struggle with censorship that started two years earlier at her New York cinema, The Paris. Includes pic of Anna Magnani in The Miracle.
Has Television Become the Real Thing? - Reflections on the past season evoke some thoughts on television's use of reality. Pix include: LeVar Burton in Roots. Charles Bronson in Raid on Entebbe. Stefan Gierasch, Burt Lancaster, Richard Dreyfus & Harris Yulin in Victory at Entebbe. Penny Marshall & Jaclyn Smith competing in The Battle of the Netword Stars. Farrah Fawcett (Majors).
Going Deeper With MacNeil and Lehrer - With a lively format and a lot more than a few lines of commentary, the Report gives us what the nightly news can't. Pix include Robert MacNeil, Jim Lehrer.
Heartbreak Hollywood - After the stardom, there is the legend. For the star, unfortunately, that's not enough. Pix include: Mae Murray in The Merry Widow. Rita Hayworth in Gilda. Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard.
Regular Monthly Departments:
McMurtry on the Movies (By Larry McMurtry) - The Disappearance of Love.
Focus on Education (By Sam Kula) - The Canadian Curriculum.
Dialogue on Film - Norman Lear interviewed. Pix include: Carroll O'Connor & Jean Stapleton in All In the Family. Bea Arthur & Bill Macy in Maude. Esther Rolle & Ja'net DuBois in Good Times. Richard Crenna & Bernadette Peters in All's Fair. Bob Newhart, Judith Lowry & Graham Jarvis in Cold Turkey. Maureen O'Sullivan & Paul Ford in Never Too Late.
Jason Robards Jr. & Norman Wisdom in The Night They Raided Minsky's. Ewa Aulin in Start the Revolution Without Me. Louise Lasser & Victor Killian in Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Dick Van Dyke, Jean Simmons & Jason Robards Jr. in Divorce, American Style. Tony Bill & Frank Sinatra in Come Blow Your Horn.
Festival Report: London. Includes pic of Elena Solavey in The Slave of Love.
Explorations: Ann Arbor Experimental - Two Views (by Ellen Frank & Edgar Daniels).

Issue 17
May 1977

Issue 16
April 1977

Issue 15
March 1977

Issue 14
February 1977

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