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- First and last issue: 1975-1992
- Originally published by AFI (American Film Institute). From 1988 by Billboard Publications Ltd.
- Monthly. 66 colour pages.
- For previous issues see DIALOGUE ON FILM.
- Published by American Film Institute (AFI)

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Issue 93
December 1984
Gregory Hines, Dreamscapes, Elmore Leonard, independent film distributors, women in film, Falling in Love, Akio Morita interview.

Issue 92
November 1984
Kathleen Turner, The Day After, Alfred Hitchcock, Cheers cast of characters, Gregory's Girl, Jill Godmilow, David Puttnam interview.

Issue 91
October 1984
Sam Shepard, Bertrand Tavernier, billboard advertising, films of people on the edge of society, Gremlins to Go, Bob Bennett interview.

Issue 90
September 1984
Charlie Chaplin Redux, Francesco Rosi, Where Eagle Dares, private eyes in film, School Daze, Erendira, Richard Pearce interview.

Issue 89
July/August 1984
Under the Volcano, San Francisco alternative film capital, Peril of TV Pilots, Good Sports, Jeanne Moreau interview.

Issue 88
June 1984
Once Upon a Time in America, Jean-Luc Godard, Streets of Fire, Ozzie and Harriet, Strange Loves, Martha Coolidge interview.

Issue 87
May 1984
Glenn Close, Ten cheap movies, Should the government support film and TV?, Today's musicals, Film piracy, Bourgeois Blues, Aaron Spelling interview.

Issue 86
April 1984
Donald Sutherland
Dialogue on Film: PETER YATES - The director of Breaking Away talks about American myths, his new movie, The Dresser, and producing his own films (Pix include Albert Finney, Steve McQueen, Jackie Earle Haley, Dennis Quaid, Daniel Stern, Dennis Christopher).
DONALD SUTHERLAND's Seventh Inning Stretch - After a decade of averaging three films a year, and of working with directors as varied as Fellini, Malle and Altman, the actor is ready for a rest.
Tender is the Light (by Tom McDonough) - In which the intrepid cinematographer embarks on peregrinations through the mysterious world of images with digressions on literature, abnormal psychology, and Chinese food (Pix include Marlon Brando, Meryl Streep, Peter MacNicol, Woody Allen, Gordon Willis, Teddy Churchill, Billy Bitzer, D.W. Griffith). Local Heroes - A savvy festival, creative exhibitors, and adventurous audiences have made Seattle a movie trend setter.
Reelin' and Rockin' - The beat goes on in a spate of new films with rock tracks, but arranging a movie that will top the charts in both Variety and Billboard isn't as easy as it sounds (Pix include Kevin Bacon, Diane Lane, Jane Fonda, Vic Morrow, Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda).
Letter From Beijing: A Small Leap Forward - China's new liberal policies are resulting in fresh topics, foreign coproductions, and a new voice for the world's largest film audience.
Videofile: Homes for Old Movies - Independent television stations are finding gold in classic films.
Collector's Choice: Woman of the Year - Coming to terms with the career of SHIRLEY MacLAINE (Includes pic of Jack Lemmon).

Issue 85
March 1984
Lillian Gish
Lillian Gish - A celebration of the year's Life Achievement Award winner. Pix include John Gilbert, King Vidor, Irving Thalberg.
Red Harvest - Cuban Cinema, in its 25th year, draws on both history and current events to inspire a crop of new films. Pix include Tomas Gautierrez Alea, Santiago Alvarez, Humberto Solas.
All the Right Moves - In the world of film publicists, you've got to promote new faces, massage tired egos and protect reluctant stars.
Band of Outsiders - In the early sixties, and education in film was something you earned on your own. Your idol was Godard, and you lived your life in the dark.
Ripped from the Headlines - After Saturday Night Fever, Hollywood and journalism looked like a match made in heaven, but real-life stories such as Silkwood can mean bigger than life hassles. Pix include Mariel Hemingway, Eric Roberts, Meryl Streep, John Travolta, Cher, Kurt Russell.
Regular Monthly Departments:
Flashback - My Brush With Painting (by Emile de Antonio). Encounters with contemporary painters from Jasper Johns to Andy Warhol - off and on screen.
Dialogue on Film - Sven Nykvist talks about Ingmar Bergman, the art of simplicity, and working in Hollywood. Collector's Choice - Cops and Robbers. Ten tapes you can't refuse. Pix include: Edward G. Robinson in Little Caesar. James Cagney in White Heat.
Trailers - Pix include: Nastassia Kinski, Rob Lowe & Jodie Foster in The Hotel New Hampshire. Robby Benson & Paul Newman in Harry and Son. Tom Hanks & Daryl Hannah in SPLASH.
From the Director - The Great Day After Flap (By Jean Furstenberg).

Issue 84
January/February 1984
Jack Nicholson, The Year of Living Dangerously, Jonathan Demme interview, Murdoch's battle with the stars, Rock of Ages, John Huston interview.

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