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- First and last issue: 1975-1992
- Originally published by AFI (American Film Institute). From 1988 by Billboard Publications Ltd.
- Monthly. 66 colour pages.
- For previous issues see DIALOGUE ON FILM.
- Published by American Film Institute (AFI)

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Issue 123
December 1987
Oliver Stone, Eddie Murphy, Hollywood unions, your favorite old movie stars, new young European-trained cinematographers, Miranda Richardson, TV Justice programs, Barbara Hershey 'Shy People', Meet Frank Capra, Roland Joffe interview.

Issue 122
November 1987
Micky Rouke, Bernardo Bertolucci 'The Last Emperor', Gore Videl lawsuit, 'Thirtysomething', 'Forever', the 'Billionaire Boys Club', Jean Harlow-Greta Garbo & the Blacklist, Mary Lambert, John Schlesinger interview.

Issue 121
October 1987
Matthew Modine, Alex Cox in Nicaragua, RoboCop Paul Verhoeven, Austin Furst Jr, Norman Mailer as director, Dennis Franz, Hope and Glory, Karen Arthur interview.

Issue 120
September 1987
Tony Huston 'The Dead', Stanley Kubrick 'Full Metal Jacket', Bruce Weber in Hollywood, Bob Hoskins, Executive discussion, John Sayles, Emily Lloyd, working for Samuel Goldwyn, Phil Joanou, Jim McBride interview.

Issue 119
July/August 1987
Madonna, James Bond at twenty-five, Platoon, writers forum, Luis Valdez 'Zoot Suit', The Witches of Eastwick, Fred Schepisi interview.

Issue 118
June 1987
Kevin Costner & David Mamet
I Lost It At the Movies - How a virgin from Broadway learned to stop worrying, love Hollywood, write The Untouchables and direct House of Games from his own script. By David Mamet. Pix include Robert De Niro, Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia.
Kevin Costner - The Untouchables' New Ness.
The Tavianis - A Family Affair. On the set with two Italian brothers making a film about two Italian brothers on the set with D. W. Griffith. Pix include Greta Schacchi, Desiree Becker, Vincent Spano, Joaquim de Almeida, Omero Antonutti in Good Morning Babylon .
The Last Days of Orson Welles - In which his friends are candid about the great man and one another.
Regular Monthly Departments:
Newsreel - Includes pic of Peter Falk in The Sky Above Berlin.
Dialogue on Film - Jessica Lange. Includes pic of Sam Shepard in Country.
Behind the Scenes - Light at the End of the Tunnel. Stanley Kubrick turned his East London set into a Vietnamese city for Full Metal Jacket. Includes pic of Adam Baldwin.
Off the Set - Truth or Consequences. David Freeman used to write "true" stories for New York magazine that he really made up. Then he made up a screenplay based on his own true story. The result was Street Smart . Includes pix of Christopher Reeve.
Close-Up - William Richert. Beat poet-turned-filmmaker breaks all the molds with Jimmy Reardon.
Fast Forward - Best bets among the month's releases on tape. Pix include: Dexter Gordon in 'Round Midnight.
Trailers - Pix include: Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon & Cher in The Witches of Eastwick. Tom Hanks & Dan Aykroyd in Dragnet 1987 . John Candy in Spaceballs .
Freeze Frame - Full page pic of Janet Leigh in Living It Up .

Issue 117
May 1987
Inside 'Ishtar', Trying to take over Disney, Jimmy Woods, Joe & Kenneth & Gertrude & Alice-the treatment of gays in film, a round-table discussion of producers, Robert Redford 'The Milagro Beanfield War', 'Swimming to Cambodia', Leonard Goldberg interview.

Issue 116
April 1987
Raising Arizona, The Ten Best unproduced Screenplays, Barbara Stanwyck, Business for Art's Sake, movie stars on TV, The truth about lying in Hollywood, Paul Bern, Robert Townsend, Stuart Cornfeld interview.

Issue 115
March 1987
Mia Farrow.
Dance, Girl, Dance - The Red Shoes is the ultimate ballet movie, but Moira Shearer had to be dragged kicking and screaming into her starring role.
Michael Powell interviewed.
Bleak Chic - Forget the feel good movies of the eighties. This decade will be remembered for its tales from the dark side - the New American Gothic.
Up In Smoke - How far should film and television go in sponsoring the antidrug message? Pix include: Cheech and Chong. Scenes from Reefer Madness, Easy Rider, The Man With the Golden Arm, Platoon and Sid and Nancy.
Plus regular monthly departments:
Dialogue On Film - Stanley Kramer. Pix include Frank Lovejoy & James Edwards in Home of the Brave. Spencer Tracy in Inherit the Wind.
Newsreel - Pix include: Tom Selleck & mother. Dennis Quaid.
On the Air - Out of Africa, by JM Coetzee. Ali Mazrui's The Africans was denounced as anti-Western propaganda. A white South African gives his perspective.
Close Up - Stuart Gordon. The director of Re-Animator strikes again with Dolls.
Fast Forward - Pix include: Robert Mitchum & Barrie Chase in Cape Fear. Danny DeVito in Ruthless People. Trailers - Pix inlcude: Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon. Mickey Rourke & Charlotte Rampling in Angel Heart. Richard Dreyfus & Danny DeVito in Tin Men.
From the Director - The Producer: The Person With the Dream (by Jean Picker Furstenberg).
Freeze Frame - Full page pic of Lucille Ball & Eddie Albert in The Fuller Brush Girl.

Issue 114
January/February 1987
The Russians are Coming, The Color of Money, Australian director Bruce Beresford, happy endings, Rock Hudson in the closet, Platoon, Crocodile Dundee & Stand by me, Ismail Merchant & James Ivory interview.

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