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- First issue: 1996
- Dedicated to blaxploitation, chix flix, action and horror.
- Editor: David Walker.
- 2 issues per year. 74 pages.
- Website: www.badazzmofo.com

United States

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28 June 2014

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7 listed issue(s)

Issue 7
The history of black rock-n-roll.
Interview with the legendary John Daniels, star of Black Shampoo and The Candy Tangerine Man.
Film reviews.
Plus two original comic book stories written by editor David Walker.

Issue 6

Glynn Turman
Rudy Ray Moore
Antonio Fargas
Living Colour's Corey Glover.

Issue 5

The Warriors
The foot-to-ass chicks
The buxotic wirld of Russ Meyer
Black beauties: A celebration of black actresses
Rosan Katon: Exclusive interview
Gloria Hendry: Exclusive interview
T & A: The film of Andy Sidaris
Hong Kong Supermamas

Issue 4

Reviews: Cappucino, Belly, Hav Plenty, Down in the Delta, The Bluesman, Enemy of the State, Blade, Cube, Deep Impact, The Siege and a lot more.
Black Westerns: The Legend of Nigger Charley, Boss Nigger, Adios Amigo, Joshua, The McMasters, Take a Hard Ride, Man & Boy, Buck & The Preacher, Thomasine & Bushrod, Sergeant Rutledge, Soul Soldier, Glory, Buffalo Soldiers, Posse, Los Loco, Charlie One Eye, El Condor, 100 Rifles.
Woody Strode.
Spaghetti Westerns: Sergio Leone's westerns, Django, Django Strikes Again, A Few Dollars for Django, Django The Bastard, Sabata, Sartana, Vengeance is Mine, Four of the Apocalypse, The Great Silence, Blindman, Bullet for the General, Companeros, Red Sun, Five Man Army, The Call Me Trinity, My Name is Nobody, Genius, Boot Hill and a lot more.
Injunsploitation: Born Losers, Billy Jack, Johnny Firecloud, Angry Joe Bass, Thunder Warrior, The Last of the Dog Men, War Party, Ravenhawk, Thunderheart, Incident at Oglala, Chato's Land, White Comanche, The Savage Seven, Fleshburn, Navajo Blues, Navajo Joe, Clearcut, Lakota Woman, Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Dances with Wolves, Smoke Signals and more.

Issue 3
Interviews: Jim Brown and Fred Williamson.
Jesus Christ moviestar.

Issue 2
The expendables: A list with black actors (like Paul Winfield and O.J.) and how they died in each movie.
Interviews: Ron O'Neal, William Marshall.
George Romero
Planet of the Apes movies.

Issue 1
Jim Kelly interview.
History of Blaxploitation.
Walter Matthau.

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