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Classic Monsters, Horror Annual Fanzine from San Francisco ,United States
Ceased publication

- First and last issue: 2005-2008
- Published by BOFFM
- Website: www.gomonstergo.com

Last updated:
24 June 2014
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Issue 4
The Man who would be Kong: The story of Charlie Gemora, one of Hollywood's most successful "gorilla-men" and how his most famous role might have been the one he never really played. by Raymond Honeycutt.
Gore-lesque: Burlesque shows have made a comeback in re-cent years and some horror fans have combined their two favorite genres with terrifying results. by MJ Smith.
Local Haunts: The White Witch of El Sobrante, California. By Preston Dennett.
Horror Host Interview: Penny Dreadful. Witchcraft has returned to Massachusetts in the form of a wisecracking horror hostess. .
Interview by MJ Smith.
Bride of the Monster: Katrina Henry supplies her own monster for our pinup centerfold. Photography by Kelly Alexander.
Fiction: C.P. by Dan Bumstead.
Movies and reviews: Independent Horror featurette and the making of Bloodlock. Reviews of Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, El Hombre y el Mon-struo, El Grito De La Muerte, Re-Animator, Night of the Living Dorks, The Manitou, and more..
Books and reviews: Tim Lebbon interview by MJ Smith. Reviews of Lebbon, Brian Keene, Joe R. Lansdale and more..
Artist Profile: You know your friends and neighbors are just zombies waiting to happen. Artist Rob Sacchetto wants to help them get that way a little faster..
Music and Reviews: Lalo Schifrin, Type O Negative, Blitzkid, The Mugshots, and Johnny Gruesome, and much more

Issue 3
Model citizens: Aurora's Monster Figures from the 60's and the model-builders who refuse to let them die. by Mitchell Smith.
Origin of the Species: The groundbreaking lenticular poster art from Species II by Raymond Honeycutt.
Fetish Fatales: Photography by Kathleen Elizabeth.
Trunko: The Most Spectacular Monster That Actually Lived by Tom Hamilton.
Horror Host Interview: Crematia Mortem. The not-so-wicked witch of the Midwest, Crematia haunted the Kansas airwaves in the 1980's with her Creature Feature show on KSHB. by Scary Manilow.
Bride of the Monster: The Queen of Trash debuts as our first monster pinup centerfold. Art: Frankinpunk by Jeffrey B Graham.
Fiction: The Eternal Riders by Robert Crandall.
Movies and reviews Shock-O-Rama, Crypt of the Vampire, The Woods, Daughters of Darkness, Demon Hunter, Frankenstein Vs. the Creature from Blood Cove, and more.
Books and reviews Ramsey Campbell interview by Lynne Jam-neck. Reviews of Campbell, Brian Keene, Max Brooks and more, including a new book celebrating Universal's original horror master-pieces of the 1930's.
Music and Reviews The Handsome Family, Moon-Rays, Nox Ar-cana, Decapitated, Rockin' Ryan and the Real Goners, The Spooky, Swingin' Sounds of Kreepsville Manor, and much more.
Revolting recipe: Soylent White

Issue 2
January 2006


Issue 1
October 2005

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