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One-off Magazine from United Kingdom
Ceased publication

- "A sister magazine to Hammer Horror.
- Like Hammer Horror, Bizarre started with a Collector's Special, as did a mag called Playback about vintage TV shows. But when Marvel UK [the publisher] was bought by Panini, they cancelled Hammer Horror after issue 8 and cancelled Bizarre and Playback before they even reached issue 1."
- Published by Marvel

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2 April 2010

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Collector's special
Bizarre ('Collector's special' - this was cancelled before the regular issue 1 was published)
An A-Z of the strangest films you're never likely to see
Editor: Marcus Hearn

A is for... Abysmal aliens
B is for... Bad muthas
C is for... Cunning stunts
D is for... Devil woman
E is for... Enemies of freedom
F is for... Fists of fury
G is for... Gimmicks
H is for... Hard riders
I is for... Incredible insects
J is for... The joy of sex
K is for... The King
L is for... Last action heroes
M is for... Mars attacks
N is for... Naked as nature intended
O is for... Orientals
P is for... Prehistoric peril
Q is for... Quantum leaps
R is for... Rubber suits
S is for... Secret indentities
T is for... Three dimensions
U is for... Under lock and key
V is for... Vertically challenged
W is for... The weird, weird west
X is for... Xtra large
Y is for... Youth vs aliens
Z is for... Zombies

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