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The Magazine For Vampires

- First issue: 1998
- Vampires in literature, cinema, music, art, television, theatre, comics, internet & computer games.
- For everyone interested "to know what is happening in our dark underground world".
- Editor: Louis Ravensfield; Published by Dark Angel Productions
- 48 black and white (some color) A4 pages.
- Website: www.darkangelprod.demon.co.uk

United Kingdom

Ceased publication
Last updated:
24 May 2016

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Garry Malvern
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Sample page

Issue 5

Issue 4
Winter 2000

Issue 3
Autumn 1999

Absinthe's deadly cousin: A taste of green Chartreuse.
Vampires, Pagans & S/M: The concluding feature, this issue - Death.
Feeding your soul: An introduction to the dark side of classical.
Croatian vampires: An interview with the mighty Castrum.
Wolfganf Amadeus: A look at the mystery of Mozart.
Blood sucking Italian style: The blood spaghetti of Italy's Vampire cinema.
Spike your Dru: The best vampires ever to have graced our television screens?
A man called Darkhorse: An interview with 'Buffy' Scott Allie.
Vampire spice: Gorgeous cover vamp Kirsty Smith proves that not all blondes bathe in the sun!
They're here: 'John Carpenter's Vampires' gets a full review.
Lilith: Goddess and Mother of Vampires.
Polly Dolly in a Folly: An exclusive report of one haunting night spent with the great John Polidori.
A taste of blood wine: An interview with the pagan princess Freda Warrington.

Issue 2
February 1999

Features Ultraviolet, Vampyria II, Traci Lords, The Vampire Chronicles, Anna Rice and much more.

Issue 1
September 1998

Issue 0
July 1998

Erzsebet Bathory: Sadistic mistress or political victim?
Millennium Bite: What does the future hold for the Vampire?
Vampires, Pagans & Sado-Masochism: An introduction to a major forthcoming feature.
British Vampire Films: Staking a claim on history without the Hammer.
Razor Babe smiles: A talk with covergirl Eileen Daly about life, girl power and the new British film Razor Babe
Vampyria: The thruth behind the ultimate trilogy.
Interview with the Vampire: Louis Ravensfield in conversation
Vampiri: The Italian Vampire Experience unveiled
Cradle of Filth: An in-depth review of this year's most Vampiric release from the Dark Gods of Black Metal.
Also Vampire movie news, Blood Lust (the sexually explicit world of the Vampire), and more.

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