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aka "Bruce Lee Review"
Irregular Fanzine from United Kingdom

- First issue: 2011
- Publisher/Editor: John Overall.
- The fanzine started life as an article in Invasion #11 (July 1995) and developed into a book (March 2009).

Last updated:
21 October 2023
(see recent updates)
Special thanks for this page goes to:
John Overall
Garry Malvern
Scott Matheson

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Issue 12
Autumn 2023
64 pages, content includes
The Cinematic Exploitation of Bruce Lee 1973-1981,
The Missing Big Boss - At Last!,
The Science of Flying Wu Ngan,
Bruce Lee at Golden Harvest,
Filters of Fury,

Issue 11
Spring 2023
Han: Prosthetic Pioneer 
The Tao of Tweet Kune Do 
Soup Dragon 
The Green Hornet Marathon: The Extra Mile 
What Became of Braithwaite?

Issue 10
Spring 2022
Contents include:
Making Sense of Bruce Lee & Drugs
The Green Hornet Marathon FINALE
Enter the Dragon Script Anomalies 
Tao of SEAT Kune Do 
30 Seconds With... George Lazenby 

Bruce Lee

Issue 9
Spring 2021
contents include:
Bring Back VHS 
The Big Boss in the UK
The Films That Bruce Lee Nearly Made 
The Green Hornet Marathon Part 4
Thirty Seconds With... Brian Avery
 The Big Boss A Perspective

Issue 8
Winter 2020
Contents include 
The Great Game of Death Debate, 
Here Come the Brides Revisited, 
41 Cumberland Road - Bruce Lee's Final Home, 
Bruce Lee in Deutschland, 
The Green Hornet Marathon Part III.

Issue 7
Summer 2020
Bob Wall Interview,  
Fist of Unicorn Location Hunt, 
The Green Hornet Marathon  Part 2, 
Dave Friedman's 'The Green Hornet Remembered' plus reviews.

Issue 6
March/April/May 2014
content includes:
Bruce Lee's Lost Blondie Script
Exploring Enter the Dragon's Golf Sequence
The Green Hornet Marathon: Invasion from Outer Space Parts I & II
Jim Kelly Remembered
Bruce Lee in The Wrecking Crew
Way of the Dragon's Jon Benn Interview
Missing Bruce Lee Footage

Issue 5
October/November/December 2012

Issue 4
April/May/June 2012
• Interview Enter the Dragon producer Fred Weintraub and collaborator David Fields
about the memoir Bruce Lee, Woodstock and Me…
• follow John Little In Pursuit of the Dragon
• break out the toolbox and hammer away at DIY JKD…
• step back to a time when the UK Bruce Lee Convention was King…
• consider our place in the Bruce Lee universe: Fighter or Fanboy?
• build the Ultimate Big Boss…
• And contemplate Bruce Lee’s Legacy in Film.

Issue 3
November/December 2011
Tao of Jeet Kune Expanded Edition
Game of Death Revisited - full features and interviews
Action star Gary Daniels interview about his role in The Legend of Bruce Lee
Old-school Computer Games of Death
JKD's Unsung Hero James Yimm Lee
The Big Boss soundtracks

Issue 2
June/July/August 2011

Issue 1
February/March/April 2011

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