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Film Journal
Irregular Magazine from United States
Ceased publication

- First issue: 1974
- Classic and commercial, independent, exploitation, and international film.
- Nine issues were published and then in 1980 it stopped. Issues 10 to 15 appeared between 1993 and 1995. From 1996 is online.
- "A popular-academic hybrid of movie analysis, history, and commentary".
- Published quarterly by Gregory Battle and Gary Morris.
- Issue 15 is last print issue. Continued as an online film journal (no. 16 is first web issue).
- Published by Bright Lights
- Website: www.brightlightsfilm.com

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17 December 2016

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Issue 15
December 1995
Meet the Superstars of Sex and Horror! Bloodsuckers & Cocksuckers!: A Glossary of Vampirism and Sex
Lon Chaney: Supermasochist! (with a guest appearance by his enabler, Tod Browning)
Young, Beautiful, and F***ed: A Conversation with Gregg Araki and Other Members of The Doom Generation.
The Incredible Shrinking . . . and Expanding Ethnic Minority or The Racist in the Cupboard
The Pleasures of the Body in Branagh's Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Noir and Away: Notes on the Two Detours
Rasputin and the Empress (1932): Production History.

Issue 14
March 1995

Issue 13
June 1994

Issue 12
March 1994

Issue 11
September 1993
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Issue 10
July 1993

Issue 9
Vol 3 # 1
March 1980

Issue 8
Vol 2 # 4
Contents include articles on: Joan Crawford; Gregory La Cava; Allan Dwan (interview); LAURA (Otto Preminger); George Stevens (interview); THE FARMER'S WIFE (Alfred Hitchcock); "Sunset/Sunrise: Directorial Decline 1946-1954" by Howard Mandelbaum (first of two parts).

Issue 7
Vol 2 # 3
March 1978

Issue 6
Vol 2 # 2
December 1977

Issue 5
Vol 2 # 1
The Searcher (article on THE SEARCHERS by Gary Morris);The Films Noirs of Anthony Mann (article by Robert E. Smith);From The Lily To The Poppy (article on THE SHANGHAI GESTURE by Douglas McVay);Renoir Before BOUDU (article by John Belton);Widescreen (article by Michael Stern).Book Review: KINGS OF THE B's by Todd McCarthy and Charles Flynn.

Issue 4
Vol 1 # 4
Summer 1976
Contents include: article/analysis of the early westerns of Anthony Mann, by Stephen Handzo; analyses of THE PITFALL (Andre de Toth), SCARFACE (Howard Hawks), BLOODY MAMA (Roger Corman) and SILVER LODE and TENNESSEE'S PARTNER (both directed by Allan Dwan). Also includes index to Volume 1 of the publication.

Issue 3
Vol 1 # 3
Summer 1975

Issue 2
Vol 1 # 2
Spring 1975


Issue 1
Vol 1 # 1
Fall 1974
Includes an article on George Cukor's A STAR IS BORN and an interview with Cukor, by Jeff Wise and Robert Smith. Other articles: "Sex, Love and Joan Crawford" by Gary Morris; "Introduction to New World Pictures" by Gary Morris.

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