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Horror Magazine from Canada

- First and last issue: 1998-2002
- "A magazine of horror and its humorous counterpart."
- Website: www.cinemuerte.com

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4 August 2017

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Issue 11
Buddy Giovinazzo talks about The Unscarred.
There's a Secret in My Soup and Human Pork Chop.
Fantasia 2001.
Untidy Suicides: the director of L'llya speaks.
The Nouvelle Vague and its influence on Euro-horror.
Luciano Rossi.
Reviews of Murder Mansion, The Pig Fucking Movie, Symptoms, Scarlet Diva, Fatal Frames, The Seventh Woman and more...

Issue 9
Winter 2001
Coroner's Report: Robert Altman'sImages and Three Women
Diary of aFantAsia Freeloader pt.2
Abstraction of the Face from Picassoto Andrea Bianchi
Fulci's Political Commitment
Father Knows Best: The Moor'sHead, Home and I Live In Fear
Video Vortex: movie reviews from way, way out...
CineMuerte Salutes: Mimsy Farmer

Issue 8
TheBlood of Beasts: the Death of Animals on Film
Jorg Buttgereit Interviews David Cronenberg
Applications of the Italian Thriller
Last House Part 2
Eurotrash Bad Guys
Bizarre Forensic Tales


Issue 7
Fall 1997
Last House
Spanish Trash
Jorg meets John Waters
More Tits
Bogdanovish's Targets
Lovecraft Festival
Kinski Marathon Video Vortex
Cannibal Culture salutes: Florinda Bolkan

Issue 6
Summer 1999
The Captive Mother: Domestic violence and feminine submission in The Entity.
CineMuerte: Thoughts and observations by a citizen of the above-ground.
Hell Comes to Frogtown: Diary of a Fant-Asia freeloader.
The Romantic Agony: Illness as metaphor in Hideshi Hino's Mermaid in a Manhole.
The World of EuroTrash: Learning to Spread your wings.
The Monstrance in Shivers: Buddy takes Robin Wood to the mat.
Scatology 101: An article about you know what.
Black Dog Video Presents: Video Vortex Nightmare, Frankenstein Created Woman, The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, The Dead Mother
The Plight of the Onscreen Horror Fan: The representation of Horror Fan in movies.
The Long Hair of Death: Ring's scorned spectress and her Japanese predecessors.
Local News Blights: The latest in horror news from around town.

Issue 5
Spring 1999
Mutant Babies
The Asphyx
Flesh and Fantasy
One Eye
Black Dog Video Presents Video Vortex
Cinemuerte Poster
Interview with Larry Fessenden
Samurai Parenting
Women in Horror
CC Salutes: Bridgitte Lahaie

Issue 4
Winter 1999
Never Bet the Devil Your Head: A Ponderance on the Virtue of the Horror Story
The Lust for Disgust: Mat's Ode To Moral Negligence
The World is a Graveyard: Post-Modern Vampirism in The Addition and Habit
You Will Reap Just What You Sow: The Story of Nick Cave's Ass
Black Dog Video Presents Video Vortex: Fascination, Slugs, Cutting Moments
Mind Blowing Horror: The implications of Massive Headwounds
Comics! : Jason Woods's The Weasel Turns White in Winter
Bad Habits: The Wonderful World of Naked Catholics
The Possessed Individual: Voyeurism and the Disembodiment of Death
Local News Blights: The Latest in Horror News From Around Town
The Abject Corpse: Necrophilia Story, Take Two
Cannnibal Culture Salutes Sheila Keith: Pete Walker's Favourite Crazy Bitch

Issue 3
Fall 1998
Herr Jorg: Jorg Buttergeit and his strap-on
Vagina Mouth: Vampirism's Oral Tradition
Perversity's Sweet Milk: Sex and Politics in Dusan Makavejev's Sweet movie
Depicting Depalma's Depravity: Misogyny or bust
Of Mice and Maniacs: William Lustig's Maniac with it's pants down
A Zedd and Two Naughts: Canada does it to Nick Zedd
Zombie II: Huh huh...Comics is funny
Black Dog Video Presents: Video Vortex Searing scenes from the sixties
If The Phallus Fits: Tits Molly takes a poke at Friday the 13th Part Two
Long Live The New Flesh: Cronenberg's Theory of Evolution
Cronenberg Crossword
From the Life of the Marionettes: I can't remember what this one's about
The Bloody Best of the Vancouver Film Fest
Fiction: Bread Crimes Cannibal Culture Salutes: Monika M.

Issue 2
Summer 1998
ITALIAN HORROR SPECIAL A - Z of Italian Horror Directors.
In Defense of Cannibal Holocaust.
Video Vortex Movie Reviews: Burial Ground, Doctor Butcher, The Horrible Doctor Hichcock, The Stendhal Syndrome.
You've Always Loved Violence: Mario Bava's Gender Differentiation.
Dario Argento's Perversity and Punishment.
Goblin: A Retrospective
Filth Italian Style: Some Favourite Giallos
Lucio Fulci
ZOMBIE The Comic.
Michele Soavi's Dellamorte, Dellamore.
'The Story of Finch Molloy'
Cannibal Culture Salutes: Daria Nicolodi

Issue 1
Spring 1998
Vancouver director Paul Miller talks about his new film Slasher 2000.
The Obscure Object of Desire: A query into the objectification of women in horror films.
Video Vortex Movie Reviews: Architecture of Doom; Harakiri; Faust; Angel Dust; The Holy Mountain.
H.P. Lovecraft's 'Astrophobos' the comic.
Depends Undergarments: An Experiment.
'Why I Drink Too Much and Nobody Likes Me.'
Music From the South of Heaven: The Scrape Records Story.
Nachtmusik Music Reviews
Put This In Your Corset & Choke on It: Fetishes.
Cannibal Culture Salutes: Amy Steel.

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