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Horror Magazine from Canada

- First and last issue: 1998-2002
- "A magazine of horror and its humorous counterpart."
- Website: www.cinemuerte.com

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4 August 2017

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Issue 6
Summer 1999
The Captive Mother: Domestic violence and feminine submission in The Entity.
CineMuerte: Thoughts and observations by a citizen of the above-ground.
Hell Comes to Frogtown: Diary of a Fant-Asia freeloader.
The Romantic Agony: Illness as metaphor in Hideshi Hino's Mermaid in a Manhole.
The World of EuroTrash: Learning to Spread your wings.
The Monstrance in Shivers: Buddy takes Robin Wood to the mat.
Scatology 101: An article about you know what.
Black Dog Video Presents: Video Vortex Nightmare, Frankenstein Created Woman, The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, The Dead Mother
The Plight of the Onscreen Horror Fan: The representation of Horror Fan in movies.
The Long Hair of Death: Ring's scorned spectress and her Japanese predecessors.
Local News Blights: The latest in horror news from around town.

Issue 5
Spring 1999
Mutant Babies
The Asphyx
Flesh and Fantasy
One Eye
Black Dog Video Presents Video Vortex
Cinemuerte Poster
Interview with Larry Fessenden
Samurai Parenting
Women in Horror
CC Salutes: Bridgitte Lahaie

Issue 4
Winter 1999
Never Bet the Devil Your Head: A Ponderance on the Virtue of the Horror Story
The Lust for Disgust: Mat's Ode To Moral Negligence
The World is a Graveyard: Post-Modern Vampirism in The Addition and Habit
You Will Reap Just What You Sow: The Story of Nick Cave's Ass
Black Dog Video Presents Video Vortex: Fascination, Slugs, Cutting Moments
Mind Blowing Horror: The implications of Massive Headwounds
Comics! : Jason Woods's The Weasel Turns White in Winter
Bad Habits: The Wonderful World of Naked Catholics
The Possessed Individual: Voyeurism and the Disembodiment of Death
Local News Blights: The Latest in Horror News From Around Town
The Abject Corpse: Necrophilia Story, Take Two
Cannnibal Culture Salutes Sheila Keith: Pete Walker's Favourite Crazy Bitch

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