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Fanzine from Canada
Ceased publication

- First issue: 1994
- American/Canadian zine dedicated to trash films.
- Hong Kong, Sci Fi, Exploitation, Zombies.
- Editor: Mike White.
- Website: www.cashiersducinemart.com

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29 October 2015

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Issue 18
March 2014

Issue 17

Issue 16

Issue 15

Issue 14
'Confessions of a Movie Hunter' - Editorial
'Editorial: Crappy Birthday to Us' - by Mike White
'Reader Letters' - Your words, not mine
'Script Reviews' - by Mike White
'Music Reviews' - by David Faris, Skizz Cyzyk, Mike White
'Book Reviews' - by Skizz Cyzyk & Mike White
'Video Reviews' - by Mike White
'Toronto Film Fest 2002' - by Mike White
''I Hate the Hollywood Bag'' - An Interview with John Daniels
'Shades of Greydon Clark' - An Interview
'Modern Day Midnight Movies' - 50 Cult Films from the last 10 years
'Who makes the Madness happen?' - An Interview with Colin Geddes
'The Wild World of John Michael McCarthy' - by Scott Wallace Brown
'Cinema Circus' - The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky
'Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment' - by L. Rob Hubbard
'Love of Rite and Death' - by David MacGregor
'Patrice Rohmer: Rampage of Cuteness' - by Rich Osmond
'The Lonely Silver Screen' - Cinematic Travis McGee
'Ultimate Film Fiasco' - by Mike White
'Oedipal Ketchip: The Cinema of Shuji Terayama' - by Andrew Grant
'Tom Hanks:Golden Boy' - by Mike White
'Toronto Int'l Film Festival 2003' - by Mike White
'Change of Mind' - by Mike White
'Nazi Documentaries' - by Jed Orndorff
'Down & Out With The Dolls' - by Rich Osmond
'A Crack In The Floor' - by Rich Osmond
'I'm For The Hippopotamus' - by John Grace
'Wizard of Speed & Time' - by Andy Gately
'Morgan Spurlock: Supersize Me' - by Scott Calonico
'The Mouse That Roared' - by Michael Thompson
'Chuck Palahniuk: Fun Facts to Known & Tell' - by Mike White
'Triumph of the Whills' - by Mike White
'The Star Wars Audition Tape' - by Mike White
'Elementary' - Script Review
'The Dieter Movie' - Script Review
'Charley & The Chocolate Factory' - Script Review
'GENES' - Script Review

Issue 13
Cinematexas 2000 - by Mike White
CUFF 2K - by Mike White
Perils of Park City - by P. Kime Le
The Overlooked Fest - by Jason Panoke
The HI/lo Fest - by Tom Fitzgerald
LadyFest 1999 - by Mary Gillen
MicroCineFest 2000 - by Mike White
Maryland Film Fest - by Mike White
NYUFF 2001 - by Brian Frye
San Fran Film Fest - by Marc Vogl
SXSW 2001 - by Scott Calonico
Toronto Film Fest 2001 - by Mike White
Fantasia 2001 - by Pierre-Alexander Buisson
Pink Bubblebath 2001 - by Tom Fitzgerald
SXSW 2002 - by Scott Calonico
NYUFF 2002 - by Brian Frye
American Film Market - by Cole Trickle
Toronto Film Fest 2002 - by Mike White
All the Good Guys and the Bad Guys that I've Been - by Leon Chase
The Jar Jar Done Gone - by Mike White
They Came, They Saw, They Sat - by Mike White
The Forbidden Zone - by Skizz Cyzyk
The Return of Captain Milkshake - by Mike White
Why: An American Travesty - by Don Alex Hixx
Tales of Guy Maddin - by Mike White
Feign, I'm Gonna Live Forever - by Mike White
Ape Man's Burden - by Mike White
The Prize is Your Life - by Mike White
The Killer Wore Cashmere - by Mike White
Handi-Capable Chop Socky - by Mike White
The Dichotomy of Arnold - by Pat Bishow
Dude, Where's My Respect? - by Mike White
I Had A Dream About This Place - by Mike White
Only The Strong Travel This Deep - by Scott Sentinella
Hackers 2: Takedown - by Mike White
Is Chocolat a remake of Big Top Pee Wee? - by Skizz Cyzyk
The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T - by David MacGregor
Lethal Force - by Mike White
Cow Monkey - by Mike White
Deafula - by Mike White
Hands on a Hard Body - by Mike White
Le Petomane - by Mike White
The Big Clock: A Study in Fundamentals - by Mike White
Treasure Island - by Mike White
Strain Andromeda The - by Mike White
Six Days in Roswell - by Mike White
The Cockettes: An Unauthorized Review - by Tom Fitzgerald
The Incredible Hulk - by Mike Thompson
Book Reviews - by Skizz Cyzyk, Chris Cummins & Mike White
Music Reviews - Includes Real Audio!
Better Than The Beatles: A Tribute to The Shaggs - by Skizz Cyzyk

Issue 12
Readers' Letters - Praise from Donald Westlake and John Paizs!
Zines of the Airways: Racy Traci - by Terry Gilmer
Le Croupier et Le Flambeur - Hodges cum Melville
Doing Time on Paper Street - Finding your power animal
That's A Rap - by Malcolm Fraser
Timothy Carey: Saint of the Underground - by Sam McAbee
I, Shatner - by Mike White
The Metamorphoses of Alien III - by Mike White
Black Shampoo Reunion - The Return of Artie & Brenda!
Eastern Films From Around The Globe - by Jesse Nelson, Sarah Feuquay and Ann Gavaghan
The Latest from Hong Kong - by Ann Gavaghan
Festival Frenzy in Frisco! - by Andrea Freeman
A Tale of Two Kings - by David MacGregor
Ghoti Out of Water - by Andrea White
Underground Press Conference 2000 - by Mike White Alice - Jan Svankmeyer's Date Movie
Black Heat - Another Tanya Boyd vehicle
Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows - by Mike Z
Convent - by Jesse Nelson
Back Home Years Ago: The Real Casino - by Mike White
Kroft Super Stars! - by Alison Faith Levy
Book Reviews - From Anime to Suicide
Interview: Dr. Demento - by Skizz Cyzyk
Record Reviews - Including RealAudio!
Half-Assed - Well begun is half done?

Issue 11
Editorial - A not so shaggy dog story
Readers' Letters - Responses to the Lone Wolf & Cub article
Zines of the Airwaves: Rox - by Terry Gilmer
Teenage Rampage: Punk Rock Girls Pt 1 - by Rich Osmond
MicroCineFest 99 - Third year, three times the fun
Three and a Half Worlds of Parker - The making and unmaking of an icon
A Labor of Love - by Miss Myrtle
Who Owns The Airwaves - A tale of Craig Baldwin
Now It Can Be Told - A cock-eyed story of cinema gone wrong
Running Time - by Andrew Rausch
Madness In The 20th Century - by Mike White
Film Fests of the Great Lakes State - by Mike White
New York Underground Film Fest 1999 - by Mary Gillen & Brian Frye
10 Questions for Svengoolie - by Mike White
Evil Roy Slade - by David MacGregor
The Chase Is On - by Mike White
The Gremlins that could have been - by Chris Cummins
I Was A Teenage Dominatrix - by Mike White
Getting in H*A*R*M's Way - by Nathan Cherubino
Is It Real? The Mike Z Story - by Skizz Cyzyk
Existo - by Skizz Cyzyk
Tesla: The Modern Prometheus - A strange Eastern European biopic
The Wild World of Hasil Adkins - by Mike White
New York Hard Core - by Mike White
A Night At Marchenfilm - by Mike White
The Target Shoots First - by Mike White
Doomed Planet - by Mike White
The Sleeper Must Awaken - by Mike White
Office Space - by Leon Chase
You've Got No Ideas! - by Mike White
Summer of Sam - by Mike White
Zine Reviews - Including three great cinema mags
Novel Ideas - by Jesse Nelson
What's The Frequency? - by The J Man
Book Reviews - by Mike White
Ain't The Best Good Enough For You? - Cover album round-up
Record Reviews - Incl. Realaudio songs!

Issue 10
Ogami Itto on the Road of Meifumado: Samurai cinema at its best
C.U.F.F. 99: Chicago's slice of the Undeground
Interview: Keith Gordon - From Shitter to Auteur
Then...From the North!: Skizz's weekend with John Paizs
Now You're Playing In The Big League: my trip to the Toronto Int'l Film Fest
Interview: Alex Winter - Now Is The Winter of Our Discontent
Dynamite Double Feature: Chicks with sticks... of TNT
The Fearleaders: Zombies & cheerleaders on the road to ruin!
Pets: From Playhouse to Grindhouse
The Dead Next Door: Low budget zombie antics
The Wrong Guy: Canadian Humour at its Best
Freebie & The Bean: Apologize to my goddam gun!
Electra Glide In Blue: Robert Blake's triumph
Not So Super... 8mm: Joel Schumacher strikes again!
Return to the Planet of the Apes: My prediction for Y2K
50 Greatest Films Never Made: And the book that shouldn't have been written
A Leonard Cohen Afterworld: Is a Courtney Love Hell
Film Threat: RIP(ped me off): The case against the old mag
Zine Reviews: Includes an update on Son of Svengoolie
Record Reviews: Incl. Realaudio songs!

Issue 9
Panic In The Streets Of Birmingham: Work Woes
Star Wars: The Lost Cut: Rare Footage Found!
Star Wars: Behind The Magic: CD-Rom Review
Star Wars: Mos Eisley Multiplex: SW Movies On The Web
Star Wars: Memories: Folks Reminisce About Their First Times
Star Wars: MicroCineFest 98: Festival Films
MicroCineFest 98: A Good Time In Baltimore!
Jonesing For The New Indy Film: Sequel Speculation & Rampant Rumour-mongering
Tragically Obscure: John Paizs' Crimewave: by Skizz Cyzyk
H.T. Phone Home: Henry Thomas Meets The Scaredy Cat Stalker
The Return of the War Film: by Mike Thompson
Charlie's Angels - The Movie: by Mike Thompson
Zined!: Kewl DIY Documentary
Sex Wars: Interstellar Porn
The Ottoman Empire Strikes Back: Turkish Star Wars
The Conversation: Coppola's Forgotten Masterpiece
Contact: Sexist Sci-Fi
Truck Turner: by David Walker
Kurt & Courtney: Over-hyped Hogwash
Hackers: Definition of a Guilty Pleasure
Proof: Early Russell Crowe
Psycho Too: Leave Perfect Enough Alone
Chairman of the Board: Dr. Evil's Plan Comes To Fruition
The Ketchup & Mustard Man: Movie Madness from The Billy Nayer Show
Zine Reviews: From Photocopies to Slicksters
Web Conspiracies: The Death of Online Mags
Vanity Fair: Fact-checking is Fun!
What It Is...What It Was!: Images From The 70's
Two Faces of David Lynch: Dual David Books
The History of Pi: Squaring the Circle
Solving the Puzzle: The Pi Soundtrack
Severe Tire Damage: R.C.H.S. vs TMBG
Record Reviews: Good Stuff
Ren & Stevie: An Armageddon Comic
Nine Hundred Seven Memories: Comic by Frank McBain

Issue 8
Comcast Sentinel: The Final Issue
www.impossiblefunky.com: More Work Woes
Stop The Presses: Yet Another Work Story
And The Winners Are...: See Mr. T's Custom Van!
The Cashiers du Cinemart Manifesto
A Few Notes On Black Shampoo: by Leon Chase
Can You Feel The Love?: The Black Shampoo Viewing Guide
Attention: Enemy: Banned From The N.Y.U.F.F.!
Enough With The Fooling!: by Clifton Howard MicroCineFest Year One: Baltimore's Underground Film Festival
Scamdance: by Skizz Cyzyk
Making Mary Jane: by Sarah Jacobson Mary Jane's Not A Virgin Anymore: Sarah's Theatrical Masterpiece
Record Reviews
Hey, Bubble Boy!: Comic from The TV Movie
Stewie: Comic by Leon Chase

Issue 7
Contest du Cinemart: Design Mr. T's Custom Van
The Bill Bonds Tape: Local Newscaster Goes Nutzoid
Dude, That's Your Sister!: Incest in George Lucas Movies
Star Wars Specials Edition: Never shoulda fired at Greedo
Interviews: Monte Hellman, Jack Hill
The Return Of El Frenetico & Go-Girl: By Pat Bishow
Jerry Lewis Vs. Dolemite: Two Masters of Comedy
Teenage Rampage: The Column: By Rich Osmond
Pamphlet Publisher Treads Water: An Ironic Press Release
Half-Assed: Aborted Articles
Reviews: Branded To Kill, The Go-Go's Video, 1941: Special Edition, Fantasy Mission Force, Abba: The Movie.
Also Readers Letters, Music Reviews, Zine Reviews.

Issue 6
What the Heck's a Cinemart?
Theater Daze
Gigantic: The Andre The Giant Has A Posse phenomenon
I Must Break You: From WWF to Hollywood
Jackie Chan: In His Own Word
Repelling The Armies Of Chaos: By Johnny Badhair
1995: The Year of R. Lee Ermey
Die, Scrappy, Die!
Counter Creep: Comic By Leon Chase
Reservoir Frogs: Comic By Robin Bougie
Movie Reviews: Teenage Rampage-The Column, The Highlander Returns, The Big Brawl, Rumble In The Bronx, The Omega Man, The Abyss-Special Edition, Cops: Too HOT For TV, Daisies, Closely Watched Trains, Four Rooms, Abba In Concert, The Adventures Of El Frenetic & Go Girl, Nico Icon &a Theremin, The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb, The Yojimbo Films.
Also Readers Letters, Zine Reviews, Record Reviews.

Issue 5
Bruce Campbell: The Man Who Was Ash and Our First Interview
Reprint from Whisper Lake Gazette
Least It's Not Snowing, Huh, Pal?: Blockbuster Woes
Word From The Great White North: by Colin Geddes
Why is Friends so popular?: One Word; Nipples
C-Ya MST3K: Why Joel Beats Mike Hands Down
Alice In Wonderland: X-rated musical
Road House: Missing Genres
Zine Reviews
Bjorn Again: The ABBA cover group
Record Reviews
Star Wars Cartoon
Things To Hate About Junior High: by Leon Chase

Issue 4
Sovine...So Fine - What Was Teddy Bear's Miracle?
Miramax Strong-Arms Chicago Film Fest
Two Tickets For...: Precursor to Theater Daze (CdC #6)
Shot In Detroit: Locally Made Movies
The Pot Tells The Kettle To Shut The Fuck Up!: by Mike Thompson
Kevin Bacon Revisted: KB Revisted
Starry Eyed: by Patricio Vamos
I Have A Boba Fettish: Reflections on RETURN OF THE JEDI
A Fine Day At Beat Box
An Evening With Dolomite
Girls & Guns Revisted
This Is Where We Piss You Off: An attack on Godard
Who The Fuck Is Jackie Chawn?
How It Came To This: by Paul Kazee
We Used To Have FUN In Detroit
Guilty Displeasures: Yes, I dissed SHOAH
Highlander 2: by Mike Thompson
Killer Party: by Rich Osmond
Certain Fury: by Rich Osmond
Night Of The Running Man: by Rich Osmond
Point Blank
Two Lane Blacktop
The Killers
Safe/Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story
Brainsmasher: A Love Story
Sonic Outlaws

Issue 3
Tale of the Tape (Part Three)
Kiss My Ass: Mike Thompson's critical backlash
Unrated PVT Pull: Secret Blockbuster Document
Bad Boys
Die Hard 3
Blockbuster Video Guide

Issue 2
Spring 1995
Tale of the Tape (Part Two)
Kevin Bacon: Trendy Now...Groundbreaking Then
Sundance '95: by Mike Thompson
Asian Guys & The Guys Who Jack Off To Them: A Film Fetish
Tarantino In The Can: by Mike Thompson & me
You Gonna Bark All Day Little Doggie?
Guilty Pleasures Vs. Shooting Your Mouth Off
Riverview, Toxic City: More indepth downriver dissing
Top Ten Films of '95: by Mike Thompson & me
Stay Away, Joe: It's stinky!
The Human Tornado: It coulda been French
Before Sunrise/The Final Combat: To chat or not to chat?
Bad Taste: Early Raimi...er...Peter Jackson
I.Q.: What happens to the non-romantic interest?
Iguana: Don't bother
The Big Combo: Wonderful film noir
Death & The Maiden: Polanski's Triangular relationships
The Long Goodbye: An Altman film I like?

Issue 1
September 1994
Tale of the Tape (Part One): The Saga Begins
The Sad State Of Detroit Radio
A Freeform Poem On Ethan Hawke
Sonic Youth: Your Taste Is In Your Ass
I'm Sick Of The Doe-Eyed Thing, Okay?: by Mike Barnett
On Discrimination: I Was A Teenage Reverend
Wyandotte Misses The Boat: Dissing Downriver

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